{Alaska} July 2010

Friday, July 02, 2010


Today we ...

Left the Emerald City and set sail for Alaska.

Two days at sea meant we ate lots of ice cream.

Read lots of books.

And got bedazzled for dinner.

We also watched the sunrise at 4a.

This was my favorite way to start each day (even though I froze my ars off).

Yesterday we ported in Juneau.

And went kayaking in the northern Pacific (where we proudly supported the McKeaigg Family Adoption).

We paddled to the Mendenhall Glacier.

And were captivated by the Alaskan wilderness.

We also paddled 5 yards away from this Bald Eagle. Uh-mazing.

Overall our kayaking experience deserved lots of leg kicks and fist pumps.

Because afterwards they fed us reindeer jerky and crackers.

While on our way back to the ship we stopped at Red Dog Saloon for an Alaskan Summer Ale and cup of clam chowder.

The day ended with this sunset which reminded us of how blessed we are to be on this trip.

Today we will experience a salmon bake in Skagway. Then head to the Tracy Arm Fjord followed by a stop in Victoria, British Columbia.

Hope to post more photos of our adventure soon!

Much love,
Em & Tim


Today we ...

Ported in Skagway, Alaska.

And began exploring the city.

We found a train going up the White Pass.

A building covered in over 10,000 pieces of driftwood.

Fudge that tasted like a gigantic peanut butter cup.

A malamute husky named Denali.

Baby Jesus on the hood of this car.

A creek for the Mr. to play in.

A truck we wanted to hijack.

And the Public Library where we checked our email (not a bad view, eh?).

For lunch we ate grilled salmon smoked with Alder wood.

Panned for gold.

And found just enough flakes to buy a pack of gum.

Then we headed back to the ship.

And watched another amazing sunset ...

Tomorrow we spend two days at sea followed by a day in Victoria, British Columbia. Hope to post more photos soon!

Much Love.

"You are wrong if you think that the joy of life comes principally from the joy of human relationships. God's place is all around us, it is in everything and in anything we can experience. People just need to change the way they look at things."-Alexander Supertramp (Into the Wild)


Spending two days at sea means ...

Lots of whale watching.


Jumping on the bed.

Picture taking.

Titanic tributes.

And animal charades. Ps, did you know that moose have 4 stomachs?

Yesterday we watched the sunrise before passing through the Tracy Arm Fjord.

This man was kindof a magical rugged distraction. Not. gonna. lie.

We saw glaciers.





And finally the best view of them all: The Sawyer Glacier Pretty sure my crayon box shorted me this color of blue.

Overall, this was our favorite day at sea.

Tomorrow we port in Victoria and hope to visit Butchart Gardens as well as celebrate National Canada Day. We'll be returning to Dallas late Friday night and are already looking forward to sleeping in our own biscuit.




Today we ...

Visited Butchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada. The gardens are over 100 years old and contain 55 acres of some of the most amazing trees, plants, and flowers you've ever seen. Here are some of our faves ...

After the gardens we headed downtown to celebrate National Canada Day.

We saw flags.

Street performers.

Fan Tan Alley.

Defender 90's.

And got cavities from Roger's Chocolates.

Then we headed back to the ship for our final destination: Beloved Seattle.

Thanks to everyone who followed us on our journey! We had an AMAZING time and highly recommend adding an Alaskan cruise to your bucket list.

Normal letters will resume on Monday. Can't wait.



taylor said...

beautiful. alaskan cruise is now a must on my bucket list. the pictures are beyond fun & amazing.

motown said...

emos and timos,
so good to finally take in your alaskan adventure pics. wow. i am honored to know such mountaineers, and think highly of your love for each other. thanks for sharing all the beauty!!!!!
love you's

Joel Turner said...

These photos are amazing! It looks like you guys had a good time up here. I'm still geeking out about the photos. Nice work and thanks for sharing your trip!

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