{Seattle Update: Day 1}

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Today we ...

Left on a jet plane for Seattle.

Played with our free eye patches at our hotel.

Visited the Seattle Public Library.

Rode the escalator up to the 8th floor.

Saw the highest viewpoint.

And hid something AWESOME in this book.

Let us know if you find it! (See How to Appreciate Prints by Weithenkampf, pg 53).

Then we stopped at Bottega for some Mocha and Stracciatella gelato.

And fell in love with this Antique Shop near Pikes Market.

We maybe might have purchased some of these.

And lusted after lots of these.

Later, we ended up walking HERE for dinner.

Where they fed us loads of crab, shrimp, clams, and mussels.

Which we gladly ate our weight in. Oh yes we did.

Then we watched the sunset on Pier 57.

Got our photo taken at Miners Landing.

Visited the Gum Wall in Post Alley.

Left our mark.

And headed back to our hotel for some much needed rest.

If tomorrow is half as good as today was then the Mr. and I might. just. have. to. relocate. Seattle has captured our hearts.



Jessica said...

We used to have a huge gum wall at our local skating rink. Back then, I thought it was the coolest thing. Now, I think of just how gross that really was. But, I love the way you captured yours. Have fun!

Julia said...

Looks like it was a great first day! Can't wait to see more!!

Ames said...

love the photo updates! way better than just writing "today we stuck our gum on the gum wall..". i love today's letters!!!

LB said...

My two requests? Climb the climbing wall at REI and leg kick a big white fish from PPM all the way to t-town for me! He will stay fresh in the cool clouds! Oh, third request? Have so much fun!

Beck said...

you are simply not allowed.

Kim said...

What an amazing first day! enjoyed seeing the photos!

mara said...

looks sooo fun!!! i wanna go!!! i love the eye patch picture...made me lmao!

Don Dinnerville said...

I second Becky's comment. And I wonder - is the gum wall just for leaving, or is there any taking involved?

brlracincwgrl said...

What a fun first day! The gum wall...ewww and way cool all at the same time? Is that possible? I guess so :).

Love the pictures! I love how you always find the most beautiful sunsets :)

FlyingVegan said...

dear today's letters, i really sort of think you guys are the cutest (and coolest) couple on the planet...no joke. and i love that we happen to also be family, which is worth a relay of shimmies across the hardwoods and all the leg kicks one twinner can muster because she knows that to have this special, amazing, incredible gift is like winning the lottery every day of her life*

Jen Samayoa said...

Can you tell me what type of camera you use to take your pictures? They always look so cool. I was just wondering! Thanks.

cara. said...

so glad you're mapping out my visit for me! (: looks like you & the mister are having a ball. <3

Ashley said...

Glad you are having fun here. Seattle is the best! Luckily it was quite warm yesterday and is supposed to be nice (until Sunday).

tugga / caitlin said...

tim, either your new free eye patch is tiny or you have a huge head. might need to get that checked out.

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Love it! You guys fit a lot into your first day. Can't wait to see more updates.

Herold said...

Em and Tim, love your pictures! You are so talented Emily :) Glad you all are having fun! Happy anniversary!
Love you both, Sister Mary

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you decided to go contribute to the gum wall! Did you find the gum I left there a few years ago? It was strawberry Bubble Yum.
Mary Mac

Crystal said...

I think I have to go to Seattle JUST for that platter-o-seafood. YUM.

Anonymous said...

What Becky said. And hoping you have a wonderful trip. Hugs to you both! Ann Piper

Anonymous said...

Is the AWESOME thing hidden in the book worth a trip to Seattle to claim?

Lara said...

Dear Anonymous, the AWESOME thing would have been worth the trip to Seattle -- but I already found it! (Actually, my wonderful mister found the hidden treasure for me on his lunch break). Dear Today's Letters, Fist pumps, leg kicks and a shimmy for the both of you! The aforementioned Mr. and I will be getting our desert on tomorrow night at "old school custard" on capitol hill (our absolute favorite in all of Seattle) and we'd love to treat you to a scoop too, if you'd care to join us? Dear everyone else back in Texas, It is true. Seattle is worthy of every ounce of heart capturing that you see in their dazzling photos. When the sun is out there's nowhere better. And the sun was indeed out again today. So you should all start making plans to come visit them soon... xo

Maria@Live Beautifully said...

ooooh, the crab pot...that was one of my favesies!!!

Today's Letters said...

jess, i was gagging as i took the photos. gum wall = super fascinating, but made my stomach rumbly.

julia, it's been such a blast of a trip already! can't wait to catch up after we get back.

ames, thanks for your sweet comment. made me smile big :)

lb, we'll have to hit up REI the next time we're here. patagonia was a close second.

beck, you get three points for making me laugh out loud with your comment.

kim, mara & caitlin, who knew eye patches could be so much fun?

neighbor, i think they should make a law that the gum wall is not for consumption purposes. (just to honor us lightweights).

brlrac, LOVE sunsets. esp on the west coast!

twinner, i really think you are the best sister on the planet. really ... i've put you in my pocket this entire trip. ps, good to hear your sweet voice this am. xoxo

jen, a friend let me borrow her canon 5d mark II for this trip. IN HEAVEN. typically i just use a canon rebel or olympus stylus 790 sw.

cara, so glad you will be venturing to the emerald city soon. so many things to do here ... let me know what you end up doing!

ashley, the weather the past two days has been unbelievable. everyone keeps telling us they were the nicest two days of the year.

tanya, we'll be taking a little break from posting from the cruise since internet is $30 a day. but be sure and check back for updates from skagway. xoxo

sister mary, you are so sweet to comment on the bloggidy blog! ps, osito? LOVE the name.

mary, you are too funny. i think tim put his gum next to your bubble yum. yep, positive he did.

crystal & maria, the crab pot was a huge hit for us. i think we're still full.

ann piper, loves loves loves you. nuff said.

lara, glad you got my email :) it's a date next time we're in seattle! take a picture for me of you and chad at old school custard :)

sara said...

Personally, I think you guys would have a lot of fun in Colorado. You seem like Colorado type of people. Just sayin' ...

I've come to the conclusion that you two BRING the fun and it wouldn't matter where you are. You'd make it fun. That's one of the many things I adore about you guys. Also - Do I spy washi tape on that secret surprise in the book at the library?

Have fun in Alaska, guys!

Han said...

I wish that I lived near Seattle so I could go and look for that book :D

Today's Letters said...

sara, colorado is one of our top 3 states to visit. just sayin. the mr. makes everything fun - honest. i'd be so boring without him. ps, washi tape in my stocking. LOVE it.

han, can you believe our surprise was found less than a day later? fist pumps for lara and chad!!!

sara said...

Honestly, Em - YOU boring? I really doubt that. I've "seen" you without him and you're fun! I see how you two totally compliment one another, though, and what a beautiful thing. Can you imagine going through this life adventure with someone that couldn't make EVERYTHING fun? Boys are the best, if I do say so myself. At least those of the Tim variety, it seems. My whole point? You're not boring. You are obviously such a beautiful soul... I can tell by your smile and how your eyes smile - not just your mouth. In fact, pretty much your whole face smiles. People like that? Never boring.

Washi tape. Ah. It owns me. Tim and I are going to build a little craft shelf specifically for mine, I am so obsessed with them. I have a thing for washi tape, pens and sticky notes. It would embarrass me totally for you to see my stash. Luckily, Tim and I share this obsession. We can spend hours in Office Max.

Do we ever get to find out what the secret super surprise was, by the by?

Merritt said...

So sad that I've missed out on your fun blog the last few weeks. Seattle is one of my fav places in the world!! Lived there for two years and I had NO IDEA about the gum wall! Thanks for enlightening me. Looks like you guys had an incredible trip! I love it. Thanks for sharing!

Today's Letters said...

sara, thanks for your encouragement :) i am the same way with hardware stores that you are with office max. come to me big blue and orange box of amazingness.

merritt, you lived in seattle? reason #467 why we're friends. love you, lady! xoxo

Timothy Loerke said...

Looking back at this post brought back great memories...but the first 3 pics looked a little crazy, not gonna lie...who's that cheese-face-mega-smile dude? Good times.

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