{Maui Update: Day 2}

Monday, May 31, 2010

Today we ...

Woke up to rainbows falling from the sky.

Had homemade banana milk & granola for breakfast.

Went running at Kapalua Bay.

Saw rocks that looked like Swiss cheese.

Stopped at Hawaiian Village Coffee for bagels & espresso.

Felt free.

Stuffed our bellies with baked salmon and polenta at Lahaina Grill (Thank you Brother!).

And watched one of the most amazing sunsets we've ever seen ... another great day in Maui Waui.

Ps, It's been said that if you need music at the beach you're missing the point. Even though Twinner and I completely agree with this statement, we would highly suggest listening to Sean Hayes - Stella Seed at least once or twice. Even at the beach.


Stella Seed - Run Wolves Run


nicole said...

what amazing pic's !!

your sis is soooooo lucky to live there WOW

Timothy Loerke said...

Emo and Bubba, I am so glad you are in the midst of such beauty! I miss you both but am thankful for the freedom you are experiencing. Love you two!

Kelly's Adventures said...

You introduce me to so much amazing music!!! Thank you!

I have a dream of going to Hawaii so its fun to read these and be like "Oh that's a good Idea for my trip"

Don Dinnerville said...

One of the things I remember most vividly about living on Oahu was the abundance of rainbows. They were quite spectacular - especially for a little kid.

Nancy - wishing - I - was - there said...

Another great Hawaiian song to listen to while you are there loving on the fabulous rainbows: 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' by IZ. So wonderful!
BTW, beautiful pictures!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

What great photos. I love this trip.

Today's Letters said...

nicole, i think bubby might move here after this vacation. maui's kind of awesome. in the meantime she said cali's a close second.

husband, yesterday while running i kept hearing your voice say, emo i believe in you. miss you more than 1,000 horses.

kelly, sean hayes has so many wonderful songs. check him out at http://www.seanhayesmusic.com/2010/

neighbor, i don't know how you ever left this place. it's sooooo beautiful!

nance, we saw moose mcgillycuddy's last night and thought of you : ) headed to maui dive shop today to be one with the tortugas.

tanya, add maui to your bucket list. promise it'll be worth it. xoxo

brlracincwgrl said...

What amazing pictures! That sunset is absolutely incredible!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a new follower of your blog- it's fantastic by the way. Maui looks INCREDIBLE...Hawaii is definitely high up on my list of places to visit!

Tell me more about this homemade banana milk! Sounds super delicious!

Molly Wright said...

favorite part of today was hearing that you felt free. thanks for reminding us that the little things really are monumental when you think about it.
ps, did you and twinner ever listen to bon iver's new project, gayngs? amy went to their "the last prom on earth" show at prince's club, first ave, in minneapolis, and said it was like the best cotton candy you've ever eaten. i just downloaded, "cry, the guady side of town, and no sweat." oh, and mr hayes seedy treat, too. thanks for the rec. thank you, also, for reminding me that sometimes a band's best tune is not the their highest rated one on itunes. love. love. love. hi to twinsey.

Today's Letters said...

mhw, the ranch = always makes me feel free (esp. when finding promise rings from choctaw). thanks for the head's up on bonnie's new music. am listening to it now :) ps, thanks for your email earlier. will respond tomorry. love you, osito.

Today's Letters said...

ashleyskala, thank you for your sweet comment! grateful to have you reading!

re: homemade banana milk ... soak 1/2 cup of almonds in a bowl of water and refrigerate over night for 8 hrs. then add 1 banana, 1/4 - 1/2 cup of water, and the soaked almonds to a blender. liquify and pour of granola / cereal and serve with fresh fruit. it's the closest thing to milk twinner's ever made!


Han said...

hehe i love that rock - it looks like Emmental!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the banana milk how-to! I'm not vegan but I love all things banana! I think I'm going to try this out this weekend! YUM!

Today's Letters said...

han, i've never tried emmental before but will add that to my list.

ashleyskala, of course! let me know how it turns out! ps, twinner says you can use coconut water instead of regular tap water to add a bit more flavor.

Han said...

Em: it has air bubbles in it which causes the cheese to have holes in. You know in cartoons where Jerry runs round with the cheese and it has holes in it - thats what emmental looks like :) YUM!

Today's Letters said...

han, cheese with bubbles, i likey!

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