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Monday, March 21, 2011

Today's Letters: Dear Conductor Loerke, sometimes when you take off your shoes you like to build a shoe train leading into the living room. This makes me want to yell, "All aboard!" Dear Earth Science Facial Scrub, three points for making me feel like I've been to the spa, four points for only costing $8.78. Dear Answers, sometimes you aren't helpful to give until people know which questions to ask. Thanks for often reminding me of this. Dear Husband, I am your quiet place, you are my wild. Love you more than conductor hat's and steam engines.

Happy freakin Monday, Homies! What are you most looking forward to this week?

Btw, we had a blast this weekend in Austin with the McKeagg's. Check back later this morning for pictures of our new and improved River Rocket!


R said...

I'm looking forward to normal! Spring Break kicked my derriere! ;0) having husby home all week is like having another child around. Haha

Kayla G. said...

I am most looking forward to my good friend's wedding on Saturday! Happy they are getting married & happy that I'm the photog. Win-win.

Michelle said...

seeing my daughter when she comes back from her father's house. and the fish and chip and beer and cider date with my Beloved on Wednesday. oh and the movie date with a group of friends on Tuesday. and knitting and book club as usual.

Not Hip Enough To Blog said...

Did a post on forgiveness in marriage this morning and thought of you.

Hope you guys are keeping well!

rachel said...

Staring my new job as a stay at home mama, and going to the arboretum with my mama, my niece and my son!

Better than Empty

Lobster #2 said...

To my lobster who reads this blog daily, I love you and I'm sorry about shutting down and being defensive when you tell me how you feel and how I could treat you better. Please forgive me.

Don Dinnerville said...

I am NOT looking forward to the crown that the dentist will be putting into my boca today. But I am looking forward to working with the office windows open today and hanging with my community this evening.

James said...

Does he really leave them neatly about? I also tend to leave them strewn about, more runaway mine train style.

btw - scrub is $5.54 @ herbspro.com

Today's Letters said...

r, your comment made me laugh :)

kayla, win win is right! fun that you get to see their special day through a different view than the others. love shooting weddings.

michelle, fish and chips sound so good right now. must. eat. dinner!

not hip, i'll have to check out your post! thanks for sharing the link.

rachel, that's wonderful! is it everything you hoped your first day would be?

lobster #2, grateful to have you and lobster #1 reading the bloggy. tim and i get to ask for each others forgiveness almost daily!

neighbor, how did the dentist go? unfortunately, i've had 3 crowns so i know your pain all too well. pretty sure you've earned yourself some froyo and some extra hours in your jammers.

james, indeed, he does. we all have a little OCD in us don't we ;) and thanks for the head's up about herbspro. usually i buy it at whole paycheck since it's cheaper and just down the street from us!

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