{Alaska: Days 1-3}

Monday, June 28, 2010

Today we ...

Left the Emerald City and set sail for Alaska.

Two days at sea meant we ate lots of ice cream.

Read lots of books.

And got bedazzled for dinner.

We also watched the sunrise at 4a.

This was my favorite way to start each day (even though I froze my ars off).

Yesterday we ported in Juneau.

And went kayaking in the northern Pacific (where we proudly supported the McKeaigg Family Adoption).

We paddled to the Mendenhall Glacier.

And were captivated by the Alaskan wilderness.

We also paddled 5 yards away from this Bald Eagle. Uh-mazing.

Overall our kayaking experience deserved lots of leg kicks and fist pumps.

Because afterwards they fed us reindeer jerky and crackers.

While on our way back to the ship we stopped at Red Dog Saloon for an Alaskan Summer Ale and cup of clam chowder.

The day ended with this sunset which reminded us of how blessed we are to be on this trip.

Today we will experience a salmon bake in Skagway. Then head to the Tracy Arm Fjord followed by a stop in Victoria, British Columbia.

Hope to post more photos of our adventure soon!

Much love,
Em & Tim


mme. bookling said...

When I quit my high school teaching job, my sister decided to spoil my husband and I with an Alaskan Cruise, and it looks JUST like the one your on. We even stopped into that same saloon.

What strikes me about you and Tim is what looks like your obvious love for the same things, which is SUCH an important compatibility in marriage. Thank you for sharing your love; it's contagious. Think I'll stop into my hubby's office right now and smooch him... (it's just down the hall).

brlracincwgrl said...

Wow! Alaska is beautiful! Thanks for taking us along your journey (via photos). They are amazing!

Kim said...

Wow. just...wow.

Don Dinnerville said...

I think you've sold me on taking an Alaskan cruise at some point. Absolutely LOVE the picture of the bald eagle. How cool!

By the way, my favorite part of my Hawaii trip last year was the little sea kayaking excursion where I got to hear whale songs, swim with a BUNCH of spinner dolphins, and saw breaching whales, an eel, and more tropical fish than I could probably count (and I’m a good counter). Had I known about fist pumps, leg kicks, and shimmies at the time, I probably would’ve injured myself expressing delight at how much fun I’d had. I hope you two are having even more fun than that!

Mindy Fresh said...

I missed your posts the last two days - I've gotten addicted to this blog!!!!! Thanks for sharing your adventures!!!

Crystal said...

Oh, this is all so amazing! Thank you for sharing your wonderful days with us.

HereBeDragons said...

Did you do Glacier View Kayaking with Alaska Travel Adventures? Cuz I was a kayak guide up there a few years back. Possibly the best job I've ever had. (The pay was crap though.) Can I just say that Alaska's awesome. Enjoy your time. I never got out of Juneau.

Ames said...

huzzah for updates!!! yall are so darn cutie in your kayaking gear with the leg kicks and fist pumps. i am having so much fun on your vacation :)

Today's Letters said...

mme.bookling, first, you have one amazing sister* second, you couldn't be more right about the compatibility of adventure within a marriage. right on, oh wise one. and third, i just smooched the hubs (since he's sitting next to me at the skagway library). thanks for always being so faithful to read the blog! xoxo

brl, kim & crystal, you must all try and come to alaska sometime! it's truly the most beautiful place i've ever been.

neighbor, you would LOVE it, similarly to maui, but totally different. i have no doubt in my mind that you wouldn't dominate the glaciers here!

mindy fresh, two days at sea = no internet. but i'm truly grateful to have you reading the blog. hoping to post more photos in victoria. much love...

herebedragons, we did use glacier view! our guides name was tyson from san diego. how fun would it have been to have you there! mad props to alaska ... this state has captured our heart just like seattle.

ames, who knew kayaking gear could be so sexy? (and so stinky). love you!

Lindsey said...

It's gorgeous, making me want to go myself!! Love the B&W pic of you and Mr on the boat-so cute. Have a great trip!

Julie said...

Just started reading your blog and think you guys are adorable. I'm commenting because I think you may be on the same trip to Alaska as my mom who is also adorable! If you run into Lori Lagrou say hello and I miss you already from her daughter!

Oh, and have a fabulous rest of your trip!

Han said...

Some of The Proposal is set in Juneau (however it's filmed in Massachusetts which is pants!)

Sunrises/sunsets are soo pretty! I nearly saw sunrise this morning - mainly because it started raining really heavy here and I woke up :(

(I feel like I haven't commented in like forever lol)

Whitney Lane said...

this looks like such an amazing trip!! thanks for sharing! :)

Melissa said...

I love the pic of the mister holding the ice cream cone :) He's serious about his frozen dairy products. Hee hee...

LOVE the pics. keep 'em comin'


Anonymous said...

Emily & Tim - I think the bald eagle picture is very cool. -
Max Piper
Max wanted me to make sure that I sent you this note because he's loving the Alaska pictures -- especially the eagle. Amazing indeed. Love to both of you from everyone at the Piper house! - Ann

Suzanne said...

HOLY COW... how did you find the book "The Tree That Survived Winter"??? One of my FAVORITES!!!!!!!!!!

Today's Letters said...

linds, you must! right up there with maui :)

julie, so grateful to have you reading! was your mom on rc rhapsody of the seas? so far we haven't met a lori (sad face).

han, waking up to rain - best ever. happy for you!

mel, there are two things husband is serious about. ice cream and using measuring cups when he cooks.

max, i kindof think i would have a crush on you if i was 20 years younger. you are too cute!!! (heart you ann p).

suz, pellow pellow pellow. the children's book resource of watermark.

Missy Williams said...

LOVE Today's Letters!!! Can I be your new best friend?! And, yes, I can show you how to walk in "those" heels. :)

Today's Letters said...

missy, i knew we were a match made in heaven. ask me out already!

Today's Letters said...
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