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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, last night we laid on the floor and talked about your love for snow cones, the paracentesis procedure you'd be performing today, and how lately you've been fighting off wolves in your sleep. Reason #242 why boy roommates are AWESOME. Dear Student Driver, every Saturday morning you practice parallel parking in front of our house. So far you are 0-3, but don't give up. One day you will slide into parking spots like the best pair of New Balance you've ever known. Dear Puppy, you were the last thing I expected to see when walking into work yesterday, but I'm pretty sure holding you should become a mandatory addendum to company policy. Dear Beloved, you've always said that any food purchased within 5 miles of Casa de Loerke means it's homemade. Thanks for making me feel better about feeding you my leftover Pad Thai for dinner last night.

And a special thanks to all of who started following the blog! You are feeding the left side of my brain which is finally able to put a face with your name.



Don Dinnerville said...

I like the 5 mile rule, especially since that means that anything I purchase within 5 miles of Casa de Loerke is homemade too. #goodtobeneighbors

Ames said...

oh oh oh you are so cutie Emo!

Anonymous said...


I love your blog, it's my daily read and it really gives me inspiration in my own relationship!

Call me a technophobe but I don't know how to follow your blog! Eeks!

But I'm 23 and live in across the big pond in Scotland.

My day wouldn't be complete without your little cute blog!

Keep it up please for my own well being!



brlracincwgrl said...

I adore the 5 mile rule! :). Especially when there's a cute little Mexican Restaurant down the street from where we live.

Melissa said...

A big X and O! Love your blog! You inspire me :)

LB said...

Your picture breaks my heart a little. We were unable to bring Sampson with us on vaca and I miss him! He is staying home with a friend, having so much fun with four other dogs, and has definitely made the transition from baby to big boy in the two weeks we've been gone!

We saw the Grand Canyon last week and have since been in Colorado enjoying the charming ski town Crested Butte. I'll post pics on fbook soon, so be looking out!

Today's Letters said...

neighbor, whole paycheck is less than 3. we'd be up a creek if it wasn't!

ames, if only you could have seen the perro. she was supper skittish and fearful of people. until she let me pick her up and hold her for 20 min.

anony, scotland? come play in texas! better yet, i will come there.

brl, there are 2 really good taco joints within 5 mi of our casa. we'd be lost without them.

mel, thanks friend. the husband is kindof easy inspiration material.

lt, maybe sampson will still fit in a deuter ii? if only they stayed little longer. can't wait to see your co pics! xoxo

Emily Steck said...

I saw this puppy yesterday too! I was walking in and heard a little bark in the 2 hour parking area so I turned around and there was a little chocolate lab puppy popping his head out from the back of a truck bed. I had to go over and pet his little head, but once i got to the truck bed to pet him, I realized that there were two other little puppies in there with him! One was the one you are holding and the other was a brown and white one (a Brittany, perhaps?). Who did they belong to?

Today's Letters said...

ems, they were a contractor's from 6 that wanted to give them away. bob and ian took two of them, i think there is still a 3rd? the white one was the cutest!

Han said...

I like the 5 mile rule - unfortunately that covers most of our town from our house therefore covering most of the take out chains lol. I don't think Maccy D's can be classed as homemade.

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