{Maui} June 2010

Friday, June 04, 2010


The average lifespan is 25,550 days. Today we ...

Got up at 3am to watch the sunrise on Haleakala.

Saw trees that looked like worms.

Watched photographers be one with the clouds.

Played with our shadows.

Visited the Haleakala Crater.

Fell in love with Jacaranda Trees.

Biked 27 miles to Paia while wearing our Woobie capes.

Watched paddle surfers from our balcony.

And played at the beach. A good day well spent ...

Tonight we're going to watch a movie and head to bed early. Twinner said she'd make me homemade vegan banana milk & granola for breakfast in the morning. Have I mentioned that vacationing with Sarah Eloise Latoya Rainbow Richmond is the shiz?

Hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful holiday weekend!


Today we ...

Woke up to rainbows falling from the sky.

Had homemade banana milk & granola for breakfast.

Went running at Kapalua Bay.

Saw rocks that looked like Swiss cheese.

Stopped at Hawaiian Village Coffee for bagels & espresso.

Felt free.

Stuffed our bellies with baked salmon and polenta at Lahaina Grill (Thank you Brother!).

And watched one of the most amazing sunsets we've ever seen ... another great day in Maui Waui.

Ps, It's been said that if you need music at the beach you're missing the point. Even though Twinner and I completely agree with this statement, we would highly suggest listening to Sean Hayes - Stella Seed at least once or twice. Even at the beach.



Today we ...

Walked to the local farmer's market. (Two fist pumps for finding Husband's favorite leafy green).

Spent time in the sun at Napili Bay.

Drank this coffee for breakfast. (Indeed, it was).

Found jazz hands in the most unexpected places.

Read these two books.

Walked through a grove of mango trees.

Played with sea turtles. (Who Twinner said looked like gigantic Milk Duds under water).

And ate dinner on our balcony while watching the sun disappear into the ocean. Another GREAT day in Maui Waui.

Ps, Twinner's been covering me in sunscreen every 20 minutes in exchange for the use of my toothbrush. Sometimes you have to work out deals, even when on vacation.



Today we ...

Went on an early morning run.

Spent time on a catamaran.

Hit up the local thrifty in Lahaina.

Went snorkeling near the West Maui Mountains.

Saw reef that looked like brains and cauliflower.

Drank enough salt water to last a lifetime.

Found flowers that smelled like fabric softener.

Ate the best fish tacos EVER.

And watched another incredible sunset. Life is good ...

Tomorrow we head north to visit an organic farm and play in the lavender fields. I told Twinner she could bring her Woobie cape as long as she promised to wear it all day. I think she just might.



Today we ...

Spent the day at Pacifico's Organic Farm.

Where Richard was our tour guide. He rocked a basket and sun hat, oh yes he did.

We got to see coffee plants.

Which made Bubs so happy. Did you know the Twinner is a roaster for Pac Bay Coffee Co? She's kind of awesome.

We also saw Sunflowers.

Kaffir lime trees.

Hot pink flowers (that match Twinner's bici of course).


And Jackson Chameleons. (Which sometimes like to pee on your hand).

We learned about composting.


Outdoor coffee roasting.

And gathered fresh greens for lunch.

Which was prepared by the head chef of Pacific'O here.

And devoured here. (UH-MAZING)

After lunch we stopped at the Alii Kulu Lavender Farm just up the road.

They had hydrangeas.

Succulents that looked like lava.

And a windmill just like The Ranch.

Overall, this day made Twinner and I so happy.

Tonight we celebrated by having dinner at Pacific'O (thanks to a dear friend) where they served the produce we had picked earlier this morning. From farm to table ... doesn't get much better than that.

If you're ever in Maui, we highly recommend making this a part of your experience. It was by far our most favorite thing we've done!



Today we ...

Performed our daily affirmation's to kick off our morning run.

Enjoyed the palm trees.

Ate coconut & Kona coffee ice cream.

Took nap #27.

Watched surfers at Lahaina Shores.

Almost hijacked this car.

Watched islanders skip rocks into the ocean.

Made funny faces.

And did leg kicks on the beach.

Tomorrow Sarah Eloise Latoya Rainbow Richmond and I part ways and head back to California and Texas (insert frowny face here). I couldn't have asked for a better birthday week... Miss you already Twinner!



Taylor said...

Wow. I am so thankful that you documented this trip!!! I love your intense positivity and humor. Thanks to your recommendations, Alex and I hope to take the bike ride and eat at Pacific'O!

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