{Meddlesome Moth}

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Last night we ate dinner at Meddlesome Moth with our friends Jonathan & Stephanie Tyroch (pronounced tie-rock).

We can't say enough good things about this place (or our sweet friends).

Located in Dallas' Design District, Meddlesome Moth serves food that will fill your bellies and make your hearts sing. The four of us split a hummus plate, sweet corn rolled in lime mayo, cotija cheese and chile powder, and shrimp & grits.

Husband and I also shared a Capt. Keith beer flight which had us throwing fist pumps left and right.

If you're ever in Dallas we highly recommend enjoying a night with good friends at the Meddlesome Moth. It won't disappoint!



Han said...

Lots of pictures today :)

I love your friends top :)

Scatterbox said...

A++ for the Moth for an excellent name, logo, and hanging sign.

R said...

we just passed that place last week whilst on our way to luke's! thanks for the review--we were curious about it! :0) definitely going to add it to 'our list'.

Nina Marie said...

Uh oh... It's outrageously close to my office. Could be trouble. Tasty, tasty trouble.

xoxo <3

Today's Letters said...

han, steph is one of my friends who teaches me about mascara, hot rollers, and how to belt things and make them look cute. SHE can also kick your tail in soccer (played for SMU). heart her more than words can say.

t.jett, fist pumps all around for this amazing gem of an eatery. you would LOVE it.

cm, for sure add it to your list of places to eat! we got out of there for $30 per couple. Not too shabby for a special date night.

nina marie, definitely trouble ... trouble in river city with a capitol T!

Kendall said...

Glad to hear you liked The Moth! Great pics too :) You should post them on our Lower Oak Lawn Facebook page and share your review there! Glad to find your blog and can't wait to keep following :) - Kendall

Today's Letters said...

kendall, done done and done! thanks for reading the bloggy.

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