{Alaska Update: Days 5-6}

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Spending two days at sea means ...

Lots of whale watching.


Jumping on the bed.

Picture taking.

Titanic tributes.

And animal charades. Ps, did you know that moose have 4 stomachs?

Yesterday we watched the sunrise before passing through the Tracy Arm Fjord.

This man was kindof a magical rugged distraction. Not. gonna. lie.

We saw glaciers.





And finally the best view of them all: The Sawyer Glacier Pretty sure my crayon box shorted me this color of blue.

Overall, this was our favorite day at sea.

Tomorrow we port in Victoria and hope to visit Butchart Gardens as well as celebrate National Canada Day. We'll be returning to Dallas late Friday night and are already looking forward to sleeping in our own biscuit.




HereBeDragons said...

How fun and beautiful.

Nancy - wishing - I - was - there said...

I love the blue ice - hope to see it myself some day! Great photos, as always! Hope Molly is clicking away in Kenya as much as you have been on your trip!

Don Dinnerville said...

Totally awesome! I'm so excited you all are coming back to Dallas.

Oh yeah, and all that nature stuff too. Pretty cool. :-)

the zundelephant in the room said...

nugget. are you sure you're not in heaven? you may consider staying there. the colors are cookies for my eyeballs! beautifully captured, em.

magical rugged distraction. hot! you're in your element...or prepping for oregon. this begs the canadian question, eh? eh?...ya hoser.

Scatterbox said...

I'm pretty sure my crayon box shorted me that toxic-but-not color of green in the last picture.

rosie said...

looks like an a-to-the-mazing time! hope you have a wonderful last day of vacay!

ACE said...

oh my word, ya'll just confirmed one of my all-time-wishes to go on an alaskan cruise!! BEAUTIFUL to say the least!!

Today's Letters said...

herebedragons, you live in sd and have been to nz. are you connected to the zundel's by chance?

nance, can't wait for an update form molly about kenya! she is turning into quite the world traveler. ps, you would have loved skagway & victoria. so beautiful!

neighbor, whole foods date is just around the corner. next weekend?

andy pants, two words for you: YUKON & CLOVES (with a side of hammock in freakin ASHLAND). eh eh?

rosie, if you're ever in dallas we'll have to get together for a meal. we promise to bring lots of mexican candy for joe.

ace, i'll trade you one leg kick in exchange for knowing your favorite thing about being a nurse. deal?

Lima said...

I want to go to Alaska now. Thank you for making it look fun.

Hope your transition to the good ol' state of Texas is smooth. It's a bit warmer down here.

Today's Letters said...

lima, walking out of dfw friday eve was like stepping into a sweat box! already miss the cooler weather alaska offered, but it's great to be sleeping in our own biscuit again :)

brlracincwgrl said...

Beautiful. Beautiful photos! :).

Today's Letters said...

brl, constant encourager. into my pocket, you go.

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