{Today's Letters} 4/9/10

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, this morning you left a note on top of the laundry that said, "Emo, I'm so proud of you for working out. Thanks for letting me fold your running costumes." Holy seizures of cutieness Batman. Running costumes? Yes please! Dear Car Wash, before today Scout looked like a gigantic ball of madras curry driving down the road. Thanks for helping make him squeaky clean again. Dear Key Lime Pie, you tasted unbelievable. Pretty sure you were packed with a Topsy's limeade and two fist pumps. Dear Husband, remember when you asked me out for the first time at kamp? Your skipping rock had me at hello.


Jessibee08 said...

love that you are compiling all these letters emily!! I always love reading them on fb:)
love this letter from kamp. I totally remember when you started "hanging out" at kamp!!!
Love from oklahoma!
Jessica Oxford Bottomly

Tim & Em Loerke said...

thanks jess. so many great memories of goodies left in mailboxes and lots of off periods playing frisbee golf. a great way to get to know a cute medicine man from oklahoma. much love to you, friend!

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