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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, before salting the heck out of your Mac n' Cheese you always let me have the virgin bite. I love this about you. Dear Clif Mojo Mountain Bars, every day at 10:30 you faithfully quiet the bear waging war inside my belly. Pretty sure I could marry you. Dear Readers, lately your emails and comments have made me laugh, smile, and cry my eyes out. Three fist pumps and a leg kick for being so fan-to-the-tastic. Dear Husband, whenever I make bread you save me the middle; I save you the ends. We look out for each other because that's how we roll.


Scatterbox said...

Don't you love the yin and yang compromises? I get the squidgy fries, he likes the crispety ones. I have no desire to cook, he could care less about doing the dishes. I carry on however the minutes take me, he loathes not being on time, even for those things with no agenda.

Maybe that one's not the best example.

I had on my "I <3 mac 'n cheese" t-shirt yesterday. We were also in a restaurant the other day with mac on the menu. I think the universe is trying to tell me something.

Amy Dixon said...

I have found you randomly through another blog....you are beautiful and wonderful inside and out...........just moved from Western Pennsylvania to Central Texas....it.is.HOT....ask my 2 hundred pound pups....anyway, I think you two have a whole lot figured out and I love your style. Keep on doin what you're doing......you have a new "fan" (haha) in me............yay! Love, Amy

Anonymous said...

Happened on to your blog and was impressed. The written word is so personal, so touching, you convey so much in a "letter". Your website is uplifting and encouraging without the appearance that you are trying. The effortlessness of your site makes it appealing.

Today's Letters said...

t, he eats his fries with a fork, i dive in with my paws. he doesn't like to keep receipts. i'm obsessed with them. he doesn't mind chopping garlic, i'd rather eat meatwad. we make a good team.

ps, a message from the special universe: GETCHO MAC ON.

amy, 2 hundred pound pups? i think we could be friends. welcome to texas!

anony, prob one of my favorite comments ever. i wish i knew your name.

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