{Day 2: Operation Rejuvenation}

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Yesterday morning I woke up early and got to do one of my all time favorite things: RIDE MY BICI (pronounced b-see).

My dear friend WMBM kept me company which made riding all the more wonderful.

She outclimbs me on every hill but somehow I still feel like I can conquer the world. She's kind of amazing like that.

To this day I still haven't found anything more PEACEFUL than being on two wheels while riding around the lake. I LOVE IT.

After my ride I stopped by my favorite nursery. Because I think dirt underneath my fingernails is AWESOME.

I was finally able to replant some of our overgrown succulents & herbs. Three fist pumps for having more room to shimmy & shake.

Later in the afternoon I spent time writing letters to dear friends. The Twinner and I have always LOVED getting mail. Perhaps this is why she wants to name her first dog Mailbox.

T-2 hours until Scout and I make the 9 hour drive to Kansas City. Praise the Great Lion of Judah for good music.



Anonymous said...

I LOVE road biking. LOVE IT! I haven't been on the bike in a few weeks but this just might be the kick in the pants I need! And have a blast in KC...oh how I miss it...!

Han said...

Happy Freakin Septemeber to you too! We have glorious sunshine today - I think it forgot when August was and showed up late lol.

Have a great day lovely!

LB said...

I think your fun-filled bici day is just missing one crucial element. Where's the woobie cape?

If I could devote a week to my childhood, it would involve lots and lots of creek wading, reading good books from the comfort of tall branches, and following an ant's path across the backyard for hours. And shoes would be totally optional.

Jess said...

Thanks for the "bici" pronunciation tool, I was totally wondering how I was supposed to pronounce it! Happy September, Loerkes!!

amy ♥ said...

Did anyone ever tell you that you're like totally amazing, bici-riding and all?! hehe because you are! Happy rejuvenating, em! You deserve it! <3

sarah richmond said...

dear little, happy freaking road trip already! it must of been kindof really amazing driving through the magical town of beakonsfield (pop. 11) in iowa to get to k.c. (three fist pumps for a gps on crack)

ps. eat a vegan z-man for me tomorrow... with an extra ring, or seven.

lub yew, mean it!

Today's Letters said...

leila, you have a road bici? if only you were in kc!

han, please send some of your sun. we have rain.

lb, aaah, the woobie cape! had i been riding with the twinner or husband i would have rocked it. you would have to know my friend wmbm to know that she doesn't like attention. her worst nightmare: getting her name called over a loud speaker at target. ps, your childhood days sounded delightful.

jose, i might have to start adding pronunciation keys to my posts. i often get emails on how to pronounce things. kindof like baaaaaaaaackpaaaaaaaaaack.

amy, thanks for your comment. have we met before?

twinner, one word:gpsisnobueno. already downed one zman but might have another before i head back to dallas. ps, i saved you a fry. did you get it?

Michelle (michabella) said...

Ah...riding my Trek is one of my most favorite things to do....Love your pictures <333

Today's Letters said...

michelle, if you're ever in dallas, bring your bici. just sayin.

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