{Twinner Winners!}

Monday, August 30, 2010

You didn't think we'd have just ONE winner did you? We're twins silly which means TWO lucky people were chosen at random for last week's giveaway.

The Twinner has prepared 4 half pound bags of freshly roasted coffee for each of you!

Go ahead, start smelling your computer screens because these beanies are the shiz.

Please email your contact info to em@todaysletters.com so the Twinner & Mr. McFeely know where to ship your major awards. They will even hand stamp your box F-R-A-G-I-L-E.

Note: you can currently purchase the Twinner's coffee at The Beehive Farmer's Market in Berkeley on Saturday's. She'd love to meet you, so be sure and stop on by if you're ever in the neighborhood!

Lastly, a special thanks to all who entered our giveaway. There were over 120 entries and each of your comments had Husband and I throwing chest bumps and leg kicks all. week. long.


cara. said...

these beanies are the shiz.

thank you for that.

miss you. we should pen pal it soon.

Shandell said...

bah! I just whispered "yes!" to myself when I saw my name. I'll email you.
thank you!

sarah richmond said...

@ cara: i think you are the shiz... not. even. kidding* @ shandell: congratulations on being a lucky twinner winner! holla* can only hope you enjoy the coffee as much as i enjoy reading em's blog everyday! xo, twinner

Today's Letters said...

cp, agreed! agreed! pen pal request accepted. ps, new diggs??

shandell & twinner, uhmazing coffee being shipped via mr. mckfeely & co. so happy*

Kym and Dustin said...


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