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Friday, July 23, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, this morning I had to get up at the crack for my first day of training. Thank you for my motivational rap; Bone Thugs would be so proud. Dear Self, you know you're tired when you find popcorn in the couch and just throw it on the floor because tomorrow's vacuuming day. Pretty sure it's time for a nap. Dear New Reading Material, you make me wanna sit in the bathroom for hours reading about actions and luminosity sharpening. I think Husband's medical books may have met their match. Dear Beloved, Inception hot date with the Tyroch's tonight. Awkward sweaty movie hand holding? (Circle YES or NO).


What are you most looking forward to?


Melinda Edwards said...

Seeing you in less than a week.

brlracincwgrl said...

Your hot date sounds fabulous!

We're heading to the county fair tonight and the carnival! Whoo hooo!

Scatterbox said...

Inception = circle YES

Scatterbox said...

As for this weekend, I'm looking forward to secretly adding this site to my husband's Google Reader. If I wrote him a letter today, it would be to thank him for joining me in a performance of the cabbage patch in the car with the help of Diddy and Kanye.

nina cablinaaa ! said...

Such an awesome movie ! brought tears to my eyes! :) enjoy and please hold hands! an old lady once stopped me and my hubster and told us to never stop holding hands :)

Kim said...

I am looking forward to jet skiing on the lake tomorrow with my best friend!

Hope you and Mr. President have a great date!

Whitney Lane said...

Those books look great!! I'm most looking forward to (hopefully) picking the first watermelon in my garden! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to my 7mo-old daughter's first trip to the Monkey Zoo!!! : )

the zundelephant in the room said...

you need a nap. stat.
looking forward to most: tandem razor ride. oh, and carrying bags of vermiculite.

Kristina Marie said...

Dear Sunrise, I'm looking forward to watching you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Dear Wedding,
I can't wait for you to be here tomorrow so I can wed my beloved and see all my family and friends!
ps: please don't be sweltering hot like today was.

Jennifer said...

I'm looking forward to getting to see my best friend after a Year Apart doing missions work!!

He comes back from Cairo in a few short days!

mme. bookling said...


I'm blog crushing all over you guys. Thanks for being an inspiration to even this very happily married lady.

Today's Letters said...

mel, looking forward to throwing my arms around your neck! after 12 years i'd say it's about time.

brl, my first fair experience was when i moved to texas. who knew it was such a big deal? fact: i've never ridden a roller coaster. EVER. you are more brave than me!

scatterbox, your comment had me laughing. nothing ditty and kanya can't inspire.

nina, hand holding, check. confusing movie, check.

kim, one time tim and i jet skied in the bahamas. i almost peed my pants. hope you and your beloved enjoyed the lake!

whit, operation watermelon success? honeydews are our fave.

andy, razor scooter ride left me with more gravel in my backside for the husband to pick out with tweezers and his headlamp. conclusion? completely worth it. ps, thanks for helping me with the vermiculite. next time, you can help me carry home a japanese maple.

kristina, a sunrise verdict? would love to know how it turned out.

shannon, you are freakin married. congrats! so happy for you guys.

jen, reunions = one of the many things that make me cry. hope yours was a good one.

mme, you and me both! today husband and i fell asleep on the guest bed for over an hour. just what we needed. ps, blog crush is mutual :)

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