{Today's Letters: Snowpocalypse Edition}

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, you got up two different times in the middle of the night to look out our bedroom window. Each time you'd crawl back in the biscuit and I'd say, "It's not time for sledding, Timo. It's time for sleeping." Reason #252 why boy roommates are AWESOME. Dear Mittens, yesterday you kept my face from falling off in 30mph winds. Without you I'd still be covered in ChapStick. Dear Snow & Ice, thanks for the opportunity to get caught up on sleep and emails. You couldn't have come at a better time. Dear Love of My Life (who always gets two letters), 100 days until graduation. ONE HUNDRED DAYS! Love you more than saucer sleds and hot chocolate.

For all you midwesterners out there, what was your favorite part of not having class or work yesterday?



Han said...

We don't have snow :( hehe then again we had it when you didn't. Did I send you a picture of the igloo Chris made?

elissa said...

i did have clinical (aka the work form of class) yesterday, but today all the clinics are closed, so i'm home with doggies and coffee and a roaring fireplace. our two-car driveway was shoveled by 7am, however. :)

Ashley said...

Our snow day is today in Michigan. I'm currently working from my dining room table, drinking ridiculously strong coffee and watching the snow continue to pile up on the deck. It.is.LOVELY.

Anonymous said...

All of us Aggies still have school even though it was 5 degrees here this morning. Let's just say none of us are happy about it. I am quite jealous y'all had the day off yesterday.

Stacy said...

Made sure the kiddo was as entertained as I could help her be. Played Candyland, put together puzzles, colored, watched movies and cartoons, and made sure she had plenty of snacks

Not Hip Enough To Blog said...

Our snow day is today, but you guys are ahead of us with this one and we are in the great white north (aka Canada). Definitely planning on catching up on emails, learning new tunes for some upcoming gigs and hanging out with the Mister. Home Church tonight...unless of course it's cancelled...which it very well may be. There's also talk of tobogganing with friends which of course would be the perfect snow day activity.

My fave title for this snow storm so far.....?

SNOWtorious BIG!!!!!!


Gotta go make lunch,


Vic said...

You look like Issy in this pic!

Melissa said...

I like snow days for...reading, writing, sitting in front of the fireplce with a glass of wine, baking bread,and cooking soup ;)

erin said...

my little southern california mind can't begin to comprehend a snow day, but i bet it's fantastic!

Jennifer K said...

Aww man, even if I can't make it into the office, I'm expected to work at home! Oh well, my doggie appreciates it, and it's nice to be able to work in my jammies. :)

Meg said...

This is a great picture of you! Thanks for posting your talk the other day - it was great to hear all that the Lord has done in your lives + your marriage! Happy snowing day!

Lindy Graves said...

No alarm clock, hoping my driveway would be the last to be plowed so I had a super legit reason to stay home all day, making lunch with my hubby, and finally started to sew a skirt from a scary confusing pattern! Adult snow day's are the bomb.com, double click!

Today's Letters said...

han, i think you did if i remember right. we don't have as much snow as we do ice. perfect for building igloos!

elissa, bonus points for shoveling before 7am! you must have been wearing your wonder woman skivvies.

ash, we have another snow day tomorrow too! adult snow days are the shiz. hope yours was good today.

sundayconversations, i heard the aggies have tomorrow off from class. you win!

stacy, twinner and i used to play candyland all the time! fist pumps for having extra snacks. that can make or break a snow day :)

not hip, did you get to go tobogganing? hope so!

vic, tim said the same thing! good thing she's pretty ;)

mel, your snow day sounds perfect.

erin, twinner texted me yesterday while she was enjoying her lunch break outside. i sent her some snow, she sent me some sunshine. wish i could send you some snow as well!

jen, working in our jammers = a great day at the office.

meg, thank you for taking the time to listen to our story! we're grateful.

lindy, way to be brave with scary and confusing patterns! ps, no alarm clock mornings are the best.

Dawn @ Musings from the Pigg Pen said...

My niece was born on the 1st...in Chicago...in the middle of the blizzard...we have dubbed her "the blizzard baby." But she is perfect and wonderful and everyone is in love with her.

Molly Roberson said...

yes to your paws covered in mittens. I.Love.YOU.
more than future tim tam slams & bean boots in the snow.

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