{Today's Letters: Happy St. Patrick's Day!}

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, yesterday you rolled down your window at a stop light and started clapping at a flock of birds. This A) made me slide into the floorboards of our car from embarrassment B) convince me you should be bff's with Drum from Steal Magnolias C) start humming "Blackbird singing in the dead of night" or D) all of the above. Dear Spring, seeing signs of you has been nothing short of refreshing. You're like running through a gigantic sheet of fabric softener. Dear Ireland, fist pumps for giving us Damien Rice, Van Morrison, Glen Hansard, U2, Lisa Hannigan, C.S. Lewis, and Frank McCourt. Excited to celebrate you today. Dear Husband, love you more than corned beef and cabbage, bangers and mash, and green Guinness. Over and out.

Do you have any St. Patrick's Day plans or traditions?

Also, did you read our important announcement yesterday? {MR340 Special Update!}


Cat said...

y'all are too much. crackin me up. have a blessed day.

Han said...

We don't have any St Patricks Day traditions - other than celebrating my friend's birthday (she's 25 today! Woot!)

Steel Magnolias is sooo sad :( My A Level class did the stage production and reduced 2 of the scariest teachers in our school to tears - oops

brlracincwgrl said...

I don't have any St. Patrick's day plans. Going to enjoy the day, and this gorgeous weather!

And maybe go get a Shamrock Shake! :)

dede said...

Happy St Patrick's Day!
Favorite Celtic Thunder Tune:

Lima said...

*ten awesome gold stars for mentioning* "Blackbird singing in the dead of night", Glen Hansard, C.S. Lewis, and Frank McCourt (Angela's Ashes is an all time favorite).

Anonymous said...

We started one this year with our 3 year old son, we build a Leprechaun trap last night and bait it with shinny pennies, we woke up this morning and that tricky Leprechaun had escaped the trap, messed up the whole living room throwing pillows and toys all over the place and peed (green pee mind you) in our toilet!!! Our son was beside himself in disbelief! But the Leprechaun did drop some chocolate wrapped in shinny foil (rolos)

Shandell said...

at our staff meeting on Tuesday the Pastor's wife made corn beef + cabbage with potatoes and pumpernickel bread for lunch. It was SO GOOD!

Kayla G. said...

Em, I know you love Garden & Gun. I saw a groupon.com deal for a $10 1 year subscription. Just wanted to pass along the find.

Gina said...

SInce the kids were little I've decorated the table with irish beanie babies, a little green gift and served Lucky Charms cereal for breakfast. My daughter is a way at college but my son is 16 and still loves it.

Kristen said...

It's the anniversary my husband and I started dating! :) 7 years later, he's still my boyfriend!

Today's Letters said...

cat, husband is a funny one.

han, steel magnolias is one of my faves. it does make me cry but i can't get enough of it!

brl, how was your shamrock shakey??

dede, for some reason the link you posted wouldn't work. happy st. patty's day!

lima, loved reading angela's ashes in hs. such a good book! and pretty sure ireland deserves extra jazz hands for producing such incredible musicians.

anony, your st patty's day tradition had me rolling. nice work!

shan, where can i apply? your lunch sounded amazing.

kayla, thanks for the heads up about gun & garden. we actually paid for a subscription last month and are still waiting for our first one issue to arrive. i can't wait!

gina, i loved your tradition. what a fun thing for your kids to carry on with their families!

kristen, happy dating anniversary! so fun! this july 25th tim and i will have known each other for 9 yrs. so hard to imagine!

Carrie said...

We listen to a whole lot of Gaelic Storm and eat a whole lot of green food. Junior and I met the hubs for a picnic lunch in the park with turkey wraps on spinach/herb tortillas, kiwi, green grapes, celery, pistachio salad, pistachio pudding bread (which, of course, is green) and last but not least, green shamrock cookies that junior and I made the day before. It is SOO MUCH fun! I started this last year when Jr. was 3 and he totally got into it this year. :)

Emily said...

Every year (starting last year) I make the most wonderful cupcakes ever to be thought up:

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