{Today's Letters & Reason #979}

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, often times I'm tempted to settle for a good marriage instead of striving for a great one. Thank you for constantly inspiring me to work towards the latter. Dear Papa, yesterday you sent me a DVD of a 340 mile kayak race you want Twinner and I to enter next year. Sign me up as long as they give out spirit points for capsizing. Dear Tour de Goatneck, t-minus 3 days. I'm committed to improving this love-hate relationship we have. Dear Husband, reason #979 why I love Thee: when working overnight shifts at the hospital you leave me Woobie art shaped like food. Thanks for being so sensitive to my late night eating. Over and out.


Andrea Cherie said...


Today's Letters said...

pretzels in bed? almost as good as chocolate. hope you and jason are doing well! xoxo

sara said...

my husband used to work the afternoon/evening shift, so I'd be asleep once he got home from work and, though we often talked once he crawled into bed, I was mostly OUT and just woke him up in the mornings for a chat. (Okay, HELLO LONG BACK STORY. SEEMS I AM GOOD AT YOU.)

One night I was laying in bed reading and eating tortilla chips. He asked me that next morning if I was eating chips in bed:
Tim: so, did you read and eat chips waiting for me to come home last night?
me: (incredulous) NO! Why? (big disney eye blink, blink)
Tim: (places a WHOLE CHIP from under the covers on my belly) Oh. Okay.

;) I LOVE LATE NIGHT SNACKS! It's my biggest downfall!

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