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Friday, May 07, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, last night when I climbed into the biscuit you yelled, "Good job, Emo!" Then you said, "And for all great peace and wisdom in the world, good night." Three points for talking in your sleep, two points for a stellar biscuit welcome. Dear Fresher Than Fresh Snow Cones, your all natural ingredients and 1957 Shasta Trailer had us at hello. Sending you three leg kicks and a fist pump in honor of opening day. Dear Cafe du Monde, your coffee can is the perfect home for our new basil plant. Thanks for making our office window look delicious. Dear Husband, love you more than Blackberry Lavender and Prickly Pear cones of snow awesomeness. Over and out.


RachelDenbow said...

My husband sat next to me to look through some of your posts after being tipped off that this was the place to be and I turned to him and said, "You want me to be more like that, don't you?" and he said,..."Yes."
It got a little harder and a little louder after year four and we've been trying to get back there recently, so I want to give your husband a virtual side hug for sharing your URL.
And tomorrow I'll be thinking about all the ways I can redirect some crafty energy so that Brett knows in about ten new ways that he is loved this coming week.
We're new fans!

Tim & Em Loerke said...

rachel, are you serious? i love your blog!(you are famous in my mind). i can't remember who tipped me off to red velvet art, but i've been a fan for a long time. a few weeks ago the mr. and i got to see elsie's jeremy play at the prophet bar downtown. love his music and loved having a little bit of springfield in the south. rest assured that sebastian & ruby will grow up knowing how wonderful their parents are. i mean, operation surprise vespa? you are kind of a badass wife.

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