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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, a few days ago I left you a welcome home note on our headboard. Since then you've insisted that it stays and have started calling it your dream catcher. Reason #241 why boy roommates are AWESOME. Dear Darby, over the weekend we made your creamy corn salad (non weenie version of course). It was consumed in less that 24 hours. Just sayin. Dear Indoor Soccer Game, you were worth every sore muscle and piece of AstroTurf I had to dig out of my knees. The penalty I received for yelling SH%T at the top of my lungs was simply bonus. Dear Husband, love you more than a deep cleaned kitchen with a side of folded laundry. Over and out.


Tyroch said...

Em - I'm glad to know that accidentally yelling obscenities at the top of your lungs while playing indoor is not only something that I have had the pleasure of doing. I'll have to tell you a good story about a similar experience.

By the way, Steph said it made her day yesterday as simply being referred as 'Tyroch'. I'm sure you were a part of that movement, so a big thank you for helping make my wife's day. See you guys Friday!

Lima said...

I still have a major scab on my left elbow from an indoor soccer game. I also said some things that would make a sailor blush. Things we do for the love of the game.

Darby said...

Listen, we can polish it off real quick too... glad y'all liked it!!

sarah richmond said...

seriously, little? you crack me up with your potty mouth* (ps. miss your badass self more than a shimmy across the hardwoods and a side of leg kicks!) xo, twinner

mme. bookling said...


Diane Schiefferly said...

Hi Emily! I love your blog- it's the highlight of my day. I've started my own Daily Letters in a little leatherbound, handheld calendar that I will give my husband for a Christmas gift this year- thanks for the idea!

About this recipe- with corn about ready to come into season, have you ever used fresh (but cooked) corn rather than canned? I can't imagine it won't work but thought I would check with you.

Thanks again for the inspiration- you both make it easy to want to work on my relationship!

Today's Letters said...

tyroch, storytime tomorrow night in honor of celebrating your 26yrs of life. deal? ps, now tim asks if i'm referring to girl tyroch or boy tyroch. awe.some.

lima, i played soccer in college and was amazed at how quickly my potty mouth returned. doh!

darbs, pretty sure we'll be making your sa-la-dy again this weekend. it's honestly turned into our favorite summer salad recipe. two fist pumps for you!

twinner, i miss you more than woobie capes and maui sunsets. ps, the jam i sent you is VEGAN. take a bath in it. xoxo

mme, three leg kicks for laughing with me and not at me :)

diane, thank you for telling me about your letters! love hearing about things like that. your beloved will no doubt feel so loved and cared for. way to go. re: recipe, i'm sure you could make it with fresh corn. we've only made it once, but it wouldn't hurt to try. let us know how it turns out! ps, we used 2-3 handfuls of tomatoes since we were trying to clean out our fridge. it tasted great! xoxo

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