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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, while waiting in line at Whole Paycheck you looked at me and said, "Emo, I'm so glad you're my best friend." Two points for making me smile, four points for making me wanna make out in a grocery store. Dear Three Potato Four, your NEW SHOP has me searching Priceline for flights to Philly. Know that your eye for repurposed objects inspires me. Dear Movie Theater & Scrubs, Team Loerke is convinced you go together like brussels & tofu. Thanks for making our date night. that. much. better. Dear Beloved, yesterday you decided to give up right here. After PA school I have high hopes that you might actually make it into the biscuit. To the moon!

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Han said...

My hubbs took the youth group to Soul Survivor last week - he got back Saturday and ran a fun day on Sunday - when I went to bed he'd fallen asleep in the middle of the bed and I couldn't actually get in lol. I threatened yesterday to make him sleep on the floor or in the garden because he was winding me up lol.

Don Dinnerville said...

I actually moved a pillow and blanket into my office for a while so that my "I have to take a nap RIGHT NOW" moments would be a little more comfortable. But I finally realized that my back is getting too old for naps on floors. Sad to say that even though I can still fall asleep ANYWHERE (including one time on a ski lift), it might not be a good idea any more. :-)

Christine said...

Love your blog!
Next month we will be in Philly for a month for my son to get medical treatment, sooooo looking forward to going to Three Potato Four!

Hollie said...

Headed to Philly for a convention in October and super excited to check out this Three Potato Four place. Pretty sure we have nothing of the sort around these parts :) Thanks for the heads-up!

Anonymous said...

So fun catching up Sunday!! My husband frequently crashes right in the middle of the living room floor like that too...getting him from there to the bed usually involves many angry grunts and stink eyes, so on the floor he sometimes remains!

Today's Letters said...

han, i'm convinced that boys can fall asleep in the most unexpected places which causes them to weigh 800 lbs.

neighbor, should i blame the pocket door for your napping station in the office?

christine & hollie, you'll have to let me know how your trips go! so excited that you'll get to experience a little slice of heaven while your both in philly.

l, so so soooo good to see you on sunday. how random was that? those macfarlan's are good people ... i can't believe you missed davey by just two days!

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