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Friday, August 13, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, last night you downloaded something having to do with Fantasy Football onto my iPhone. Also a medical application that allows me to look up things like leprosy & ulcerative colitis. Three words: you. complete. me. Dear Daytrotter, FREE music from First Aid Kit and The Portland Cello Project?! Why yes, yes I will partake in this offering of awesomeness. Dear Newlywed Couples, we haven't met you yet but Husband and I are already looking forward to being your Foundation Group leaders for the next 15 months. Promise to teach you lots of important things about marriage, mostly involving forgiveness, leg shimmies, forgiveness, fist pumps, and forgiveness. Dear Husband PA-S III, sometimes a weekend free from being on call makes you do this. CAN'T WAIT.

PS, this text kind of made my morning:
"Mumford is coming back in November to HOB.
Tickets on sale today.
Put your woobie cape on and buys some!"
Jonathan Tyroch


What are you most looking forward to?


Kim said...

I am looking forward to coming home from Las Vegas to my own house, bed and to my dogs! Hope ya'll have a great one!

Hannah DeVries said...

Rockies game with hot dogs and fried donuts (and a heart attack:)

Tyroch said...

Urban bobcat hunting with your beloved, going to whole paycheck with my beloved, and of course, Mumford in November.

amanda said...

NO FAIR NO FAIR NO FAIR! M&S two times!!!!

Scatterbox said...

Tomorrow's a big day:
- Tour and tomato pickin' at our CSA farm
- Second Saturday art walk shindiggage downtown
- Getting obscene with this month's ice cream sundae social offering at our awesome downtown chocolate boutique:

Lavender Ice Cream, Lemon Custard Ice Cream, Gently Crushed Blackberries, Lemon Verbena Raw Milk French Toast, Whipped Crème Fraîche

THIS IS ALL IN ONE BOWL. Then I anticipate being off-line for a while as I recoup from a diabetic coma.

Stephanie said...

Things I am looking forward to:
1. Long run for marathon training. wait...
2. Kayaking with the herzbin
3. No plans.

Ornery's Wife said...

baking cowboy cookies for my son-in-law, celebrating my daughter's 30th (!!!?!!) birthday, and going on a Saturday morning breakfast date with a BOGO coupon and my beloved Ornery to Mimi's Cafe.

R said...

swim lessons with our babies tomorrow, and husby's first half marathon on sunday! he hasn't run since high school/college, and i've never ever gotten to cheer him on before! (we've been in school together since grade school but didn't date till post-college.)

Anonymous said...

Oh! Please share some newlywed forgiveness wisdom with us! A and I are looking forward to birthday weekend, I'm turning 24 on Saturday. It's the first major celebration we've had (other than wedding day) since we've been together! Woop woop!

mich said...

oh man oh man m&s AND sufjan?! my budget is insisting i choose one or the other. I BLEED...

Kyrie Howard said...

-watching shooting stars on a 14er tonight.
-possibly picking out a paint color for our new living room. rustic orange or dark plum?
-lazy sunday afternoon. that's the highlight.

i'd do mostly anything to have you as my foundation group leader. what fun. bestest of luck.

shauna said...

AIDS Walk Colorado.
A bicycle themed birthday party for my housemate.
The lovely Colorado sunshine with a mountain view.
I'll probably throw in a nap and a good microbrew for kicks and giggles.

I'm going to see Sufjan on Oct. 27th. :)

Today's Letters said...

kim, there's nothing like sleeping in your own biscuit after a good vacaiton with the hubs.

hannah, ball game hot dogs = nom nom nom. so excited for you!

tyroch, urban bobcat hunter is ready and waiting. see you in t-minus 60.

amanda, i know right? mumford boys are too good to us texans.

t.jett, hope you have fun at your art walk shindiggage tonight!

steph, your weekend sounds DELIGHTFUL. which marathon are you training for? and husband and i need to get ourselves in a kayak if we're going to do the mr340 next year. wish you guys lived closer so we could train together!

orn, cowboy cookies? do you have to wear boots when you eat them?

r, completing a half marathon is a BIG DEAL. so proud of you guys! (cheerleading is a huge part to crossing the finish).

shannon, happy birthday lady! 24 will be a good year for you. i can feel it.

mich, bleed is right. when it comes to a concert or new clothes, guess what wins in the loerke family?

kyrie, my dad got to watch the meteor shower from a boat on the missouri river. he said he saw hundreds shooting stars from midnight - 4am. your 14er sounds just as lovely! ps, painting rooms = my happy place. hope your sat afternoon has been restful, too.

shauna, if only my bici could carry me to colorado. this texas heat is a whip. have already taken 1 nap today. hope for #2 tomoorrow. so glad you're seeing sufjan as well! you'll have to let me know how it goes ...

amanda said...

well, thanks to this blog I looked up the M&S tour dates and found they are coming to Atlanta in November...you know I purchased tickets IMMEDIATELY! I can't wait!

Today's Letters said...

amanda, no way! that's awesome! can't wait for you to stomp your feet to little lion man ...

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