{A Special MR340 Sponsorship Update!}

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Em & I are humbled beyond belief to announce that ALL 340 miles of our race have been sponsored! Can you believe it? Yesterday we received an anonymous donation giving us a total of $5,100 raised for the McKeaigg Family Adoption! (Insert lots of tears and fist pumps here).

We wanted to give a special thanks to our latest mile Sponsors: Mark & Megan Scott (2), Anais Doornbos (1), Rebecca Radicchi (1), and to our donors who wish to remain anonymous (148). We couldn't have done this without you!

Currently we are still accepting donations to cover the cost of our gear and travel expenses. Even with our ability to order most of this at wholesale prices we still have $3,000 to raise to cover these expenses. Please consider giving as you feel led, and know that we will continue to post MR340 race update every Monday. We will also honor our promise to add your company logo to our blog sidebar and River Rocket with donations of $100 or more.

Last night as I was trying to fall asleep I couldn't help but think of Em & Kent's future bambino. One day I hope to tell him / her about the labor of love it took to get them here, and how brave their parents are for facing infertility. I might even have to make them Woobie capes just as a reminder.

Em & Kent, you are my hero's!


Serene said...


Brooke said...

Shiver me timbers! I'm all misty! Hooray! Go Team Keaiggers!

~Chris~ said...

Bless those anonymous angels! :)

Anonymous said...

Baby, check! Ground Crew, check! Equipment, pending. The most humbling adventure, other than children, that awaits you on the Mighty Mo, check!

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear this news! I have tears of joy as well. Being adopted myself...having volunteered at crises pregnancy centers and spoken at many adoption events about my story, this cause hits close to home for me. Wishing Emily and Kent all the best with their much-loved and awaited blessing. ~Tammy~

dhhargrove said...

no fair making a grown man cry in the broad daylight :-) today was one of those "grind" days at the office and i was looking forward to reading yall today. The first thing I see on your site is that ALL the miles have been sponsored! OH MY! What an incredible way to go into the evening (had anyone looked back at the AV booth at church they would have seen random fistpumps going off during worship)

Tim and Em and Kent and Em....Yall are four of my officially certified heroes!

Anonymous said...

I've always thought your motto "There are many things that can change a life...a letter is one of them" was sweet, but it didn't mean that much to me until this morning as I was reading Paul's letter in II Corinthians. There are simply no words for the impact of his letters and I thought of your dear motto while I read what Paul had written to his beloved followers. And as I read tonight what your letters have done for the life of this baby coming home, it has hit me again that your "sweet" motto is ever so true. You might not think so, but your transparency is making such a difference in relationships and certainly an eternal difference in the life of this baby that you are fighting so hard to bring home. Thank you for your wonderful words everyday - they bring so many such joy.
Much Love,
San Antonio

Today's Letters said...

you guys are amazing! seeing that my mom and tim's youngest sisters are adopted, we definitely have a heart for expanding our family in this way. we're so supportive and grateful for our friend's to have this opportunity as well!

david, no man points lost for crying. love your heart ;)

nicole, your comment was one that i'll tuck in my back pocket for quite some time. letters can truly be life changing ... encouraged to hear your insight on how this became more real to you today! xoxo

Hive for the Home said...

Im a newbie to this blog. Lurve it!!, read today about your story and I am praying for your journey to your baby. My husband and I are adopting as well. You have the heart of a Lion and the love of a Lamb. Must read (Adopted for Life) I believe the download is free from ibooks this week. Good luck and God bless!

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