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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A long time ago a dear friend encouraged me to regularly ask myself the following two questions:

1. What sorts of things brought me life and happiness as a child?
2. Am I still making time to do those things today?

These questions have been my motivation behind taking this week off from work. My only objective? To do the things I LOVE.


For as long as I can remember I've always loved going to flea markets and antique stores.

I inherited this passion mostly from my dad who has a love for restoring and repurposing old things. He's kind of like Bob Vila, Macgyver, and the guys from American Pickers all mashed into one.

Two points if you can you guess what ended up coming home with me in this photo? I just couldn't say no after I saw the entire booth was marked 50% off.

And if money / space weren't an option I would have brought home this old wooden parts bin for our coffee mugs.

Instead, these things maybe might have ended up in my Mountainsmith because they remind me of a special someone.

On the way home I got to drive around looking at restored bungalows. Restored bungalows / craftsman style homes make my heart happy.

Last night Husband and I ended the day by stuffing our bocas with tacos from Torchy's. Pretty sure he's HOTTER than their diablo sauce. NOT. GONNA. LIE.

Today = DAY 2 of OPERATION REJUVENATION. Be sure and check back this week for updates from Kansas City, as well as LETTERS FROM MR. LOERKE!


Ps, what sorts of things brought you life and happiness growing up?


LB said...

Letters from Mr. L?? What a sweet birthday present! Enjoy this week - it's exactly how you should be spending it! PS: restored craftsmans are my absolute fav, too.

Brooke said...

Please say you brought home that awesome wire basket or I may have to hurt you! xo

Paige said...

My guess is the wire basket! It is what I would have bought also!

Molly said...

the betsy-tacy books. read them. now. and talking in p language. my mister and i did that last night. amusement that lasts for at least 30 minutes. po punny.

AmandaStretch said...

What a fun idea! I would seriously love to take a week of work for such adventures.

Now, I promise I'm not trying to be one of those people who comment for the first time just to say "Look at my blog!", but I wrote a post last week about my own joy project - http://thebookguardian.blogspot.com/2010/08/therell-be-joy-in-morning.html You might like it!

Melissa said...

It's awesome you're taking a week for yourself! Things that brought me happiness as a child...going to the beach in Pensacola FL with my grandpa Bob, watercolor painting, building forts, going camping,carnivals and cooking.

Have a fantastic time doing your favorite things ;)


ps...I wrote two books all about taking time for yourself. They're called "Chin Deep in Bubbles" and "Welcome Home." They're both watercolor illustrated and proof positive that you can do what you love into adulthood and even make it your job! :)

Don Dinnerville said...

Star Wars. Riding the bike trails in Plano. Going to Jack Carter Pool for the afternoon, and having enough change to buy an ice cold coke from the vending machine while there. Just a few of the things that made me happy as a child.

Brenna Beans & Seeds Nichols said...

Otter Pops (the blue ones), playing catch in the driveway with my Dad & Sunday night dinner with my family, all in one place (menu: tacos). Enjoy the week!!

Scatterbox said...

We need to go vintage-ing together. I started my vintage shop undoubtedly because of a subliminal connection to my dad, who used to take me to antique shows and flea markets all the time (he was a total Bob Vila wannabe). The funny part is that back then, I found it boring. Now, though... love it. I also recently came across a book I made, around first grade, I think, that talked about what I liked then; a lot of it still shows up, like making art and roller skating. :)

One of my new favorite bumper stickers that I have to order:

"Remember who you wanted to be"

Happy self-week!

cara. said...

love it. i've been keeping a running list of things that bring me life. mostly involving food, i've learned (: but i find when i concentrate on doing those things, other things get done.

Anonymous said...

Vic here...
I bet you bought the cast iron- with the only condition being that it was a Wagner with a drip drop lid.
And you love craftsman bungalows because you grew up in one!

courtney said...

sounds like day 1 was a success! finding treasures at flea markets and antique stores are also some of my very favorite activities! hope you found lots of goods.

smashley said...

can't wait to be a part of your week. joys of childhood?
playing outside ALL day. lemonade stands with the twinners. beaver lake with them too...they taught me about families and how different and beautiful they can be, how to fish, and also about who i wanted to become.
griffey cards. bomb pops and wiffellllll balllll. sesame street and the baby sitters club. :)

Today's Letters said...

lb, veinticinco? happy freakin birthday, lady!

fish-head, no punching necessary. you win. ps, date soon?

paige, ding ding ding. it is now a catch all for my camera equipment. love it.

molls, how did i not know about these books as a kid?

amanda, you are a list maker too eh? i likey, i likey! barefoot = awe.some.

melissa, you have to be related to SARK! (one of my all time favorite authors). your painting skills are off the charts. ps, i also had a grandpa bob :)

neighbor, i should have known you'd say star wars. i have seen your living room! :)

beans & seeds, does the tater like otter pops? sarah and i used to eat about 20 of those things a day during the summer! ps, i wish chicago wasn't so far away.

tj, agreed. you had me at the underwoods and fedora in your entryway.

cp, almost everything i'm doing in kc this weekend revolves around good food & good company. will put you in my pocket!

vic, wagners with drip drop lids make my heart sing. looking forward to the bungalow :)

court, too many goods! will be redistributing as christmas gifts. xoxo

morgandkim said...

i'm envious of your week off holiday. sounds heavenly.. I'm taking a long weekend next week. Going camping. CAN NOT WAIT...

Today's Letters said...

morgandkim, so fun! where are you going camping?

morgandkim said...

we will be going camping in kennilworth, which would probably mean nothing to you in the United States.. but is beautiful bush lands, and they have a cheese factory. thats gonnna be RAD..
here ... http://www.australianexplorer.com/kenilworth.htm

Today's Letters said...

morgandkim, gooooooooood morning austrailia. kennilworth has a population 300 & a cheese factory? sign me up! the bluff looks beautiful. hope you guys have a blast.

Melissa said...

Sark! Wow! thanks for the compliment. I am a fan of hers as well. You are sweet to compare me to such an amazingly talented woman.


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