{Today's Letters} 10/31/09

Monday, March 01, 2010

Today we: woke up to this view from our hotel room, attended Watermark's leadership conference, went on a run, flew our kite, got locked out of our house (grateful for neighbors with ladders), cooked chili and Trader Joe's cornbread, watched football, and got whipped cream mustaches from our hot chocolate. Another fantastic day.

PS, this was the best part of getting locked out of our house today.


Han said...

What is it with boys and climbing through windows! lol.

I forgot my door keys when I was living with my parents - I made a comment about That Boy climbing over the fence and opening the gate so we could sit in the garden - he did that but then decided climbing through my bedroom window (2nd floor above the conservatory!) and then come and open the garden door lol (i had my phone in my hand ready to call 999)

Today's Letters said...

han, i think boys will climb on anything. see exhibit a: http://www.todaysletters.com/2009/11/todays-letters-mr.html xoxo

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