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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, yesterday morning's rainstorm woke us up at 5am. We couldn't remember what day it was, so we decided it should be Friday. And a lovely
Friday it was. Dear Selfishness, sometimes I wanna junk punch you all the way to Cambodia. Will keep working on you ... Dear Twinner, yesterday you passed your first kidney stone while on a 5 hour flight back to CA. Pretty sure you deserve an infinite amount of leg kicks for being the bravest vegan I know. Ps, Missing you* Dear Husband, you remind me of my favorite tree; strong like an oak but humble enough to let your branches hang low. Love you more than Willows at the lake.

Ps, Yesterday I announced on Twitter that the Mr. will start writing letters on Friday's. Get ready for PURE AWESOMENESS!


Courtney said...

So when I saw your comment on my blog I was super pumped, then slightly embarrassed for being such a style-stealer/creeper, then I decided-NO SHAME! I love your blog! :)

Han said...

I woke up on Tuesday and wanted it to be Friday so badly - I'm at that stage where dragging myself out of bed every morning to get to work is slowly killing me - I need a new job before I commit myself to a padded cell lol.

But I did have a new shirt to wear to work today which kinda made it better hehe.

Hope Twinner is okay after her passing. Ow!

Rock on for Friday's with Mr L.

Lima said...

You don't know how excited I was to see a picture of a tree on your post. Also, the willow is my favorite tree of all time. This makes me very happy that we share the same favorite tree.

ps-I love trees.

Malsi said...

Very excited about the Mrrrr blogs! You made my blog's (and my) evening with your comment, thanks! I really enjoy your blog, glad you didn't mind the link-age, I want other people to be encouraged, too!
Cheers to your Thursday and to the Loerke Love!

Don Dinnerville said...

One of the many reasons I love being self-employed, the ability (if not outright mandate) to roll back over and sleep till 11 on mornings like yesterday. :-)

Kristen said...

I hope the Twinner is ok!!!

Merritt said...

Em - loved seeing and spending time with you yesterday. You are my blogger crush! :) Ran into Tim today - so fun to see both Loerkes in the same week!! Keep up the awesome letters and thanks so much for your encouragement!

Melissa said...

Em, you are my blogger crush too :) Hope Twinner is feeling better. I love the idea of having the hubby blog on Fridays. I may have to be a style stealer too.


sarah richmond said...

twinner little, you have been my saving grace the past 36 hours... thank you for being such an incredible source of encouragement through the passing of kidney stones and bout of homesickness. i heart you more than random flight attendants willing to hold my hair back for 5 hours while i yark in their concessions station. xo, twinner*

ps. timo little, saturdays were my favorite day of the week because they are farmer's market days... it is safe to say that fridays will now be my favorite day because of your letters! can't wait to read them over coffee cups and leg kicks. holla*

Today's Letters said...

court, no shame. the mo letters the mo better :)

han, sometimes listening to bon iver or iron & wine are the only things that will motivate me to get out of the biscuit. if it's a new shirt, rock it proudly!

lima, is there still the willow down by taylor lake?

malsi, bow ties on the mr = awesomeness.

neighbor, i want your job. nuff said.

kristen, she is doing much better - even rode her bici to work today. she is a TROOPER i tell ya. thanks for your sweet comment :)

merritt, enjoyed spending time with you as well! i knew it was only a matter of time before one of my friends saw tim at the dr's office :) ps, he ate lunch at torchy's today with the other pa's.

melissa, the mr. won't disappoint. so grateful for the male insight he can bring!

twinner, if only i could have been there to hold your hair back. i'm so glad you are feeling better and are (trying) to rest. ps, you will be so proud of tim tam tomorry. he lubs yew more than freshly roasted beanies and quinoa.

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