{Today's Letters} 2/23/10

Monday, March 08, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Husband, this morning you sent me an email saying you had learned how to make twins in your Neonatal Assessment lecture. Then I opened your attachment was relieved to see a photo of these two cuties. Dear Maui, only 71 more days. I think I could start a paper chain countdown I'm so excited. Dear Melissa McKee, today you made me a sack lunch for work. Thanks for the PB&J sammy and for reminding me of the days when I lived off of Nickleodeon and Fruit Roll-ups. Dear Mr. Loerke, you've always been so generous when it comes to letting me borrow your clothes to sleep in. Warmer weather is upon us so I thank you in advance for all unmentionables and t-shirt loaned. Over and out.

(Photo source unknown)


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