{MR340 Sponsor Update!}

Monday, March 07, 2011

Last week 15 new miles were adopted giving us a total of 113 miles sponsored and $1695.00 raised for the McKeaigg Familiy Adoption! We still have 227 miles to go, so if you've got 15 bones to spare and would like to see your name float down Big Muddy on our River Rocket,
please consider making a donation!

NEW Mile Sponsors:
Lisa Jones
Suzanne Sanderson
Rebecca Dente
David & Lori Kjeldgaard

NEW Corporate Sponsors:

General / Gear / Travel Donations:
Let us know if you would be interested in helping out with our travel expenses and gear!

For those of you who don't follow us on Twitter, I mentioned last week that Tim and Kent joined Em and I at our morning beating workout on Friday. Pretty sure we all left feeling a little whipped.
(Tim said they should have at least served orange peels and Capri Sun).

Check back after lunch to see photos of our River Rocket's baptism!


Becka said...

So glad to be a sponsor! Wish it was more. Best of luck to the Ems!

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