{Today's Letters} 12/4/09

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Today's Letter: Dear Husband, thank you for tucking me in like a burrito for my nap this afternoon. I don't think I moved an inch for 2 hrs. Dear Twinner, do you like my makeshift Melitta? A porcelain fruit colander and a ripped tea bag. Yikes. Ps, the Blue Bottle was a respectable second to not having your beans this morning. Dear Mr. Loerke (who always gets two letters), you did it. You're officially halfway done with PA school. Only seventeen more months until you get to drop the 'S' in PA-S. So proud of you.

A special thanks to Taza for being the inspiration behind writing Mr. Loerke two letters. It has made all the difference in our marriage.


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