{Maui Update: Day 5}

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Today we ...

Spent the day at Pacifico's Organic Farm.

Where Richard was our tour guide. He rocked a basket and sun hat, oh yes he did.

We got to see coffee plants.

Which made Bubs so happy. Did you know the Twinner is a roaster for Pac Bay Coffee Co? She's kind of awesome.

We also saw Sunflowers.

Kaffir lime trees.

Hot pink flowers (that match Twinner's bici of course).


And Jackson Chameleons. (Which sometimes like to pee on your hand).

We learned about composting.


Outdoor coffee roasting.

And gathered fresh greens for lunch.

Which was prepared by the head chef of Pacific'O here.

And devoured here. (UH-MAZING)

After lunch we stopped at the Alii Kulu Lavender Farm just up the road.

They had hydrangeas.

Succulents that looked like lava.

And a windmill just like The Ranch.

Overall, this day made Twinner and I so happy.

Tonight we celebrated by having dinner at Pacific'O (thanks to a dear friend) where they served the produce we had picked earlier this morning. From farm to table ... doesn't get much better than that.

If you're ever in Maui, we highly recommend making this a part of your experience. It was by far our most favorite thing we've done!



Timothy Loerke said...

UH-MAZING!!! What a fun outing! So glad you and Bubs got to go to the farm. You only see those things in a magazine. Emo, you looked so cutie!!! Woo!!! Can't wait for you to return to the homestead! Love to both of you!

Han said...

I love those Hydrangeas - they are soooo pretty and those succulents are cool too!

Glad you and Twinner had a fab time!

LB said...

Geez! How cute can you be? I wish I was your triplet!

PS: My puppy would be in heaven. His diet of choice is lizard tails he chases into the cracks of our backyard railroad ties, and of course, hydrangeas!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Looks fresh and incredible

HereBeDragons said...

So much fun! I'm loving these posts. I think I need to visit Hawaii!

Today's Letters said...

husband, just thinking about seeing you at 5a on saturday is enough to make my heart flip. can't wait to throw these arms around your neck and kiss your scruffy face.

han, the lavender farm had so many beautiful flowers, most of which i didn't know. it was truly a beautiful place. just like walking through a gigantic dryer sheet!

lb, twinner and i are taking interviews for a triplet. you are at the top of our list (please bring sampson too).

tanya & herebedragons, this was by far some of the best food i've ever tasted. it only went through two hands before it ended up on our table. once when we picked it, and second when it was washed and prepared at the restaurant. most food travels 1500+ miles before it ends up on our plates. this means an exchange of 20 hands or more making our food not as fresh. buying local really is the way to go for both the environment and for maintaining the quality of food. fun stuff!

Stephanie said...

Dear twinners,

I am sinfully jealous of this coffee experience.


Today's Letters said...

steph, it was one of the most amazing things i've ever seen. if you're ever in maui you and dc should venture out to o's farm. promise, it won't disappoint! xo

sara said...

I WANT IN ON THE TRIPLET INTERVIEW ACTION. but really, could the world stand so much cute? sarah + emo + sara bean (me)?

(husband says the world always needs more cute. maybe he and the mr. could be twins?)

Today's Letters said...

sara, two tim's = twinners? yessssss. ps, still accepting applications.

sara said...

It's a done deal.

Even if we can't be twins, can we be friends? I swear we'll pull our weight! We'll do leg kicks and jazz hands with you and we write really good love notes. And Tim is sorta crushing on you guys, too, I gotta admit.

Today's Letters said...

sara, of course! friend request accepted.

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