{Today's Letters} 4/12/10

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, today you called and asked if you could use our bananas for practicing sutures. 3 points for creativity, -2 points for a fruit violation. Dear Twinner, you ran 13.1 this weekend. In the rain. During a tornado. All up hill. Two fist pumps, some Wonder Woman skivvies, and a Boulevard wheat for you. Dear Tyroch's, the Kedersha's & the Loerke's are looking forward to being your pre-married mentors for the next 6 weeks. Almost as much as eating Kristen's incredible desserts. Almost. Dear Love of My Life, eating lunch outside and interviewing you was my favorite part of the day. Ps, you'd really prefer red velvet cupcakes over Blue Bell & Magic Shell? Really? Don't tell Smucker's. Pretty sure we'd be fired.


Davis - K said...

1. love your blog

2. when you say interviewing - what do you mean? what type of questions? (are they always new, or something similar to your tuesday questions)

3. can you explain marriage gurus more (you mentioned them in your graduation party post which led me to this post and i am still confused

4. have a great day

fist pumps and leg kicks from ohio

Today's Letters said...

so glad you've enjoyed reading our blog!

our interview questions are not the same as our tues questions (but good question :). here is a link to the last interviews we posted online: http://www.todaysletters.com/2010/09/loerke-interviews_21.html

re: marriage gurus, scott is a marriage pastor at the church we attend. him and his wife kristen have taught us so much about what it looks like to have a healthy marriage and to keep working hard at having effective communication, healthy conflict resolution, and loving and respecting your spouse. does this help?

have a great wednesday! em

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