{Today's Letters}

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, after waking you up at 4am I touched my ears and throat until you realized I was trying to tell you I felt like sheet. Thanks for deciphering my game of sick charades and for holding me until I fell back asleep. Dear Twinner, yesterday you won a major award at EMT school. A MAJOR AWARD! If only I was in Cali to take you out for vegan cupcakes and tofu. Dear Good 2 Go Tacos, you share a storefront with Stir Coffee, serve $4 tacos that can make a grown man full, and have an old typewriter sitting in your window. Consider yourself officially inducted into the Loerke Taco Hall of Fame. Dear Husband, love you more than 1,000 horses. Over and out.

Okay college students (that means you Auburn, Alabama, Samford, A&M, UT, etc).
We wanna know your:
1. Name
2. Major
3. School & Sorority / Fraternity (if applicable)
4. Best 1 sentence memory of the semester so far and ...
5. The last song you listened to on your iPod / iPhone (No shame if you've got Bieber Fever).

Play along and we might just select some of you to receive a copy of our Top 20 Favorite Songs Mix that we that we included in our 6 month giveaway. Werd.


Han said...

I'm a graduate - does that count? lol then again I went to DMU Bedford (which then became UOB). I guess it doesn't because I'm not a student any more :( lol.

Oh well - Hope you feel better lovely one *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon, Mrs. Loerke. Lots of liquids, lay low, and sleep....

Sarah said...

1. Sarah
2. Public Relations
3. Alabama
4. Visiting study abroad friends in St. Louis for Mardi gras, holy awesomeness.
5. Not like the movies -katy Perry. No shame.

Anonymous said...

Name: Ashley Scoggins
Major: Counseling/ minor in music (i just love music... i know it's completely irrelevant!)
School: Southwestern Assembly of god University (in good ole waxahachie.)
* Snow days on sunny days filled with movies marathons, music that made us shimmy across the hardwoods, and enough coffee to fill the fartbox 10 times.
* The Civil Wars ((Barton Hallow)) Forget Me Not

Sarah Cornett said...

1. Sarah
2. International Business
3. University of Georgia
4. Being a part of my roommate's surprise engagement
5. "Rain" -- Patty Griffin

Allison Cobb said...

1. Allison Cobb
2. Communication Studies
3. Samford University & Zeta Tau Alpha
4. My friends and I took a weekend camping trip on an island in Lake Martin.
5. Duffy- Warwick Avenue

Anonymous said...

1. Laura Gabriel
2. Pre-nursing
3. University of KANSAS (whoop rock chalk), Kappa Alpha Theta
4. Playing pranks with my friends! happens wayyy too often ha! or our Sunday brunches together.
5. Fire and Dynamite -Drew Holcomb

Laine L. said...

1. Laine Lotspeich
2. Entrepreneurship and Finance
3. Oklahoma State - Sigma Phi Lambda
4. Hiking through snow to bible study, coffee dates, football games with the hooligan guy friends, camping at Boone Pickens, hanging out with my friends and just being a freshman. :)
5. The Civil Wars - I've Got This Friend

czam said...

Not sure if you were directing this at guys too, but here you go....

1. Corey
2. Medical Humanities/PreVeterinary
3. Baylor University, Alpha Phi Omega (fraternity)
4. Going to the Passion Conference in Ft. Worth this weekend will probably be an amazing memory!
5. Til the World Ends - Britney Spears. No shame. No shame.

Anonymous said...

1. Sadie Utter
2. Psychology
3. John Brown University
4. Being "kidnapped" by two good friends on a stressful night so they could treat me to ice cream and then fingerpainting and coloring together afterwards (it's a release).
5. One Day- Matisyahu (so so good)

Brittany Mc. said...

Brittany McNary
English Education
Miami University (in Ohio)
Getting engaged!
Timshel by Mumford and Sons

Anonymous said...

Victoria Todd
Elementary Education
Texas A&M- Kappa Alpha Theta!
Kiting you!! ... no just kidding. kind of. my favorite memories of college are the ones with tears and fevers and bad days and friends who drop everything to be there for you. for sureskies.
nonfiction love song- jillian edwards

kdhurt1 said...

1. Kimberly Hurt
2. Marine Science/ Biology (I wanna play with fishes!)
3. University of Alabama
4. I went to a burger joint with my boyfriend and all of my guy friends, and we ended up spending all of dinner discussing the Disney Princesses and debating about which ones actually deserved to be princesses. :)
5. Anberlin - Time & Confusion

sarah richmond said...

hahaha, big love for you emee little* (you can wear my EMT bling while you feel sick, if you want... i bet it has special healing shera powers and can help heal your sick box)


Anonymous said...

1. Brandi Meyers
2. Housing and Environmental Design (Interior Design)
3. Olivet Nazarene University (near Chicago, IL--but i'm from Waco, Texas)
4. One of my good friends and I were in charge of our school's annual FACS Fashion Show this past weekend...after 7+ months of planning. It was a blast!
5. Walking on Water- Lecrae

Courtney Pennington said...

1. Name: Courtney Pennington
2. Major: Elementary Education
3. School & Sorority: Kansas State- Kappa Kappa Gamma
4. Best 1 sentence memory of the semester so far: (this may be a run-on...it's been a good semester) I got engaged to my best friend last semester but this semester have loved wedding planning with my mom and sister-lots of trips home to KC to do that, moving my fiance to Boston and exploring the city and figuring out how to somehow squeeze working at Kanakuk one more year into my summer schedule. ;)
5. The last song you listened to on your iPod / iPhone:Kathleen-David Gray

Anonymous said...

1. Jocelyn Troester
2. Elementary education
3. Taylor University what whaat
4. TUTFPCBSB2K11 (taylor university track and field panama city beach spring break 2011) annual talent show! Freshmen and new comers are required to participate, funniest night ever.
5. Roll Up-wiz khalifa

ascott said...

1. Angela
2. Social Work
3. Auburn University
4. Basking in the glory of our National Championship! And doing my internship at an adoption agency :)
5. Beloved one- Ben Harper

Anonymous said...

1. Jessica McKeever
2. Linguistics
3. University of Michigan-Alpha Delta Pi
4. Just the other day was beyond great when I sent in my deposit and letter of intent to University of South Carolina for graduate school
5. Simple Math-Manchester Orchestra

Amy Kate Wallace said...

1. Amy Kate
2. English and Secondary Education (Currently doing my student teaching with some of the most lively 10th graders)
3. Wofford College (Small liberal arts college in Spartanburg, SC...It is okay that you have never heard of it)- Zeta Tau Alpha
4. I found out I was accepted to work with Teach for America next year and will be moving to Houston! Pumped about being a Texan!
5. Amos Lee- Sweet Pea

JillJ said...

1. Jill Lehmann
2. Horticulture
3. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville!
4. Building a giant snow stegosaurus on the Old Main lawn with my best friend during one of our massive snow storms earlier in the semester. (it was epic.) :)
5. Here For You - Chris Tomlin

Anonymous said...

1. Sarah Cottingham
2. Music Education
3. Samford University- Zeta Tau Alpha
4. The moment after my senior voice recital when I realized that it was over and my hard work had finally paid off!
5. "Disappear"- The Gabe Dixon Band

Kayla G. said...

1. Kayla Grant
2. Cross-Cultural Studies
3. Wesley College
4. Getting engaged, and all three of my closest friends also becoming engaged!
5. Ain't No Reason - Brett Dennen

William said...

1. William Hipschman
2. Computer Science
3. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
4. Learning the definition of serendipity by accident.
5. Re: Stacks by Bon Iver

Amanda said...

1. Amanda Monell
2. Psychology
3. Auburn University
4. Rolling Toomer's corner after the National Championship!
5. Supersonic by Family Force Five

Melissa Jackson said...

Husband and I were recently introduced to Good 2 Go Tacos. Delicious!!!

Amanda said...

Can I pretend I am in college still and get one!?

Maura Monahan said...

1. Maura Monahan
2. Economics
3. University of Mary Washington
4. Miraculously finding my friend's wallet on the side of the highway after she left it on the roof of the car as we drove from Savannah to Charleston on our epic spring break road trip!
5. Hometown Glory - Adele

anna_elise24 said...

1. Anna Godley
2. Hospitality Management (aka Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism Management)
3. The beautiful University of South Carolina
4. A couple of things that have not happened yet but will make tremendous memories are rocking out at the Masters Tourney in Augusta, GA next week, and GRADUATION IN MAY!
5. One of my favorite bands every...Mumford and Sons' "Awake My Soul"

Anonymous said...

1. Jess
2. Linguistics
3. Miami University (nope, not florida. the other one)
4. Hanging out with my exchange student friends all the time and finding out I have a possible chance of getting to visit them in Korea over the summer!! eeee :)
5. I've got this friend- the civil wars

Leigh said...

1. Leigh Bradford
2. Public Relations
3. University of Alabama- Kappa Alpha Theta
4. Spring Break in the Florida Keys. Enough said.
5. John Mayer, Why Georgia

Hormiga said...

1. Rachael Morgese
2. Accounting
3. Taylor University!!!
4. Being convinced on my birthday that waiting until next summer to get married is crazy... and deciding to get married this summer instead... holy busyness!
5. Who' I Kiddin' But Me - Over The Rhine

Sam said...

Name: Sammi Eubanks
Major: Communication and Outdoor Education
School: Appalachian State University
4: I've begun work as a naturalist intern up at Grandfather Mountain and I got to pet a full grown male COUGAR! Crazy right.
5. Abagail Washburn-Song of the Traveling Daughter album

Sarah said...

1. Name: Sarah
2. Major: American History
3. School & Sorority / Fraternity (if applicable): Vanderbilt University, Chi Omega!
4. Best 1 sentence memory of the semester so far and ... Returning from abroad and having sweet friendships start up again exactly where they left off.
5. The last song you listened to on your iPod / iPhone (No shame if you've got Bieber Fever).
"Hagar and Ishmael" Valley Maker. (listen, you will love)

Anonymous said...

1. Hannah
2. Elementary Education
3. Texas A&M - Chi Omega
4. My favorite memories of my freshman year in college have been while staying up ridiculously late not minding at all that you have an 8 am the next morning, having incredible conversations with new friends.
5. "Hold On" by Michael Buble

K. Bee said...

I'm Katie Bailey and I'm majoring in Global Studies (with a concentration in International Politics and Latin America...so basically Super Hero School) and Journalism and Mass Communication at THE University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Skinny dipping in the freezing Tuckaseegee River in Canada, NC, before cooking breakfast in a 200-year-old cabin with loving friends over Spring Break.

Running cool down song: "Dog Days Are Over" by Florence + The Machine

emma jane said...

Emma Jane
Child + Family Studies
The University of Tennessee
Staying in on a Friday night building a fort in our basement
see blog: ( http://wp.me/pJxHD-6e )
Roll Away Your Stone : Mumford + Sons

Beth said...

Early Childhood Education
Texas A&M University- Kappa Alpha Theta
Remember that time that we shoved 15 girls in 5 cars-with sorority amount of luggage to drive 13 hours to go to a beach, and then drove back 6 days later... yeah that was pure joy.
Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing- John Legend from Hitch Soundtrack

Anonymous said...

Name: Samantha Graham
Major: Microbiology
School: Auburn University
Hmm...this is hard. I would have to say making dinner with friends one night. It was an evening full of 'trying' to cook, games, and the movie Heavy Weights.
Song: I Love Your Love the Most by Eric Church

Amber Ashleigh said...

1. Amber Ashleigh
2. Business Marketing and Psychology
3. The University of Alabama - Delta Delta Delta ROLL TIDE!
4. Road tripping to concerts with life-long friends, jamming out to our favorite songs with the windows rolled down. Those are the memories that will make me grin from ear to ear when I'm an old fart!
5. Songbird - Jillian Edwards

Taylor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lima said...

1. Melissa Lima...aka: Lima
2. Grad student, Higher Education and Student Development
3. Taylor University...what, what?!?
4. 2011 Spring Break Mission Trip: Serving with my students, learning how to develop black & white film in a dark room and playing soccer with the people of Costa Rica.
5. Shakira's "Waka, Waka (This time for Africa)"

Taylor said...

1. Taylor Hudson

2. Major in Media Arts in Design with a concentration in Journalism and minor in Writing and Rhetoric. Hmm, that's a mouthful.

3. James Madison University in Virginia! J.M.U. DUUUUKKESSSS!. And, I am a sister of Sigma Alpha Omega.....the Christian sorority on campus, WOOT!

4. Retreat last weekend which included: playing a game of psychiatrist that was so funny I think I gained six pack abs from laughing, jumping in the lake that had to be less than 40 degrees, karate chopping a head of lettuce in half, singing/playing guitar next to the campfire but then being blinded by the smoke, and becoming best friends with the mysterious dog from next door.

5. Currently playing is Background by Lecrae. I think I have literally listened to this song over 15 times today. I am kinda of obsessed with it. But technically the last full song that I played was Seaside by the Kooks , which just makes me want summer a lot.

Anonymous said...

- Shannon Steinhouse
- Kinesiology- Sports Medison
- DePauw University, Greencastle, IN
- Driving 18 hours with 5 girls in one car to Florida for Spring Break! YAY beach!!! So many fun memories!
-Sleepyhead by Passionpit!

Margaret Rose said...

1) Margaret Rose Knox

2) Sophomore majoring in nursing

3) Auburn University! WAR EAGLE! And I am a sister of Alpha Chi Omega

4) Last week I found out that i was accepted into Auburn's nursing school! (one of 60 spots! holla!) did a celebration dance in my room for approx. 30min...

5) currently listening to horse feathers: curs in the weeds. It's a rainy morning on the plains....nothing suits that better like horse feathers!

Caroline said...

1. Caroline
2. English & Secondary Education (Amy Kate, we're twins!)
3. University of Virginia
4. An unnaturally gorgeous day in February that led to us making name tags & decorations for a retreat outside in a really central location...then carrying a 35 foot paper chain alllll the way back to my house
5. "Unless It's Kicks" by Okkervil River. (Although "Head Full of Doubt, Heart Full of Promise" by the Avett Brothers is playing on my itunes right now...)

nina said...

1. nina :)
2. major in management, minor in information systems
3. University of South Florida - St. Petersburg
4. Not necessarily a memory but realizing that i was ending the countdown for hubby's arrival and starting the countdown to graduation felt soooo good!
5. Grapevine Fires by Death Cab for Cutie!

Lo said...

1. Lo

2. Special Education/Elementary Education Major

3. University of Florida! Woooohooooo! Go Gators!

4. Dance parties and other craziness on a cruise ship to Mexico with 9 of my closest peeps! Whoop Whoop! :)

5. Currently listening to Jack's Mannequin buttttt it just [as in RIGHT NOW] switched to Hey Alli by Runner Runner :) {But the Kooks is ALSO on my list! We're music soulmates Taylor!}

Sarah said...

1. Sarah
2. Global Studies and Nursing, PoliSci minor
3. UT (Tennessee-Knoxville)
4. A Valentine's Day weekend trip to Haiti with surgical team from Project Medishare (to treat babies with hydrocephalus) gave me some of the best memories of the semester so far.
5. Daniella--John Butler Trio

jessica said...

1. Jessica Rush
2. Human Development and Family Studies with Early Childhood Education (HDFE) ...such a mouthful!
3. Auburn Univerisity, Chi Omega
4. Deciding at 2am the friday of MLK weekend to go to Nashville to celebrate being off of school that Monday...spontaneity was our only rule!
5. Set Fire to the Rain by Adele...her new album is the jam!

Jenna said...

1. Jenna Chamberlain
2. Early Childhood Education/Spanish
3. Oklahoma Baptist University
4. My best friend and boyfriend were both home in Denton, TX from army training and the USMA at West Point for spring break.
5. Andy Schauf- Your Heart

Anonymous said...

1) Kelly
2) Dietetics
3) University of Texas
4) The most perfect weekend in the world that included 90 degree weather, frisbee, hot dogs, honeydew, photoshoots, snuggling, and having a long conversation with my best friend (and boyfriend) about our faith and future
5) The Acoustic Song-Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Amanda W said...

1) Amanda
2) Kinesiology
4) Celebrating my boyfriend's birthday at a 50s themed burger joint by stuffing our faces with loaded french fries, "monster" burgers, and milkshakes.
5) "Reel Around the Sun" - from "Riverdance" the show :)

Ashlynn said...

1. Ashlynn
2. English (minoring in Communications, headed to pastry school after undergrad!)
3. Auburn University!
4. National Championship Party, Spring Retreat 2011, and Swing dancing lessons!
5."Came to My Rescue"- Hillsong

tori. said...

Hi! :)
1. I'm Tori.
2. I'm majoring in Child and Family studies.
3. I go to John Brown University. I live in a house with 9 other girls. We like to call ourselves Delta Mu. :)
4. Journeying out to McDonalds in 20 feet of snow with my besties.
5. Building All is Love by Karen O & The Kids (Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack)

-kate said...

1. Katelyn
2. Nursing
3. MidAmerica Nazarene University
4. Road-tripping to Nashville for the break of ole spring and seeing a creepy wheelchair man in the pitch black night of the ghetto streets, not ONCE, but THRICE!!! AHHHHHHH!
5.Beirut- Scenic World (ooh yeah baby...this will be played at my wedding...someday..when I'm 73..)

Lindsay said...

1. Lindsay
2. Health Science
3. BYU-Idaho
4. Going to the Bodies exhibit with my husband on a date and getting 40 extra credit points for showing my ticket stub!
5. "Better Together" Jack Johnson

Alex said...

1. Alex
2. English, Minor in Economics
3. AOII at Auburn
4. Trip to the National Championship Game and the Grand Canyon..War Eagle!
5. Beautiful Things by Gungor

caroline conner said...

1. What's up! I'm Caroline conner
2. I'm majoring in early childhood education
3. Though I'm biased I think I pretty much go to the best university on the planet!!... That is Auburn! Can I get a WAR EAGLE?!
4. I'm gonna have to go with a recent event and that would be going out to the middle of nowhere here in auburn and getting to sit under the stars on blankets and listen to joy Williams and John Paul of the civil wars! One of the best nights ever.. Props to their amazing musical talents!
5. I gotta think about this one.. I'm gonna say the good life by one republic.. Love their sound and really just love thier music!

luci said...

1) Luci
2) History {For now. I'm only a senior...things can change...?}
3) Texas A&M University (WHOOP! Gig 'Em, Aggies!)
4) Getting a job at a bakery as an assistant to the dough shaper/delivery driver and finally finding a direction I think I want to pursue...so long, history books! How d'you do, fingernails-perpetually-crammed-with-dough?
5) "I Love the Rain" - Real Tuesday Weld

Anonymous said...

1. Kelsie Nussel
2. Public Relations
3. Auburn University (War Eagle, Caroline!) AOII
4. Winning the National Championship. (No one would have thought last year this time that we'd be Champs.)
5. Rolling in the Deep by Adele

Mary Claire said...

1. Mary Claire
2. Early Childhood Education minor Human Development and Family Studies
3. Auburn University WAR EAGLE- AOII GO PANDAS
4. Going to Smith Lake for Martin Luther King weekend with 7 of my best friends.
5. Tyler Hilton-Missing You

Sarah said...

1. Sarah (I think we should win some sort of award for being the most popular reader name!)
2. Masters in Public Affairs
3. The University of Texas at Austin, LBJ School of Public Affairs (way off in the corner of campus)
4. A sad/happy memory, but my amazing fiance driving six hours round trip to be with me after my Dad's car accident. Just a reminder of how incredibly loved I am. (My Dad is recovering and doing really well!)
5. Backfire at the Disco - The Wombats

Laura Beth Fraley said...

1. Laura Beth
2. Español. Maybe minoring in Chinese? Who knows.
3. Auburn. One of the best decisions of my life.
4. Favorite memory from the semester...definitely going to Honduras over Spring Break. Hey blessing from God, how are YOU?!
5. "How He Loves" by David Crowder Band. Just changed to "Wavin' Flag" by K'naan. Oh, how I love shuffle!

Em said...

1. Em
2. English Literature
3. The University of Texas at Austin-Chi Omega
4. Laughing with my friends-all year long-and knowing that all will be well.
5. Love Lost-The Temper Trap

Grace Elizabeth said...

1. Grace
2. Earth and Environmental Sciences and Philosophy (minor in European History)
3. Vanderbilt University
4. Waking up at 6 am to go sledding at sunrise (yeah 5 inches of snow!) and having to push our car out of a stranger's driveway when we got stuck there.
5. This is the Song (Good Luck) - Punch Brothers

Jordan said...

1. Jordan
2. Political Science
3. Auburn - Kappa Delta
4. Spending a week of sleepless nights and countless laughter helping one of my best friends run for Miss Auburn
5. The Outsiders - NeedToBreathe

CSheridan said...

1. Caitlin Sheridan
2. English/Language Arts Education
3. Auburn University -- Alpha Chi Omega
4. Looking like the Ya-Ya Sisterhood riding bicycles and wearing big floppy hats around Hilton Head Island over spring break with some of my very dear friends.
5. Poison and Wine by The Civil Wars (two fist pumps for their recent performance here!!)

Anonymous said...

one. alex
two. studio art!
three. samford, zeta tau alpha
four. an early morning six-mile hike to venice beach with my sweet family over spring break.
five. "faint not" by jenny & tyler

layne said...

1. Layne
2. Anthropology (socio-cultural)
3. Brigham Young University
4. Road trip to San Francisco and running around the city (and getting stuck in the chinese new year parade)in the pouring rain, wearing a yellow poncho.
5. Adele- Set fire to the rain

Anonymous said...

1. Conner Price
2. Psychology
3. Texas A&M
4. Taking a road trip with Beth to Round Rock for Valentines day; ate the biggest donut ever, shopped at the outlet malls, and had the best BBQ in the state.
5. Bird by Susan Enan

Anonymous said...

We wanna know your:
1. Name Bethany Mead
2. Major Communication Studies
3. School Texas Tech
4. Best 1 sentence memory of the semester so far- Being in Taos with 12 of my closest friends jamming to the Tron soundtrack.
5. The last song you listened to on your iPod - Band of Horses "No one's gonna love you"

Marissa Martinez said...

1. Marissa
2. Early Childhood Education
3. Texas A&M - No sorority here, Young Life all the way!
4. Playing Just Dance on the Wii and making homemade pancakes at 1 in the morning with my best friends. So much fun!
5. Pretty Girl Rock - Keri Hilson

Rebecca Wilson said...

1. Rebecca Wilson
2. English major, Business minor
3. Texas A&M
4. Drinking root beer on a park bench at midnight and setting off firecrackers, then running like heck when it landed in a tree.
5. A Token of Gratitude by The Radio Dept.

Rebecca Wilson said...

Oh, and I'm a Theta at A&M!

Bre said...

1. Bre
2. Interior Design
3. Colorado State University
4. Dancing my booty off at various concerts including John Mayer, Trevor Hall, Nathaniel Rateliff (x3), Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, and (soon to be) Local Natives!
5. Medicine - Grace Potter & the Nocturnals

Laurel Schweers said...

1. Laurel
2. Human Development & Family Studies
3. Auburn- Chi Omega
4. I found a random junkyard with these old trucks and vintage sings and did a photo shoot with my friends dressed up like hippies.
5. Teenage Dream- Boyce Avenue

Rambling Rumblings said...

1. Lindy
2. Anthropology
3. Texas A&M University (Whoop!)
4. The Monday after Spring Break, having dinner with three of my best friends to catch up on our weeks- my face and abs hurting for hours afterward from laughing and smiling so much.
5. This Is Just So Beautiful by Jenny & Tyler

Nurse-to-be said...

1. Karee
2. Nursing
3. University of Colorado
4. Sharing birthday cupcakes while commiserating with my night shift Peds buddies!
5. The Story - Brandi Carlile

Caroline said...

1. Caroline
2. Chemical Engineering
3. Auburn University - AOII (WAR EAGLE!!)
4. Going to Arizona for the big game and getting to see Ben Rector and The Civil Wars in concert (not at the same time).
5. "Feels So Right" by Matt Wertz

Becca Leavitt said...

2.Business-Finance and Marketing
3.University of Idaho...Go Vandals-Alpha Phi:)
4.Spring Break in Palm Springs!
5.Hot Tottie by Usher

Tally said...

one: Tally
two: History & Spanish
three: Texas Christian University- Chi Omega (hoot)
four: Drinking café con leche while looking at the Mediterranean Sea with my best friend and roommate (while studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain!)
five: Helplessness Blues, by Fleet Foxes

Anonymous said...

1. Cassie
2. Elementary Education
3. Auburn University-Chi Omega
4. Riding on two RVs with 24 friends out to Utah for spring break to ski!
5. Oh My Stars- Andrew Belle

Alyssa said...

MBA student
Texas Tech University
Favorite semester memory: a campus-to-home bike ride on the first warm Spring day of the year. Sweet freedom!
Sara Bareilles' Let the Rain. Love that girl.

Katie said...

1. Katie
2. Psychology
3. Carroll
4. dancing in the rain!
5. 1234-Feist

Brittany said...

1. Name
2. Major
3. School & Sorority / Fraternity (if applicable)
4. Best 1 sentence memory of the semester so far and ...
5. The last song you listened to on your iPod / iPhone (No shame if you've got Bieber Fever).

1. Brittany
2. Master's in Counseling
3. MidAmerica Nazarene University
4. Getting an awesome compliment from a Professor after being turned down by so many places for an internship. She told me "Embrace His journey and be encouraged." Made me cry for a good ten minutes.
5. "Rumor Has It" by Adele. Her new album is sooooo amazing.

Chelsea girl said...

1. Chelsea Dinsmoor
2. English Education
3. Washington State University
4. Getting engaged to my bf of 4 years over a scavenger hunt hosted by some of my best friends and then a celebratory dinner at the Melting Pot.
5. Better is One Day-- Kutless; but props to the Biebs.

Deanna said...

1. Deanna
2. Nursing
3. Salisbury University
4. Having my photography teacher tell me I should look into showing MY work at the local art center!!
5. Dirty Work by Halestorm

KDH said...

1. Kelli Hoggle
2. Apparel Merchandising (w/ focus in social responsibility)
3. War Eagle University and sorority-free, praise Jesus!
4. Taking 4 international girls (here in AU to learn English) to ATL for a girl's weekend to fill our bellies with food from their respective countries.
5. Everything-Lifehouse

Katie said...

1. Katie Willis
2. Horticulture
3. Texas A&M - Theta
4. Eating snow cones on a grassy knoll in Seaside, FL (aka last Friday's fist pump photo!) after six days of sitting on the beach with my besties-realizing that I could not have been more blessed with the friends I have gotten in college.
5. Block After Block - Matt and Kim

Carson said...

1. Carson
2. International Business and Finance
3. University of South Carolina - Chi Omega
4. St. Patty's day festival with my friends and seeing the Corey Smith concert.
5. new Maroon 5 album.

Anonymous said...

1. Carolann Johnson
2. Early Childhood Education w/ a minor in Child Development
3. Miami of Ohio University in Oxford, OH -Alpha Delta Pi
4. When I found out I was going to Rome, Italy for six weeks this summer on summer project with Campus Crusade for Christ!
5. Speak Now-Taylor Swift (ha, I was getting my T-Jam on)

Katie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Katie said...

1. Katie Hearn
2. Political Science
3. LaGrange College--Phi Mu
4. Running in the 1st annual Autism 5K on campus with all of my closest friends!
5. Ben Diegnan-Sexy Black Dress

Anonymous said...

1. Ashley Agostin
2. Nursing
3. Murray State University
4. Brother getting married in Costa Rica
5. Skeleton Bones - John Mark McMillan

Emily Morris said...

1. Emily Morris
2. Sociology, Minors in Youth Ministry and Missions
3. Covenant College
4. Camping in tornado weather over spring break with my best friend.
5. Awake My Soul- Mumford and Sons

KellyMagee said...
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KellyMagee said...

1. Kelly Magee
2. Communication Sciences/Disorders
3. Ouachita Baptist University--Tri Chi
4. Going to the beach for Spring Break with my best friends and having too much food, & not enough sunscreen.
5. The Lazy Song- Bruno Mars

Erica said...

1. Erica
2. Physician Assistant Studies
3. University of South Dakota
4. Every day of my surgery rotation. It was the rotation I was dreading the most, but I ended up loving it. The first day I was able to place my hands on the beating human heart, and from then on I was hooked!
5. Skinny love-Bon Iver

Erin said...

1. Erin
2. MEDICINE what, what.
3. University of Kansas School of Medicine (Sigma Phi Lambda alum from the University of Oklahoma)
4. celebrating st. pattys day not one, not two, but THREE times with my besties this year.
5. don't worry baby by the beach boys is currently stuck in my head, though the last song on my playlist was be gentle with me by the boy least likely to. what can I say? those beach boys are CATCHY.

michellemalpaya said...

1. Michelle M.
2. Speech Language Pathology
3. Old Dominion University (in Virginia)
4. jamming with friends and a guitar and praying over our campus
5. "My Hands are Shaking" by Sondre Lerche (from the Dan in Real Life soundtrack)

Kelsey said...

1. Kelsey
2. Biblical Languages and English Writing
3. Belmont University
4. Seeing "Welcome to MTW!" as the subject of an email and realizing that it meant I'll be spending the summer working with churches in Greece!
5. "The Beat" - Ben Rector

Anonymous said...

Hey hey! My name is Taylor. I'm a senior at Appalachian State (go Mountaineers!) and I'm majoring in Hospitality and Tourism. The best memory that comes to mind is donut runs with the bff! We are obsessed with donuts. The Adele Pandora station is playing right now and rocking my world.

Gracifers said...

1. Grace
2. Advertising/Communication
3. Towson University (Maryland)
4. That I graduated in December! Woot!
5. Two Door Cinema Club - Song: Something Good Can Work. Check it out. Boyfriend put it on a playlist for me, and its pretty much my favorite song ever. I rock out and dance every time it comes on.

Anonymous said...

1. Sarah Jane Bonn
2. Interior Design
3. Auburn University
4. My favorite memory from this semester had to be going to the National Championship game in Arizona and running into Ty Burrell from Modern Family before the game started.
5. "White Blank Page"- Mumford & Sons

Kristen said...

1. Kristen
2. Nursing!!! (was pre-nursing and was accepted last week...praise the Lord!)
3. Auburn / Kappa Delta
4. Spending Spring Break relaxing with a few of my pledge sisters and Chi O's...it was a much needed vacation!
5. Skinny Love / Bon Iver

P.S. I'm basically obsessed with you two. One day I'll be on Fist Pump Friday...one day...when I remember to take a picture...

Hannah said...

1. Hannah
2. Public Policy Studies and History
3. Vanderbilt -- Alpha Chi Omega
4. Having a Christmas Card photoshoot with my roommates (and having our picture featured on Fist Pump Fridays!), and going out on a limb and dancing hula in Asian New Year Festival!
5. You Are the Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne

hamp said...

Biomedical Sciences/PreMed (not a fan!) at Auburn
best memory? Spending a week in Costa Rica with some of my new best friends.
Soul Shaker, Sean Hayes (every morning!)

Lacy said...

1.Lacy Adams.
2.4th-8th Education major.
3.Fightin' Texas Aggie and a CHI OMEGA
4.Dance parties are my favorite and we had one themed "Glow with the Flow".
5.Miracle, Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors, because I'm studying instead of going to their concert :(

Emilee said...

1. Emilee Rummel
2. Finance
3. Texas A&M
4. Going to see the Bieber movie and then making Biebs music videos late into the night with my roommates.
5. All Your Life-The Band Perry

Hi, I'm Kelsey. said...

1. Kelsey Faber
2. Elementary Education
3. University of North Texas
4. Meeting Matt Chandler and being in the same room as Joy Williams at a Civil Wars concert have topped my semester thus far.(That deserves triple fist pumps if possible.)
5. C.S. Lewis Song- Brooke Fraser

Devin said...

1. Devin McLaughlin
2. Communication
3. Texas A&M - Philadelphia Sisters
4. Getting to eat din with Anita Perry in Austin.
5. Tornado - Jonsi

Katie M. said...

1. Katie McConnell
2. English major/ Secondary Ed minor
3. Sam Houston State University
4. Getting accepted to Sam Houston State/ getting my college ring (next week!!!). I was once told that I was a failure and would never get into college. Now, I am on my way to graduating next May and will soon be inducted into the Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society. Oh and becoming a part of Fist Pump Friday infamy :)
5. Question-- The Old 97's

Meagan said...

1. Meagan
2. Psychology!
3. University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)
4. Starting "tuesday questions" with my boyfriend, it's been wonderful, just as you said!
5. Seven Sisters- Beta Radio

Elle said...

1. Elle
2. Human Development and Family Studies
3. Auburn / Kappa Delta
4. Winning National Championship (holla) and spending SB with my amazing familia.
5. Awake my Soul - Mumford and Sons

Ondrea said...

1. Ondrea
2. Masters of Social Work
3. University of South Florida (not really proud of that one.. I like that my undergrad is from Florida State University better.. GO NOLES!)
4. Quitting work to have my weekends free..
5. Rolling in the deep by Adele or Forget You by Cee Lo Green (definitely depends on my mood)

Leighton said...

Hey Loerkes!
1. Leighton
2. Public Relations
3. Auburn / KD
4. Spending an entire Saturday outside with good friends!
5. Lady Antebellum- I run to you

lauren said...

1. Lauren
2. Journalism and Mass Communication
3. Samford University
4. I studied abroad in January - LONDON, Paris, Dublin, Scotland!
5. Faithfully - Journey

Hannah said...

1. Hannah
2. Public Relations
3. Kennesaw State University
4. Taking 90 kiddos up to the mountains for a youth retreat with the ministry I work for! Shout out to PIPELINE!
5. Danced to Never Say Never by the Biebs with my coworker Tory. No shame.

Brianna said...

1. Brianna
2. Speech and Language Pathology
3. Colorado University, Boulder
4. Sponsoring a child in Chihuahua, Mexico!!
5. Priscilla Ahn-Lullaby, good listen.

Anonymous said...

1. Angela
2. Occupational Therapy
3. University of Oklahoma
4. My roommate experiencing God tonight in new ways and realizing things that I have been praying for for years! Jesus always makes my day.
5. Revelation Song -- Kari Jobe

Brittany Sims said...

1. Brittany
2. Human Development and Family Studies
3. Auburn... Alpha Chi Omega! War Eagle!
4. Currently studying abroad in Ariccia, Italy with 20 new best friends. Mom wasn't kidding when she said this would be "the best thing I will ever do!" They do know best.
5. Aaron's Party- Aaron Carter. This is not a joke.

Anonymous said...

1. Kayla
2. Biomedical Science
3. Auburn- Sigma Kappa!
5. Lead Me - Sanctus Real

Marissa Lang said...

Marissa Lang
International Business/French
Texas A&M//Sigma Phi Lambda
Going wakeboarding for the first time (and getting up on the first try!)
"Gypsy Woman"- Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights

Anonymous said...

1. Kimberly
2. Medicine
3. University of Mississippi
4. Being proposed to on a hilltop in Cortona, Italy in the rain! (I said yes.)
5. I Walked - Sufjan Stevens

Lorien Westmoreland said...

1. Lorien :]
2. Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences
2. Texas A&M University
3. "We would love to offer you a intern position with us here at the CE Group."
4. Down the Burning Ropes by James Vincent McMorrow

beth joy said...

1. beth joy ridings
2. family and human services
3. john brown university {siloam springs, arkansas} delta mu! {unofficial sorority...} ha.
4. i had my first valentine EVER this year... and pretty much loving this whole flirty relationship beginning with one of my best friends ♥ six years in building but so so so God's timing and i love that.
5. sticks and stones: Jónsi

caitlin haynes said...

1. caitlin haynes
2. human development and family studies
3. auburn university [shout out the national champs]
4. currently being the undefeated nertz champion with my partner in crime cecilia.
5. my father's father--the civil wars

Ann Elizabeth Stabler said...

I understand that I am a day late and a dollar short, but I just couldn't let the University of Alabama down...

1. Ann Elizabeth Stabler
2. Elementary Education with an endorsement in Middle School Math
3. University of Alabama - Chi Omega
4. Driving to Wal*Mart to buy some snacks and stumbling upon the Tuscaloosa County Fair. A ride on the Ferris Wheel was worth every penny.
5. "Brand New Key" - Melanie Safka

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