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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some of you may remember from our list of {10 Things} That Have Made All the Difference that Tim and I regularly like to interview each other. It's amazing what you can learn about a person when you just take the time to ask! That said, we thought it would be fun to share with you the answers from our most recent interview. By doing so we hope to accomplish two things 1) that you'll get to know us a little better and 2) offer hope to any kids from the 80's who used to rock thick rimmed glasses. You can still turn out okay.


1) What are you normally doing on Monday's at 6am? It depends on my rotation schedule. Last month I was rolling out of bed to turn off my alarm. This month I'm making coffee in the French press and reading.

2) What's your favorite beer? Lately, Left Hand Milk Stout but I also secretly love Guinness with a shot of espresso.

3) What skill do you hope to one day master? I'd like to be America's next Master Chef. Not really, but I would like to learn how to be a better cook. Specifically, I'd like to learn the skill of chopping onions like a ninja.

4) If you had a free round trip ticket in the U.S. where would you go and what would you do? I would fly to Oregon and go rafting and fly fishing with my buddy, Brett. I'd also help him finish building the retaining wall in his backyard.

5) What are three things that give you life? The medical field, spending time with you, and being places where all I hear is the wind and rushing water.

6) What makes you cry? Injustice, those suffering loss, and watching people accomplish their dreams.

7) What is one adventure you'd like us to experience before we die? Climb Kilimanjaro.

8) If you could be friends with anyone famous who would it be? It would have to be Tony Romo. I know, I know ... people think he's become too "Hollywood" but I think he's still a true dude at heart.

9) What is the best book you've read this year? The best book I'm "in the process of reading" is Life of Pi by Yann Martel. I'm sad to say that I have only finished one book this year, primarily due to the time I spend learning and reading about medical things.

10) What's your LEAST favorite chore? Dusting. Enough said.

BONUS QUESTION: What are your favorite pair of kicks? My bleach-stained house shoes.


1) What's been your favorite thing about blogging? The friends it's allowed me to make and the conversations I've had. I also love that more people are doing fist pumps & leg kicks. (Check out this month's issue of Bon Appetit, pg 84).

2) What keeps you up at night? Creative ideas and the sprinklers. Sometimes your snoring, but mostly the sprinklers.

3) If you could have one superhero power what would it be? I'd like to be able to speak every language ... does that count as a superhero power?

4) If you could take a trip around the world in 80 days what would be your preferred mode of transportation? A Vespa with a sidecar. Final answer.

5) What was your favorite TV show as a kid? Fraggle Rock even though the Trash Heap terrified me.

6). If someone paid you 1,000 dollhairs to ride a roller coaster would you do it? No. I've never been on a roller coaster and have no desire to get on one. I'm scared of heights, even more than I am of eating meatwad.

7) If you could give your readers one piece of advice what would it be? I'd tell them not to get discouraged. There are a ton of GREAT marriages that look nothing like ours. Be yourself and work hard at studying your spouse or significant other. And don't forget to make time for the things and people you love.

8) What about being a parent are you most looking forward to? (Besides watching you be a dad), teaching our kids how to fish, skip rocks, and make Woobie capes.

9) What is your favorite article of clothing? My Patagonia R2 fleece. It feels like Grover.

10) Where would you want to go if we went on a Backroads cycling trip? Tuscany, Italy or the North Island of New Zealand.

BONUS QUESTION: What would be the "hero" of your ideal backyard? An organic garden with a studio for writing and taking naps.

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Brenna Nichols said...

Life of Pi -- my most favorite ever! I want to get a kitten and name him Richard Parker!

cara. said...

fraggle rock is MY favorite!!!

Scatterbox said...

a) Whoa whoa whoa - STOP THE PRESSES. You've NEVER been on a roller coaster? Ever?? Well, now, that's a dilemma. I guess there's no chance of dragging you back home to Ohio with me to go on this baby.

2) "It feels like Grover." = Quote of the day.

iii) Be honest - you secretly have those glasses stashed for when you're reading in the biscuit.

Tyroch said...

Left Hand Milk Stout and Guinness with an espresso shot - two things that I'm glad to say I've shared with you Tim.

Here's to many more pints and shots (of espresso)...

Dawn said...

Hello: I've just started reading your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Would you mind if I do a similar post like this on my blog...different questions of course. I think this is an awesome idea. I'll give credit to your blog, of course.

Anonymous said...

They were PINK, and you both were sooooooo cute! Papa

Miss Mandi said...

yay, y'all are so precious.
also new zealand is a place you muuuuust go.
i went a couple years ago on a missions trip.
holy moly. it will change your life.


the zundelephant in the room said...


kym & Dustin said...

I would also take speaking every language as my superpower...ahhhhhh....traveling would be so much less scary!

Christine said...

Thanks for helping us to get to know you better!

Today's Letters said...

beans & seeds, you want a cat named richard parker. i want to be neighbors with leo gursky. we have the same taste in books, music, and sisters. love at first sight.

cara, am i the only one that thought the trash heap looked like freddy kreuger??

t.jett, never. as in never ever ever. my last tweet was for you.

tyrochs, do you know how much the loerke's love you guys? more than left hand milk stout and sweet corn from the moth.

dawn, absolutely. appreciate you asking.

papa, pink with my named engraved on the inside. just to tell them apart from the twinner's. ps, i maybe might have worn them again tonight in the biscuit.

mandi, have always wanted to go to nzed and australia. here's to hoping one day it happens.

andy, what husband failed to mention is that he would put me in his suitcase. there will come a day when i stand on park and yell your name until you come out and tackle us in your front yard.

kym, if only i would have paid more attention in my spanish class in college. i'd just love to be bilingual!

christine, something we're committed to doing better at :)

beth joy said...

Read your blog.
Felt convicted on commenting.
My current facbook status:

dear glee, way to start out the new season! two leg kicks and a fist pump for being my favorite show of all time! love, me ;)
about an hour ago · Comment · Like · View Feedback (18)

your blog lingo is truly spreading! lol.

Michele said...

love this post - so great to know you better and find some new jewels of info even after i read your words every day!

for tim's response to#7 - DO IT! i just got back from climbing it! i reached the summit of kili on sept 3 & it was unquestionably the best experience of my life! i'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have when (not if. when!) you go! my photos are here: http://picasaweb.google.com/michele.e.annibal =0)

thanks for sharing your life & letters!

amy ♥ said...

Oh.my.goodness. Three leg kicks and two fist pumps for choosing a Vespa with a sidecar to travel the world in <3!! I'd want a pink one. Just saying. ;)

Can't say enough how much I have loved getting to know you both through your letters!

Han said...

I love your glasses! I had ones like that they were clear and plastic and I thought I looked really cool lol. I found them while having a clear out a few weeks ago - I was soooo blind at the time lol.

1) What are you normally doing on Monday's at 6am? I'm still fast asleep then again at 6am in your time zone it's like the middle of the day for me so I'd be at work :)

I'm really not keen on Rollercoasters either. The best one was at Alton Towers and that was because I spent the whole ride laughing at my Mum who was screaming at the top of her lungs and I had to take my glasses off (random rules!) so couldn't see anything for most of the ride.

Anonymous said...

um. so i'm not really sure how i stumbled upon this blog. but i read it sometimes. i live in tanzania (i'm from mississippi) and i'm starting a home for girls rescued out of prostitution. next june (2011) we're having a fundraiser kilimanjaro climb. injustice makes you cry and you want to climb kili. just saying, this could be your chance. our website is www.c2bu.org. we haven't posted the info about the climb yet. but stay tuned. hopefully it will all be up by the end of october.

Today's Letters said...

beth joy, so glad you commented. i always like meeting my readers! and your fb status made me smile. glee + fist pumps + leg kicks = win win.

michele, your pics were great! i have photos of my friends holding the same beer after their descent. must be tradition or something. i'm so proud of you for making an experience like that happen. and i'm hoping you got to see the glaciers? not sure which route you took but i hear they will be gone by 2015.

amy, i have dreamed of owning a vespa ever since i saw one when i was 6. oneday i will surprise the mr with one!

han, still sleeping :) i normally don't wake up until 7 on mondays. and i can't imagine not being able to see on a roller coaster. scary larry.

laurenedens, keep us posted! husband finished rotations in may so anytime after that we're game. thanks for letting us know.

Steph said...

em - loved your comment about your R2 fleece... i have one that has now been retired to my "housecoat". i laughed at your reasoning "it feels like grover". yes, em. it sure does.

love you, girl! and love reading your blog! keep up the great work!

Today's Letters said...

steph, i love seeing photos of you in colorado. makes me happy (even more than grover). xoxo

......From London With Love said...

Such a great idea! Thank you for this!


Peyton Fenton said...

Today my fiance were talking over the phone and there was a lull in the conversation so he told me to ask him a question. I frantically pulled up your blog that I had found on Pinterest and asked him some of your interview questions and it was amazing what i learned, and how many laughs we got from it.

So, I was wondering:
1. where do you get your questions? do you google questions or is it just come up with them on your own.

and 2. how often do y'all interview each other, is it a spontaneous venture or is it more planned?

Today's Letters said...

peyton, we typically come up with them on our own. sometimes i'll come across a great question in a book i'm reading or in a talk i hear. i try and write these down as i hear them! we also try and interview each other every couple of months - we'll dedicate a walk just to one of us asking the other questions. that said, we often ask each other the question,"tell me something i don't know about you." we always learn something new about each other!

Nicole Leonard said...

Just came across your blog via a friend's pin on Pinterest. :)

Um... 1,000 DOLLHAIRS? What the WHAT?? Is that a typo on purpose? LOLOLOL!!!

Today's Letters said...

nicole, not a typo! my twin sister and i used to say to each other growing up, "i'll give you a dollhair if you get out of my room, etc. then we'd throw our dolls at each other. silly really, but to this day we still refer to dollars as dollhairs.

Janice said...

Reading your blog from Auckland, New Zealand - come visit :)

Today's Letters said...

boarding a plane right now! : )

Mary said...

O.M.G. Knowing every language in the world is the super power I want to have too! I've never heard anyone else say that before. It would be amazing--you could have conversation with anyone in the world! Great choice!

Anonymous said...

I love that he said he would love to meet Tony Romo. My husband and I are huge Cowboys fans. Yay Tony ;)

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