{MR340 Sponsorship Update!}

Monday, February 28, 2011

So far we have 98 miles sponsored and $1,470.00 raised for the McKeaigg Family Adoption! We still have 242 miles to go, so giddy up and donate!

NEW Mile Sponsors:
Clint Miller (2)
Danielle Crosman (1)
Maria McKenzie (1)
Michelle Lamey (1)
Ian & Audrey Daniels (4)
Maria McKenzie (1)
Michelle Lamey (1)
Shannon Thompson (2)
Kristen Myers (1)
Leigh & Adam Sandwick (6)
Amy Ingham (1)
Becky Duncan (6)
Adam & Jackie Tarnow (7)
Chi Anne Walling (1)

NEW Corporate Sponsors:

General / Gear / Travel Donations:
If you're interested in helping out with the cost of our gear please let us know!

Unfortunately, Em and I weren't able to get our yak on the water this weekend. Our steering needs to be moved and new seats installed, so we'll be heading down to Austin on March 19th so our buddy West can help us get our River Rocket all ready to go. Stay tuned for when you might catch us paddling on Town Lake!

Em & Em


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