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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, yesterday you woke me up at 5:00am to tell me that you found a pie sitting on our kitchen counter. That was it. Reason #255 why boy roommates are AWESOME. Dear Yumi-Licious, I've always been an I Heart Yogurt fan but yesterday I discovered you have lychee berry froyo and toppings out the yang. Consider my heart converted. Dear Neil Young, your Live At Massey Hall album continues to be a gigantic Woobie when writing late at night. Thanks for the good company. Dear Husband, you wear scrubs almost everyday to work, but each night you display your outfit like Vanna before going to bed. I love this.

What are some of the most influential albums you've ever listened to? I can name about 20 but Van Morrison's Moondance and most recently Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago both changed my life.

Don't forget to send in your photos for Fist Pump Friday!


Cas said...

Cat Steven's Teaser and The Firecat
Counting Crows' August and Everything After
Spin Doctors' Pocket Full of Kryptonite
Joe Cocker's Mad Dogs and Englishmen
Pearl Jam's Ten
Van Morrison's Moondance

(Now I know what my Pandora stations will be today...)


Don Dinnerville said...

Say Anything Soundtrack
The Great Adventure, SCC

Ashley said...

Brand New - Deja Endendu. It's been a constant friend for almost 8 years. I also agree with Cas, on Everything After by Counting Crows - fabulous!

Ben said...

Neil Young Live at Massey Hall is one of the best records I have ever heard. Thanks for the shoutout!

Han said...

Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morisette - turned me from pop following teeny bopper to emo teen lol.

Room to Move by Becky Higg - this girl is so cool :) She's a christian and her lyrics are heartfelt - especially on her new-er album but I can't remember the title (fail! doh!)

dede said...

Bob Dylan - Time Out of Mind

Missy said...

I agree with Cas and Don... August and Everything After-Counting Crows, FOR SURE (Love the e3 Sudan Footrace T, Tim! :)

Katharina said...

Best of James Taylor - for good and less good times.

Kristi said...

Just wanted to let you know, I tried the chicken salad recipe that you linked a few days ago for a late dinner last night...it had me doing fist pumps and leg kicks until bedtime. Thanks for posting your favorite recipes!

Anonymous said...

*Van Morrison-Astral Weeks (i highly recommend listening to this album while floating in a canoe or taking a nap in some sea grass on the beach! i honestly think this is his best ablum)

*Strangefolk-Lore (a non mainstream jamband that totally changed my life at 18! check out the lead singers new band 'Assembly of Dust'!)

I totally agree with you & your love of Neil Young's Live at Massey Hall!

James said...

not saying they're the greatest, just changed my life in the; 60's Beatles-Help; 70's Doobie Brothers-What Were Once Vices are Now Habits; 80's Pixies-Surfer Rosa, 90's Wilco-Being There; Oughts; Derek Webb-I See Things Upside Down; 10's jury's still out but maybe Fruit Bats-Ruminant Band.

addison said...

fleetwood mac: rumours
patty griffin: living with ghosts
tracy chapman: new beginning
bonnie raitt: the bonnie raitt collection

too easy

Hormiga said...

Over the Rhine: Snow Angels

I know it's a Christmas album, but I could listen to it all year long.


Mae: Destination: B-Sides

Today's Letters said...

love reading about your albums! you guys have some great picks ... a few other favorites for you ...

u2: joshua tree
tracy chapman: fast car
bonnie raitt: luck of the draw
james taylor: sweet baby james
counting crows: august and everything after
sarah mclachlan: fumbling towards ecstasy
dmb: under the table and dreaming
the samples: no room
ani difranco: not a pretty girl
david gray: lost songs
denison witmer: safe away
lauryn hill: mtv unplugged
100 portraits: five wise virgins
damien rice: 0
indigo girls: swamp ophelia & rites of passage
my morning jacket: acoustic citsuoca - EP
patty griffin: 1000 kisses & living w ghosts
ray lamontagne: gossip in the grain


Anonymous said...

Sleeping At Last has two albums that have changed me: "Keep No Score" and "Storyboards." I think you'd love them - from what I've seen, we have very similar taste in Music.

Anyways, quick question. Maybe I've missed it somehow, but could you please define the word "woobie"?? Haha.

Han said...

@Kristin a woobie is the best lol. It's like the comfort blanket you have when you're a kid but Emo and Twinner use them as capes to be superheroes and things like that. They are super dudettes! High fives and leg kicks for the woobies!

Abby said...

This is a kick-back to my days as a 4th grade girl, but Hanson's "Middle of Nowhere" CD definitely changed my life. Brought me out of the days of listening to my parents music and into the days of boy bands. ;]

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