{Hidden Letter} Seattle Public Library

Monday, March 01, 2010

Dear Friend, three fist pumps and a shimmy for finding our letter! We think there's nothing better than a little adventure, a quiet and peaceful library, followed by an impromptu hot date. So take your significant other or a friend and go enjoy some local food or dessert on us. Grateful to have you reading Today's Letters ---

Much Love,
Em & Tim

"Make your days count rather than count your days." -Tim Hansel

Click HERE to read about the cute couple who found our letter.


Sophie Laughton-Mutu said...

Such a brilliant idea!!

Today's Letters said...

sophie, they are powerful. those letters.

larasearcy said...

What book did you hide the letter in? Was there a particular reason why you chose it?

Today's Letters said...

lara, it was just a random book. no rhyme or reason :)

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