{MR340 Fundraising Update!}

Monday, February 21, 2011

A special thanks to those of you who have donated money towards the McKeaigg Family Adoption! It's been one week and we've already raised $975.00 with our mileage sponsorships! We still have 275 miles to go, so if you haven't already donated please consider doing so today!

NEW Mile Sponsors:
Papa & Vic Richmond (2)
Rebecca Sheffield (1)
Ashley Simon (1)
Brooke Brewer (2)
Erin Donner (1)
Sarah Crosby (2)
Andrea Walker (1)
Vicky Nguyen (3)
Colby Childs (1)
Melissa Neely (2)
Tina Jett (2)
Bekah Pettijohn (2)
Hannah Johnson (1)
Tracey Weinmann (6)
Sarah Crosby
C. Willard (1)
Dawn Pigg (1)
Meghan Crosman (1)
Leah Mcgaughy (1)
David Hargrove (2)
Mackenzie Bain (1)
Josh & Jessica Nokes (2)
Megan Vochatzer (1)
Scott & Kristen Kedersha (4)
Melissa Lima (3)
Maribeth Gillis (1)
Julie Machuca (2)
Katrina Preston (6)
Brenna Nichols (7)
Jacey Howard (2)
Diane Schiefferly (4)

Corporate Sponsors:
Paige Dohoney, Woof Gang Bakery
Brenna Nichols

General / Gear / Travel Donations:
Michele Annibal
Brian Cates
Diane Schiefferly
Abby Unruh

McKeaigg T-Shirt Purchasers:
Kasa Hollingshead
Hannah Johnson
McCall Aldridge
Katrina Preston

In case you haven't already seen her, here's our 21 foot carbon Arrow racing kayak. She only weighs 46 lbs! This Saturday Em and I christen her with our first paddle at White Rock Lake.

We can't wait!


Han said...

That's so exciting :)

danielle said...

Oopsie...thought I already donated! I've sponsored a mile now and I think this is such a wonderful thing you're doing Em!!!

Renee said...

I am so impressed by this endeavor. This will be our first tithe once my hubby has his job back (hopefully next week... its looking good). He is adopted and I always feel so blessed to hear about families that adopt... without them, I might not be married to the man of my dreams and the best dang daddy to our two little boys that a girl could wish for!

Enjoy White Rock Lake; I hear it is beautiful, but never made it out there while I was doing my undergrad and Montessori training in Dallas.

Today's Letters said...

han, thanks for sponsoring a mile and for buying a t-shirt!

danielle, no worries. i just saw your mile came through! lucky mile 211.

renee, my mom and tim's youngest two siblings are adopted. we hope to adopt one day as well! thank you for your sweet comment ... we were so humbled. and yes, white rock is beautiful, esp since they finished renovating the bike path / spillway. so nice!

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