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Monday, September 20, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, yesterday you asked if we could hang a tandem kayak in our living room. Reason #246 why boy roommates are AWESOME. Dear Extra Butter, Sir-Mix-A-Lot and I thank you from the bottom of our biscuits for making all things magical. Dear Fall Concerts, Sufjan, Mumford & Sons, Ray LaMontagne, and The Freelance Whales ... so grateful to have a husband who appreciates live music more than new clothes. Dear Beloved, Friday night's hot date was kind of the shiz: an outdoor movie, $5 cheese wheels, FREE Stella & Barefoot Wine, great weather, and lots of laughs with Brooke Fish & Co. Love you more than flux capacitors and Marty McFly!



Han said...

Is there a whole list of "Em's reasons why Boy roomates are awesome"? I think that would be an awesome book lol. Then again just a list would be awesome lol. (Oh dear I just used awesome three times in one sorta sentence!)

Hope you lovelies are well :)

Erin said...

I love that bit about flux capacitors and Marty McFly!

annie h. said...

the friday evening date sounds delightful!

jessica said...

OK. why did I not listen to Mumford & Sons before now? LOVE them! Just wish I could find a version to download that didn't have the f word. Little kiddo ears cannot hear or else they will be going to Kindergarten and PreK repeating... not good.

amy ♥ said...

HAPPY monday!

totally agree with han that a list of "why boy roommates are awesome" would be an absolutely fantastic read! :D ...and am now totally craving an outdoor movie with good company + free wine! <3

Elle said...

So, I'm de-lurking to say what so many others have said before - you guys are adorable! Love reading your blog - found you through Big Mama, and you brighten my day :)

Today's Letters said...

han, not yet, but if you use our the search box you can view all of them.

erin, back to the future is one of the greatest. movies. of. all. time!

sweet annie, you would have loved it. guaranteed.

jess, there are several of their songs that don't have the f bomb but unfortunately, my favorite ones do.

amy, i'm convinced that watching a movie outside with dear friends and free wine must become a part of our monthly routine. happy (almost) wednesday!

elle, thanks so much for saying hi! we love big mama (got to meet her a couple of months ago). down to earth and just as lovely in person as she is on her blog.

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