{Birthday Love}

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Thanks to all of you who left comments, wrote Facebook posts, and tweeted about yesterday's birthday celebration! You sure know how to make a girl feel loved!

My 31st birthday started off with breakfast in bed. A toasted power bagel with cream cheese, yogurt, and juice from Einstein's.

Then Mr. Loerke gave me this antique bell. He said I could use it A) when I'm sick and want ice cream or B) in the bathroom and out of toilet paper. AWESOME.

He also gave me this cup for my post-workout protein shakes. It's supposed to bring inspiration and good mojo for my upcoming race.

I also received some fresh snap beans from my friend Bobby. He is the wind beneath my wings when it comes to gardening.

Girl Tyroch gave me a polka dotted box filled with gum (she always borrows mine), SPK's (my favorite candy), and Bobbi Brown lip gloss and tinted moisturizer (because you know how limited I am in the make-up department).

Lunch consisted of sushi and an Izze soda from Whole Paycheck. Yes, I realize that I chose to have my birthday lunch at a grocery store, but I can't help it. Whole Paycheck makes my heart sing.

Later my friends gave me notes with words that reminded them of me. Some of these said, "Enjoys eating brussel sprouts and tofu" and "Is an enigma." I am actually more of an enigma than you think! (See gifts above from Bobby and Girl Tyroch that both made me feel equally as known and loved).

Then we stuffed our bocas with Ben & Jerry's ice cream. SIDE NOTE: If you haven't tried their "Americone Dream" you should. It will make you do all sorts of leg kicks and side shimmies across the hardwoods.

Lastly, this is a picture of what my office looked like yesterday. I had my very own birthday circus tent. PERFECTION.

Overall, June 8th was a fantastic day. Tomorrow night the celebration continues with dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. (Bonus points if you can guess what it is!).

Thanks again to all of you who made yesterday special. I felt so loved!

PS, be sure and check back later this morning to see photos of our vacation in Mexico. In the meantime, go to Google's homepage and turn up your speakers. You'll be glad you did!


Amanda said...

I love it! What a great birthday and such amazing gifts. I always enjoy seeing the gifts you and Tim give each other...thoughtful and no need to be over the top.

Wish I had a tent over my desk...and are there 2 typewriters in there!?

Mel said...

Sounds like a perfect birthday! I celebrated your birthday by attending Boston's Jimmy Fund ScooperBowl-All You Can Eat Ice Cream and the funds go to cancer research! My favorite flavor was Ben & Jerry's Late Night Snack. Let's just say it includes chocolate covered potato chips. I recommend! Happy birthday week!


Marissa Lang said...

You probably already know about this because you seem to be a music consuming beast but if not HAPPY BIRTHDAY: http://www.npr.org/2011/06/09/136855313/first-listen-bon-iver-bon-iver

Today's Letters said...

amanda, 2 indeed! you would be great at i spy.

mel, i saw b&j's late night snack yesterday online! it hasn't hit stores in dallas yet but hopefully soon. they had me at chocolate covered potato chips.

marissa, i have been listening to it here up until npr posted their link this morning.http://thewavebreaker.blogspot.com/2011/05/album-stream-bon-iver-bon-iver-self.html but thanks for letting me know! i miss things all the time.

esther said...

Ummm...can I just say, that your cubicle is quite possibly the coziest one I have ever seen. Also, I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday. Happy belated!

Nelle Somerville said...

Happy birthday sweet girl. You are a light in this world!!!! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself to us. I feel like I know you and want to hug your face. Lots of love, Nelle

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