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Monday, April 04, 2011

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, yesterday you watched The Karate Kid. This meant I got to observe you waxing on and off. all. day. long. Reason #257 why boy roommates are AWESOME. Dear Odd Fellows, your French Toast Pudding and Gingerbread Pancakes were d-to-the-licious. Thanks for being the perfect start to our Saturday morning. Dear Blog, on April 19th you have your 1 yr birthday. Wiki tells me that at this stage you should be crawling as well as experiencing improved hand-eye coordination. (Insert one proud Mama here). Dear Husband, last night we made herbed chicken and roasted potatoes while going over our weekly questions. I love learning how I can better support and encourage you throughout the week. Over and out.

Happy Freakin Monday, Homies! Speaking of The Karate Kid, what good movies have you seen lately? This weekend we watched Inside Job ... a must see in our book.

Don't forget to check back later today for our weekly MR340 Race Update!


Han said...

Invictus and Yes Man - I saw Yes Man at the cinema but I rented them both on DVD (Got Yes Man especially for Chris because he wanted to see it). Still love Yes Man - especially the bit at Hollywood Bowl - it's awesome!

Invictus is just phenomenal - Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela and how he somehow got South African to unite over a Rugby match - it was awesome

lauren said...

I love your blog!! So sweet! I hope you had a wonderful weekend :)
xoxo Lauren

Cas said...

I've been on a 90's kick lately.
Empire Records.
Reality Bites
Ah, plaid and angst went so well together!

Rachel said...

It's not especially new but Despicable Me (about adoption! who knew?)

Better than Empty

Margaret said...

Don't see Country Strong... it was a disappointment. But, Morning Glory was cute! :-)

Marissa Lang said...

Beyond the Gates.

It's the movie that sparked my passion for social justice.

You should definitely watch it, and while you're at it check out the United Pursuit Band if you haven't already. God's rocking my world with their tunes.

Lindsay Beck Photography said...

i recently watched Tangled. and it was fabulous. all these child-like movies!

Ames said...

Due Date was hilarious! and It's Kind of a Funny Story was great, too!

Ingrid @ thesunnyside.me said...

we just watched inside job last week and loved it! my husband is in finance here is so.cal which makes it even that more interesting. newport beach was hit hard

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to an awesome blog! You always seem to make me smile. Emily, I feel like I know you!

Movie: Just Go With It. Great movie!!

jessica said...

Tangled -again... Fabulous!

Alisha said...

I am new to your blog and am just in loove! As a fellow Texan (well, you live here now), newly-ish-wed, believer, and lover of all things fun and spunky, I couldn't be happier to have landed here. And I may or may not have passed along links to only about 23,234 of my closest and dearest friends. Thank you for your letters!

yes to brightness said...

French Toast Pudding and Gingerbread Pancakes?? My mouth just watered.
Have you seen Investment Bureau? I actually enjoyed it! Love me some Matt Damon.
(and I'll go ahead & hop on the bandwagon for loving Tangled- so funny)

Megan said...

I just watched Forest Gump for the sixteen thousand three hundred forty seventh time the other day. It's just ky favorite movie ever. Then
we saw a " What's Eating Gilbert Grape" reference on an episode of American Dad last night that made me laugh my fool head off. I then discovered that the hubs had never seen it so we'll be watching that sometime this week.

PBJdreamer said...

New follower

love your questions

I wish I was married so I could ask them
of someone who cares about me.

that is all

Heather said...

Gotta love Karate Kid!!! I saw Shutter Island for the first time...intense movie, but don't think I'd give it another go around.

Um...those pancakes sound HAPPY. If we ever make it to Texas, I need a list of these places to check out!

Abby said...

I watched Life As We Know It last night...cute chick flick movie. Nothing super amazing about it, but it was definitely enjoyable.

Today's Letters said...

han, we have seen both and loved them!

lauren, you too! thanks for stoppying by to say hi. xo

cas, so true. takes me back to my early high school years when i wore my guysfriend's flannels and vans.

rachel, margaret, linds, michelle,jess, abby, we'll add despicable me, mornign glory, tangled, just go with it, and life as we know it to our list!

marissa, i think we have beyond the gates in our netflix queue. i'll also check out your music rec.

alisha, glad you stumbled on our blog! don't be a stranger. thankful it's been an encouragement to you!

yes to brightness, i'm not sure if i've seen that or not. i'll have to ask the beloved (he remembers everything). btw, if you ever get a chance to eat at odd fellows order the french toast pudding and a french press. you won't regret it!

megan, two oldies but goodies. love them both.

pbjdreamer, our weekly questions have helped restore our marriage. they were not always easy to ask each other at first (and at times are still hard) but they have made a huge differnece in the way we love and serve one another throughout the week.

heather, we saw shutter and the ending left me speechless. scary larry. ps, i'm currently working on a "best of dallas" post! you'll have to check it out if you ever make it to tejas.

Lori Jane said...

Recently watched Killers...multiple times, because it was so good!

eli said...

KIND OF obsessed with that bottle of water.


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