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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

This month we have some AMAZING new sponsors who would love to share their blogs, Etsy shops, and websites with you! Their reader discounts are highlighted below in bold. Our little blog receives 3,000-5,000 pageviews per day (120,000) per month and would love to have you listed as one of our MARCH sponsors. Just contact us for a rate sheet!


:: Little Retreats ::

Hello! I'm Brooke Mayenberg, a fun loving kid married to one amazing guy and mama to the sweetest little nine month old babe around. Little Retreats was born out of my love for all things crafty. Pretty ribbons and paper, to bailing wire and barn wood - there are no limits. Enter "Today's Letters" at check out and receive 15% off your order!

:: My Sweet Muffin ::

My Sweet Muffin is a lovely online store specializing in unique, modern and adorable baby items. We offer only the highest quality and most creative baby products we can find. If you're looking for a really special baby or toddler gift, My Sweet Muffin has great suggestions. We'd love to offer a special discount for Today's Letter readers. Just enter promo code "SWEET" and receive 15% off your purchase!

:: Frontier Paper Co. ::

Frontier Paper Co. is based out of Dallas, TX and creates lovely and notably fresh paper goods. We custom design and print everything from wedding invitations, calling cards and love notes, to menus, party invitations, and stationary. Our designs tend to be natural and whimsical, but we love taking a tangent toward the traditional and simplistic, too. Contact us to discuss an upcoming party or event, and mention Today's Letters to receive 10% off any order!

:: Gussy Sews ::

Hi There! This is Gussy, from the blog Gussy Sews, where I write about my adventures running a handmade business along with featuring other artists. I also have a shop that is overflowing with my ruffled accessories (tote bags, laptop bags, *new* market totes, zipped pouches & headbands). My husband and I, along with our six month-old pup, Bauer, live in Minneapolis. We like it cold ;) Stop by my shop and enjoy 15% off through the end of February with code TodaysLetters15. Xoxo

:: pollen arts ::

My husband and I pour these beautiful antique bottle-shaped beeswax candles in our home amidst days filled with delicious meals, music, laughter, steaming pots of tea, and love, love, love. Honey bees drift in with the breeze and stir up the sweet air with their buzzing good vibrations. We hope you'll enjoy our fusion of historical charm and organic craftsmanship. Mention Today's Letters at checkout and receive a FREE CANDLE through the end of February with your order!

:: May Books ::

May Books are Funky. Genius. Chic. We are an eco-friendly company that creates notebooks that are functional and fabulous. Choose one of our whimsical patterns or have one of our designers whip up a custom book with your design on it. All books are sewn with an old-school sewing machine, (yay, no pages ripping out!) and the canvas covers become like the perfect pair of worn in jeans. We were recently featured in CRAVE Dallas, so enter "CRAVE" at checkout and enjoy 15% off your entire order!

:: Yellowbird Teepees ::

Yellowbird Teepees
is a small teepee biz in Dallas, TX. The standard teepee sold is made from 8ft poles and contains: two fabrics, a tie closure on the front panels, and a raw edge. Custom orders can be made with varieties such as: fabric themes and preferences, hemming and stitch options, bias lining around the front panel edges, accessories such as pom poms, hanging stars, lights around the poles, braided fabric, and more ... let Yellowbird be your creative outlet! Order a teepee and mention you read Today's Letters and receive 20% OFF!

:: Meatbagz ::

Mackenzie and Kate spend their days trolling the internet for awesome, unique vintage military and vintage-inspired bags. They spend their nights screen printing their original designs onto said bags, by hand filling what was once a Meatbagz shaped void in the universe. Occasionally, they eat snacks to keep up their strength. Meatbagz are unique bags for unique people, and we're crazy excited to offer 15% off your order for Today's Letter readers. Just put in the promo code: LETTERS at checkout!

:: Spoon: E-zine ::

Spoon is the e-zine that's all about the little things. Issue No.2 is due out in early February, spotlighting the themes of travel and mail. Visit the website to get in on the discussions and find out how you can participate in the Spooniverse. Today's Letter readers have a standing discount to receive $4 off 1-year subscriptions. Just use promo code LEGKICK at checkout. That's six issues for the price of four. SHAZAM!

:: Joyful Jones Blog ::

We're the Joyful Jones! Home of Joyful Moments, where every Friday we ask our readers to share a joyful moment from their week (fist-pumps and leg kicks allowed). Our goal in life is to search for joy every single day. Hope you'll join us in our journey!

Ladies and gentlemen! Step up, one and all, for the most amazing spectacle you have ever experienced! You will gawk at the sights, gape at the sounds, and wonder at the sensations! Behold, the most breathtaking of barbate beauties - Pilous Percilla! Enter coupon code: FARTBOX for a 20% discount!

:: Cards for Kiva ::

Cards for Kiva makes and sells handmade greeting cards. 100% of their profits are used to fund microloans through Kiva.org. The loans they fund help support entrepreneurs who are in need of resources to create a sustainable livelihood for themselves and their families. Since their start in 2008, Cards for Kiva has lent over $3,000 to small business owners worldwide!


Cat said...

Love all of them! can't wait to be a *sponsor* next month! xoxo, cat (www.constantinchaos.blogspot.com)

laurie said...

I want a bambino just so I can put him in My Sweet Muffin's shark bathrobe!

amanda said...

Thanks for allowing us to be a part of the Today's Letters family once again!

Love all the new sponsors!

Today's Letters said...

cat, whoop!

laurie, isn't it adorable! my sweet muffin's stuff is not very good birth control for us.

amanda, grateful to have you back again this month. congrats on numero dos! xo

madhu said...

Am really enjoyed to visit your blog..i loved it.. Tanks for sharing!


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