{Weekend Letters} 2/7/10

Monday, March 08, 2010

Weekend Letters: Dear Husband, after telling you I had a bad dream you confessed your skill for being able to wake up at any point while sleeping. Do you have any other hidden talents I should know about? Dear Trader Joe's, we think you have the best Pumpkin Pancake Mix ever. Thanks for making our Saturday morning so lovely. Dear Vitus, you are now one of my favorite movies. of. all. time. Right up there with Motorcycle Diaries, Amelie, and I Am David. Dear Tim the Toolman Loerke, this weekend we built a boot box for my new Wellies (or shimmies as you keep calling them). Just in time for tomorrow's downpour. Love you more than miter boxes and MDF.


kelsey williams said...

What a cute boot box!

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