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Monday, August 02, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, in honor of your absence this weekend I watched an episode of Boston Med, drank juice from the carton, and slept in your unmentionables. I maybe also might have used your razor to shave my legs. Maybe. Dear Houston, we have a problem. 105° forecast and a three minute drive to work = already have back sweat and swamp ass. Dear Tour de Goatneck, we have officially made amends. Thanks for the 3.5 hour ride with WMBM and for the thoughtful cyclist who grabbed my saddle and helped push me up one of your toughest hills. Dear Husband, my favorite part of the weekend? Tackling you here, because airport reunions are the shiz. Welcome home!

If you're a faithful reader of Today's Letters would you mind following this blog? I'd love to know who you are!

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LB said...

Oh Em, I feel for you on the temperature. PS: Swamp Ass and I became mortal enemies whilst hiking up the Grand Canyon in a monsoon last week. I will punch him in the face for you next time I see him, which hopefully won't be soon, but inevitably will be. x's and o's to you and the mister!

patrice Longmire said...

I am a faithful reader of your letters. Never made it official until today.
I am a fifty something girl with a 36 year marriage and 4 grown children, 2 grand children. I love you guys! You make me laugh and cry. I love the way you tend to your relationships and your life. So sweet that I get to share a bit of your world.

"E" said...

You know...I was introduced to your blog from a friend...who said that your relationship reminded her of mine. I also often refer to my fiance as "Mr." and we are always writing little letters to each other. I checked you out and have been a faithful reader since :) And I just have to say how much I love that you used the term "SWAMP ASS" today! I know EXACTLY what that is :) It cracked me up---like so many of your posts do! Like Patrice said---you can make me laugh--and you can make me teary eyed :) That takes a special writer to accomplish BOTH ends of the spectrum! I love getting the daily letters--and I'm sure many other readers whole heartedly agree!!!

meghan said...

Oh yay!!! I am so beyond thrilled to have my little business on your blog!!! I can't stop smiling! You guys are the best!! Thank you so much!! xo.

Emily Steck said...

I am a faithful reader but just realized that I'm not a follower!! Ah! I am now! Thanks Em!

cara. said...

i subscribe to your rss feed which is different than following on the goog.

swamp ass made me laugh.

brlracincwgrl said...

Swamp ass ~you totally made me giggle! I'm a follower and avid reader! :).

It's a scorcher here (KY) too! Ick!

a pair of pettijohns said...

today's to-do list:

1) figure out how to "follow" your blog. CHECK! {when did technology begin to pass me by?}

2) buy the ingredients for your RBCC. my mike-face is making it for my birthday. that's love. ALMOST check!

remember how your blog makes me smile every day? me too :)

Stephanie said...

That's where I live.
Much love,

Ornery's Wife said...

I think that blogger needs to add a like button. :) I've been a follower fer a while. I love your letters, and how well you keep me up with the times. Cuz I'm old. ;)

Mary Beth said...

I read everyday..stay Hm mom from GA..how do u follow if u don't have a blog?

Today's Letters said...

lt, grand canyon? how did i not know about this? so happy for you! did you carry sampson in your backpack?

patrice, so glad you commented otherwise we never would have met :) 36 years of marriage is something to be proud of ... such an encouragement. thanks for reading the blog!

e, i actually borrowed the term from a dear friend in oregon. she has a way of describing exactly what i'm feeling :)

meghan, hope to send you some traffic. your avo green booties are so stinkin cute they make me wanna shimmy across our hardwoods!

e.steck, you make me smile, plain and simple. ps, please bring more nolies to our staff meeting in the am. kthanks.

cara, welcome home! can't wait to see where your next adventure takes you and the cub ...

brl, thanks for always being faithful to encourage.

a pair, happy (almost) birthday! the rbcc won't let you down. promise.

steph, i say it's about time we took a nose dive into another gallon of blue bell. you in?

ornery's wife, LIKE LIKE LIKE (push at your LIKING) :)

mary beth, hmm ... you should be able to select follow publicly or privately once you click on the followers gadget. grateful to have you reading!

the zundelephant in the room said...

excellent usage. you make me proud!

Scatterbox said...

I get your blog-a-dog through the RSS... I confess that I haven't quite figured out the skinny on the Google Friend Connect to know what it really is/does. Hmm...

Erica said...

I've followed your blog on Google reader for awhile now and I love it. It is definitely the ray of sunshine I need every day!
I am currently in PA school in South Dakota right now and start rotations in October. Some days get really long, and your blog always cheers me up-thank you for that.

Stephanie said...

I am so in I can't find my way out!
Bluebell speaks to the depths of our hearts.

Kyrie Howard said...

here's the truth:
i'm on my honeymoon and am still reading your blog.
unhealthy obesssion? perhaps.
true love? yes.

thanks for always brightening up my day. been following your blog for about 4 months now--your letters make me oh so pumped for married life. yay! thanks for being a unknowing cheerleader for me:)

Today's Letters said...

avis, i will trade you one walk up park st for more daggers and lead eights.

scatterbox, thanks for following the rss! you've been a long time friend of the bloggy.

erica pa-s III?, congrats on (almost) starting your rotations! i'm assuming you're at usd(?) ... are you still able to find time to do the things you love?

steph, forgot to mention we'll bring the magic shell. it will help with our brain freeze.

kyrie, true love indeed, esp after i saw your wedding video today. i'm smitten!

Allie said...

i love boston medical! i will be so sad when it's over.

Today's Letters said...

allie, that sweet dr. who made the aortic valve mistake on the bambino? heart him for his humility and integrity.

Han said...

I've followed but that means I get duplicate posts so now I need to go remove you from the RSS Reader lol.

I always think it's really funny how I'm built bigger than my hubby and yet I can fit in his unmentionables - obviously when he's not in them lol. Why is it unmentionables are so much more comfy that girl pants but the girl boxers that are made aren't as comfy as hubby unmentionables? (Why am i discussing this at 10 past 10 in the morning lol)

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