{Today's Letters} 4/18/10

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, today you walked into the living room with your hands whirling above your head. You asked me to guess what you were. I said a tornado. You said, nope, the clothes in our dryer. Dern, that woulda been my second guess next to Jane Fonda. Dear Blog, tomorrow you get to meet the world. I know you'll have to be brave like on the first day of school, but I promise you'll make lots of new friends. Dear Great Grandma Loerke, since making your sugar cookies on Friday husband has A) consumed 12 of them B) talked me out of giving some to our neighbors C) woken me up at 5:30am to see if i wanted to eat one or D) all of the above. Dear Beloved, tonight's Zesty Lime Fish Tacos made me clap my hands and say yeah. Love you more than chilis & ancho sauce.


Anonymous said...

Hello Loerke blog, I am indeed so pleased to meet you. Hope to bring many, many readers your way soon.

Thanks for making the effort to love each other, it's contagious.

Tim & Em Loerke said...

dear anonymous, thank you for your sweet encouragement. i wish i could thank you by name, but know that i am grateful for your words.

Melissa said...

This is awesome!

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