{Favorites from California} 9/26/09

Monday, March 01, 2010

Favorites from California: Sleeping in, Whole Paycheck, Goodwill Hunting, Trader Joe's, running the Iron Horse, time poolside, Plearn Thai, Urban Ore, Bon Iver @ the Fox, Sideboard, great conversations, Ben & Jerry's at 3a, and so many other wonderful memories with sweet Bubs. I love vacationing with the Twinner!

So happy together.

The Twinner's cottage.

Best find while Goodwill Hunting: $2 autographed copy of Brian Andreas' book, "Mostly True." (of StoreyPeople).

Melitta Coffee.

A vegan's pantry.

Bubs spinning more 'For Emma' on the wheel.

I've had this little guy since my sophomore year of high school. We call him Old Faithful.

Me (while baking vegan oatmeal cranberry cookies): Bubs, do you have a whisk? Bubs: What's a whisk? long pause ... Me: Hmm ... right. You're vegan and you probably don't think much about eggs. How bout a fork?

Urban Ore.

Coffee crawl. The Twinner roasts for Pac Bay Coffee Co. in Walnut Creek, CA. Kindof awesome.

You know you're at Bub's when this is your only option for toothpaste.

Bon Iver @ The Fox Theater in Oakland.

A great opening performance by Megafaun.

Justin Vernon singing Re:Stacks.

Best Buddies.

"Whenever I go on a trip I think about the homes I've had and I remember how little has changed about what comforts me."
- Brian Andreas


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