{MR340 Sponsorship Update!}

Monday, March 14, 2011

Last week 79 new miles were adopted giving us a total of 192 miles sponsored and $2,880.00 raised raised for the McKeaigg Family Adoption! Way to go, Homies! We're more than halfway there!
We only have 148 miles left so get on your horse and adopt a mile today!

NEW Mile Sponsors:
Jonathan & Stephanie Tyroch (5)
Sarah Welch (2)
Jeremy & SaraBeth Jaqua (10)
Stephanie Carroll (1)
Deborah & John Ahmed (4)
Leila Macfarlan (3)
Jennifer Kiger (1)
Cory & Rachel Zamzow (1)
Bianca Chow (5)
Steph & Izzy Rogers (2)
Jeff & Alyssa Briggs (45)

NEW Corporate Sponsors:
Donate $100 or more towards our gear we'll add your company logo to our kayak and blog sidebar until the end of July!

This weekend Em and I had our first paddling adventure at White Rock Lake. During this time we A) pulled over 5 times to cinch down our river rocket to keep it from falling off the car B) slipped on a boat ramp causing 1 bruised ars and 1 sbomb to fall out of my mouth C) got blown into a dock D) laughed until our sides hurt and F) want to do it again next week.

We. love. paddling.
Em & Em


Brooke said...

double Ems = double kick "A" ness. Just. sayin. PS - Em has rockin' legs... what the what? Can y'all spread a little athleticism over this way? xo yours truly Mike.

Today's Letters said...

frank, seriously. that's why she's our bowgirl! put me at the stern. xoxo!

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