{Maui} Only 2 More Weeks!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Before we know it, the Twinner and I will be spending a week together in Maui. Any recommendations on places to eat or things to do?

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Cole said...

road to hana! most beautiful drive on the whole Island. but take medicine so you went get car sick. :)

Beck said...

YES, yes, yes! Katy and I went there together 3 years in a row.

You've got to see the sunrise up at Haleakala one morning. You won't regret it. But bring a fleece because it's cold on the volcano at sunrise.

I've never done The Road to Hana only because it was a day trip and I get carsick. Keep that in mind because you have to rent a car and there's lots of turns in the road. I do hear the waterfalls are beautiful.

Make sure to go snorkling. So fun. Also, if you have a rainy day there is a great aquarium called Maui Ocean Center. But I think at that point I'd sit on a porch & enjoy the rain :)

So many great seafood places but I confess that Katy and have a favorite burger joint there called Peggy Sue's (http://www.peggysues-maui.com/) and they serve an awesome milkshake.

I hope you & Sar have a great time. The smells, the birds, the flowers, the ocean - I love Maui!!

Katie B said...

Hey! I don't know if you even remember me..I worked K-Extremem with you in the summer of 99 (sounds like an 80's song, huh?)...anyways...just wanted to let you know I've been inspired and encouraged with your blog...I read the top 10 list to my husband and we hope to implement some of them...Yes, been to Maui...it's awesome. I agree with the above comment...have to drive the Hana coast...especially since you are so adventerous! You can find hidden beaches there with black sand...you have to hike down through some caves...so cool...the 7 waterfalls/pools are awesome. My friends and I went there for our high school graduation trip and we cliff jumped off each waterfall and swam through each pool to the next...all the way to the ocean...so fun! (much love...Katie "McCoy" Barnett)

Katy said...

Maui! I love this place! So fun that you and your sister are going. I went ziplining in Kapalua recently. I know they have them in other locations. Very fun! SPA spa SPAAAAAHHHH! But that might just be me - love a good massage or facial.

Peggy Sue's "Good Golly Miss Molly" burger is divine! Reunited with it in February after a long hiatus.

And if y'all like golf...plenty of courses but $$.

Katy said...

Oh, and ditto for everything Beck mentioned.

Mark said...

I'll bring my fish chart for you next week! Basil's was the name of the rest. on the golf course at kanapali. There was a gift store named Hilo Haddi's I think and they gave away free shell necklaces as you entered the store. Free stuff and you don't even have to buy anything. And of course...Calvary Chapel on the beach. Amazing. Sea turtles are fun to tray and catch under water, but you'll never do it. Jump off Black Rock. Sunset dinner at BJ's in Lahina. And whatever that big old tree is in downtown Lahina. Amazing. Pinapple from a road side stand. Tour the plantation. Breath in the smells. Rent a convertable so you can run with the top down. Lots of places to hike on the far north shore. Go to one of the Kapalua golf courses at sunset when no one is on the course and walk barefoot on the golf course...better than carpet. And I could go on but now I'm just mad cuz I'm not going!!!

Tim & Em Loerke said...

cole, thanks for the great advice! twinner and i have a tendency to get car sick, so that was super helpful.

beck, fleece check. peggy sue's check. woobie check.

katie mccoy, of course i remember you! sounds like the road to hana has our name written all over it.

katyo, watching bubby swing a golf club would almost be worth the benjamins!

markus, do i get a raise if i can catch a sea turtle?

Melissa said...

The hubby and I went a few years ago! So gorgeous! We loved the Feast at Le Le luau in Lahaina, the Road to Hana (Garden of Eden Arboretum and a beautiful waterfall a little off the beaten path called "Blue Pool") we did a sunset catamaran sail on the Kapalua Kai, and some delicious dinners at the Ritz Carlton's restaurant called "The Banyan Tree."

Have Fun!

Miriam said...

hey!! ok, definately definately Mama's Fish House. It's a restaurant in Paia and is hands down one of the best meals of my liiiiiife. It's a little bit pricey, but oh so so so delicious. Have so much fun!!

Todays Letters said...

mel & miriam, thanks for all of the great suggestions! we'll see if i can't get the twinner on a catamaran at sunset and a little of mama's fish house in her belly. xoxo

Melissa said...

Can't wait to see pictures when you get back :)

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