{MR340: Let's Bring This Baby Home!}

Monday, February 14, 2011

As I mentioned here and here before, my friend Em McKeaigg and I will be participating
in this year's MR340 River Race in hopes of raising $5,000 for The McKeaigg Family Adoption.

Wanna know how you can help?

Each mile is now available for sponsorship!

$15 per mile x 340 mi = $5,100 raised

*Sponsor 1 MILE or more & get YOUR NAME featured on our kayak as one of our official race sponsors!
$100.00 or more & get your COMPANY NAME & LOGO featured on our kayak as one of our official race sponsors!
*McKeaigg T-Shirts are also available for purchase through our donation website.

PS, Our kayak will be arriving late Thursday night all the way from Kansas City thanks to
Karin Thomas
& West Hansen.
Let the training begin!


Sarah Crosby said...

WOW! I pray the Lord blesses my husband and me with friends like you guys when we decide to bring a baby home of our own. Even before we got married we decided we wanted to adopt. My little sister was adopted and I can honestly say that it makes the process go by so much easier and less stressful when you know there are people encouraging and praying for you along the way!!

Han said...

Can you ship shirts to the UK?

shannon*bear said...

You two are amazing! I love everything about this marathon and the cause! XO

Anonymous said...

Good luck! It's so great that y'all are doing this.

Meghan said...

Amazing people you are! I've posted about this on my blog . . . www.theramblingsister.blogspot.com. I hope it helps just a little.

a pair of pettijohns said...

can i just say THANK YOU TIMES ONE MILLION for allowing us to be a part of the fun? everything that's within me LOVES that you guys are doing this. what special friends, what a special cause and let's bring that cutie little tooter home!

we at team pettijohn are pumped to have sponsored some mileage. go, emilies! win the race!

Today's Letters said...

sarah, tim's two youngest sisters were adopted, so was my mom. we have a passion for it as well and hope that one day we'd be able to grow our family in this way!

han, absolutely! shipping will still be the same, just no way to track it.

shannon, when you have dear friends who has infertility as part of there story you'd do just about anything to help them.

girlseeksplace, we couldn't be more excited! thanks for your support and encouragement.

meghan, thanks for the shout out! also appreciate your donation :)

a pair, 2 miles?? thank you for sponsoring us pettijohn party of 4!

danielle said...

You guys rock!! Go Em and Em!!!

Klipptastic! said...

How much would it run me to get a 6x8 of my bicep positioned immediately starboard of hunky husbandness to will him forward?

(of course it's optimistic...that a 6x8 could contain my bicep...)

seriously...a 6x8...an image of my choosing. Get back to me.

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