{Maui Update: Day 4}

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Today we ...

Went on an early morning run.

Spent time on a catamaran.

Hit up the local thrifty in Lahaina.

Went snorkeling near the West Maui Mountains.

Saw reef that looked like brains and cauliflower.

Drank enough salt water to last a lifetime.

Found flowers that smelled like fabric softener.

Ate the best fish tacos EVER.

And watched another incredible sunset. Life is good ...

Tomorrow we head north to visit an organic farm and play in the lavender fields. I told Twinner she could bring her Woobie cape as long as she promised to wear it all day. I think she just might.



Timothy Loerke said...

To My Favorite Women in the World:

You all look so cutie in your snorkeling gear...especially you emo! It looked like you wearing wetsuits??? Did you see any cool fish or any more sea turtles? Emo, I knew you would think the coral looked like brains and cauliflour! Love it! Were these new fish tacos? Have you eaten the ones found on the Food Network? Love you both!

Anonymous said...

I love these beautiful photos, Em. So happy that you're enjoying this wonderful trip with your sister. Keep the pix (and the fish taco report) coming. - Ann Piper

Beck said...

I know I'm a dork but I'm curious about which one of you wore the Asics and which one wore Brooks.

And as I was checking the blog today the Title Nine catalog sat on the table next to my laptop. The photos (and the models) here are way better!

Melissa said...

YAY! Catamarans and fish tacos! So glad you're having fun!

Scatterbox said...

Very much looking forward to reading about your farm trips, especially the LAVENDER one!! ahhhhh... Are you guys going ziplining at all? That was one of my brave moments (that, and for-real snorkeling... says one who is fearful of drowning and can't swim...). Ziplining instantly became one of my favorino activities of all-time. Eco Adventures runs the Maui line -- http://www.zipline.com/ We did the Haleakala run. Oh, how I want to be back there soon! Love living vicariously through you two. :)

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Ah seriously love these. Those fish tacos look amazing.

brlracincwgrl said...

Ah...snorkeling! Love! :)

Molly Wright said...

the view from your fish tacos dinner looks divine!
you two sport snorkel gear better than anyone i ever did know.

rosie said...

looks like so much fun! esp glad you found the unexpected jazz hands and the toothbrush/sunscreen exchange in past posts haha.

Esther said...

May I ask what kind of camera you use? Your photos are lovely!

Today's Letters said...

mr. loerke, wetsuits to keep twinner and i from drowning! it was WINDY so there weren't as many fish to see or sea turtles to ride. we didn't stop at the paia fish market either, but decided to leave that on the list of things to do for next time. Ps, wanna move to maui?

ann, i'll trade you one fish taco for a beyonce mixed tape.

running sensei, sarah's the asics girl and i heart my brook's adrenalines almost as much as my saucony omni's. and you get three big fist pumps and a shimmy for your title nine comment. made our day :)

melissa, we did it! thanks for the suggestion.

scatterbox, no ziplining this time. however we did pass by eco adventures while riding down haleakala. next time for sure!

mhw, who knew snorkeling gear could be so hot, right? xoxo

rosie, it's amazing the things you'll find if you just keep your eyes peeled. and working out exchanges on vacations is a must, esp when you have a twinner who always forgets her toothbrush.

esther, i posted this response to the same question in a previous post. hope this helps!

i use two different cameras, one is a simple point and shoot digital (Olympus Stylus 790 SW) which has been so good to me. it takes absolutely stunning photos. it's also waterproof, freeze proof, and drop proof, making it a perfect camera for active people like husband and i. the other camera i have access to is a Canon EOS Rebel w/ a 28-200mm lense. it takes fantastic photos as well. the only editing software i use is iphoto on my mac. i would love to learn photoshop someday, but in the meantime my macbook has proved itself faithful.

sara said...

sarah, I am kindof loving your freckles and your tattoo. amazing.

i also have to say, HOLY COW you guys have serious guts. i wish that i could be that motivated in day to day life. are you always like this?

fist pumps and chest bumps and knuckle bangs. you're my favorite twins around.

Today's Letters said...

sara, we try making memories every day. sometimes we have to be more brave than others, but usually it works out in the end. having sarah for my sister helps too : )

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