{Happy Halloween, Homies!}

Sunday, October 31, 2010

And some people wonder how I missed the mascara train ...


{The Kitchen} Apartment Therapy

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our Campfire Orange Cakes were featured on Apartment Therapy last week. Click HERE to view the post. Werd.


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{Calling All Flea Market Homies}

Friday, October 29, 2010

Nothing makes me come alive like fishing, clycling, and flea markets. Today I spent time at one of my all time favorite places: Canton's First Monday Trade Days. If you've never been before I highly recommend adding this ginormous  outdoor flea market to your bucket list. It's guaranteed to put you in your happy place. Just sayin.

Click HERE for market dates.

{Husband's Letters}

Friday, October 29, 2010

Husband's Letters: Dear Mrs. Loerke, never did I dream of being married to someone who likes to bake in her cowgirl boots and sexy lingerie (aka, your basketball shorts). Ow! ow! Dear Candycorn, you make me wanna dance across the hardwoods in my Smartwools. I think I'll start hiding you in my pockets at work. Dear Rangers, in the fine words of Ron Washington, "Let's drop the antlers on 'em. Let's drop the claw on 'em." Fist pumps for making it to your first ever World Series. Dear Little Emma, you leave me notes in my white coat, celebrate the end of my rotations with cupcakes, and eagerly listen to my surgery stories. Know that I couldn't make it through PA school without you.



The Mr. asks: What Halloween candy would you hide in your pockets?

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{Empty by Ray LaMontagne}

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Two weeks until Ray comes back to Dallas. Thank you, Oh Great Lion of Judah.

Empty - Till the Sun Turns Black

{Today's Letters}

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, CONFESSION: I maybe might have borrowed money out of our Loerke Lottery to buy some ice cream. Does this disqualify me from guessing it's contents and getting to spend it on whatever I want? (Insert new spatulas here). Dear Automatic Flusher at Work, you terrify me. I think I'd rather go big potty outside. Dear Tante, t-minus 5 hours until we're at the ranch and hunting for shiz at the world's largest outdoor flea market. CAN'T WAIT. Dear Husband, love you more than chocolate dipped cones with a side of Magic Shell. Double BAM.

What do you look for at flea markets? My go-to's are vintage lockers, industrial lighting, Mason jars (can never have enough), Underwood typewriters, and antique wooden crates for the Mr's medical books.

THE LOERKE LOTTERY: Ever since we've been married Tim and I have saved our change in a coffee can. Once it's full we both get to guess how much money we think is in there. The person who guesses closest to the actual amount gets to keep the loot and spend it on whatever they want! Hence, the LOERKE LOTTERY.

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{Today's Letters}

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, every day this month I've told you my favorite Halloween joke. And each time you've laughed. Thanks for BOOsting my self-esteem. Dear Little Red Swings, you are often my reason for taking a longer route home from work. Still hoping to one day catch a glimpse of the two cuties that occupy your awesomeness. Dear Chocolate Caramel Bars w/ Sea Salt, some recipes are worth making a hundred times. Thanks for being one of them. Dear Husband, this morning you got up at 5am to assist with your first hysterectomy. By the end of the day you will have performed 4 surgeries and know more about girl parts than I do. Two fist pumps for you (in honor of each of my ovaries).

Sooo ... you wanna know my favorite Halloween joke? (clearly I never get tired of telling it).

Q: Why can't ghosts have babies? ... wait for it ... waaaaaaaait for it ...
A: BECAUSE THEY HAVE HOLLOW-WEENIES! ... argh, argh, argh ...

What's your favorite joke?

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{Hard Sun by Eddie Vedder}

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Been listening to this soundtrack while working on a post about how Tim and I met. Has it really been 8 years??

PS, first hot date = Berryville, AR to do laundry and watch a movie. Gotta love those Kanakuk 24's.

Into the Wild

{Today's Letters}

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke PA-S III, yesterday you observed your first c-section. This made you lasso your white coat and dance in the street when you came home. Dear @Bensonpeculiar, I think your short stories for your son are brilliant. Thanks for reminding me that nothing is taken away without being replaced with something better (even our landing place). Dear 200+ Giveaway Comments, what the what? Pretty sure reading you is better than a 90 minute counseling session. Just sayin. Dear Timothy James (who always gets two letters), still crushing you after 5+ yrs of marriage. Must be your mad lassoing skills. Over and out.

Ps, what's your favorite children's book?

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{Holy Giveaway, Batman!}

Monday, October 25, 2010

In the spirit of Christmas (only 61 more days) and in honor of THE BLOG'S 6 MONTH BIRTHDAY we've decided to give away 20 OF OUR FAVORITE THINGS. Who's ready for a suitcase full of AWESOMENESS?

One of our lucky readers will receive ...

Tim's Favorites:
1. A bottle of Fireman's #4
2. 1 pound of Verve Coffee
3. Trader Joe's Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels
4. Chocolate Fudge Magic Shell
5. Vosges Mo's Bacon Chocolate
6. Luna Lemon Zest Bar
7. Sherlock Holmes DVD
8. Smartwool PhD Running Socks (for shimmying across the hardwoods)
9. JAAPA Medical Journal
10. CD of the Mr.'s favorite songs

Em's Favorites:
1. A bottle of Boulevard Wheat
2. 1 pound of Legal Ground's Granola
3. Trader Joe's Fruit Ends & Pieces
4. Half pint of Homemade Blueberry Jam (straight from the Loerke kitchen)
5. Sour Patch Kids
6. Mojo Mountain Mix Bar
7. Amelie DVD
8. Tom's Toothpaste
9. November Issues of Bon Appetit & Real Simple
10. CD of the Mrs. Favorite Songs

To enter, just leave a comment below by SUNDAY OCTOBER 31st and we'll announce the winner on Monday!

Ps, a special thanks to all of you who left such helpful tips on applying mascara. Tim said I looked bootyful. Just like J-Lo.

HERE to see photos from our weekend.

{Fort Lauderdale}

Monday, October 25, 2010

We had a blast celebrating my brother's 40th Birthday this weekend. He's of one of the most THOUGHTFUL, KIND, and GENEROUS people I know. It was also wonderful seeing my sister Jen & her husband Matt, not to mention spending time with Twinner for TWO WHOLE DAYS!

What was the best part of your weekend?

{Husband's Letters}

Friday, October 22, 2010

Husband's Letters: Dear Mrs. Loerke, yesterday you purchased mascara for the first time in your life. I think your bravery is sexier than all the make-up in the world. Dear Scrubs, I wear you to concerts, to movies, and to buy groceries. If I could, I'd go back to the day I married Emma and sport you on the tandem bike that we rode away on. Dear OB/GYN Rotation, even though I took a class about you I feel as though I know nothing. I am both humbled and excited to learn about labor and delivery. Dear Little, before I knew you I thought a "carboodle" was a dog, "chester drawers" held our clothes, and "pay-ownie" was a perfume. Thanks for teaching me about Kaboodles, chest-of-drawers, and peonies.


The Mr. asks: Is there anything you'd like to know about Em and I that we haven't mentioned before?


A Note from the Mrs: I own mascara. I FREAKIN OWN MASCARA! How the jack do you put this stuff on without poking out your eyes? And three fist pumps for making us laugh with all of your comments yesterday. Looks like owning mascara is right up there with owning a Kaboodle, curling iron, purse, eyelash curler, and big girl boobie baskets. XOXO

{Today's Letters}

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, last night I came home and found you standing in our living room singing God Bless America as you listened to the Ranger's game on the radio. (Insert three cutieness points here). Dear New TOMS That Were Too Small, thanks for being the perfect excuse to walk around barefoot. It had been awhile since I had felt the grass between my toes. Dear Self, I can't believe you did it. You finally purchased something most girls have owned since middle school. Welcome to womanhood. Dear Husband, remember the night when you thought a spider was invading your face when really I had just recklessly lassoed my Woobie? That was AWESOME.

What are you favorite pair of kicks?

Ps, so far people have guessed that I purchased a purse or a Kaboodle. If only I was that cool! Be sure and check back tomorrow to see why I'm officially a big girl.

{Pure & Noble}

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Check out my friend Brooke's new Etsy shop. It'll make you drool.

{Today's Letters}

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, before going to bed you like to play catch with your Smartwools, flex your muscles, and dance in the hallway. I think your gift of stalling is AWESOME. Dear (oldest) Brother, less than 2 days until we're all in Fort Lauderdale celebrating your 40th. Get ready for a Twinner sandwich with a side of Timothy James. Dear Stranger, while waiting at a stoplight this morning I saw you do a half a dozen 360's in your powered wheelchair. JUST BECAUSE. This made me smile. Dear Husband, tonight we see Sufjan. (Insert three deep sighs here).

What have you been listening to lately?

THANK YOU for following the blog! We love knowing who you are!

PS, Sending 3 special fist pumps to all of our new homies in Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia. You are the wind beneath our wings.

{Today's Letters}

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, before we met I had never studied lab values, shot a wrist rocket, or knew what a 2-1 pitch or a full count was. Thanks for teaching me new things. Dear Mast Brothers, we think your chocolate is the shiz. Please don't stop making it. EVER. Dear Sloan Macfarlan, after holding you for 15 minutes I A) experienced biceps that burned like fire B) had spit up running down my legs into my shoes C) was confident that every mom I knew deserved a raise or D) all of the above. Dear Husband, next week you start your OB/GYN rotation. One word: YOUARESOBRAVE.

What's something parenting has taught you? Even though Husband and I are sans poop sacks, we'd still love to pick your brains.

PS, HAPPY 6 MONTH BIRTHDAY LITTLE BLOGGY. We maybe might be having a giveaway next week to celebrate. Maybe ...

Today's Letters receives over 43,000 page views per month and would love to rock your website or small business under our RECOMMENDATIONS heading. Be sure and send us an email if you're interested in receiving our Holiday Rate Sheet!

{Today's Letters: Camping Edition}

Monday, October 18, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, this weekend we found hidden caves, waterfalls, climbed on rocks, and went exploring. This made you so happy. Dear Dead Things, sometimes we poked you with sticks. This is all part of the deal when camping with boys. Dear Raccoons, thank you for invading our campsite at 3am. Without you I never would have seen Husband chase after you in his hiking boots, skivvies, and headlamp. Dear Husband, after making Campfire Orange Cakes we played Frisbee (29 consecutive catches - BAM!) and listened to the Ranger's game under the stars. Reason #248 why boy roommates are awesome.


Husband's Letters
The Couple We've Always Wanted to Meet
A Movie We Want to See
Additional Photos from our Camping Trip


{We Heart You Turner Falls!}

Monday, October 18, 2010

Husband and I need to go camping more often. Plain and simple.

{Blue Valentine Movie Trailer}

Sunday, October 17, 2010

This had me at ukulele & tap dancing. Release date: December 31st, 2010.

{Campfire Orange Cakes}

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Look out S'mores, there's a new campfire dessert in town. Not only are these FUN and EASY to make, they taste UNFREAKINBELIEVABLE.

1 box of Pillsbury Classic Yellow Cake Mix
1 cup of water
1/3 cup of oil
3 eggs
10-12 oranges (we used 2 and discarded the extra batter)

1. Using a knife, slice off the tops of the oranges about a half inch from the top. Be sure and save the tops since they will be used later on.

2. Hollow out the oranges like you would a pumpkin by scooping out the pulp with a spoon. (You can save this to eat or use to make fresh OJ). After preparing the cake batter according to directions, fill the oranges 3/4 full with the batter.

3. Place the tops back on the oranges and carefully wrap them in heavy duty Aluminum Foil.

4. Place the oranges directly into the campfire and cook for 15-20 minutes, rotating once or twice to ensure even cooking.

5. Remove from the fire and check to see if they are fully cooked.

6. Then stuff the face yo mama gave you.

We even think this would be a fun dessert to make for company. Just throw them on the grill!

Original recipe found
here and featured on Apartment Therapy here.

{The Power} of a Letter

Friday, October 15, 2010

This summer, Mr. Loerke and I spent 2 days in Seattle before leaving on our 5 year anniversary trip to Alaska. While visiting the Emerald City we stopped by the Public library and hid a letter in this book.

Less than 12 hours later it was found by this sweet couple, Lara & Chad.

Lara manages a high-quality nutrition based pet care store in Ballard, and Chad is a project manager for a telecommunications company. Tim and I were beyond excited when they invited us to join them for dessert at Old School Custard on Capitol Hill. Unfortunately, we had to board our ship so we weren't able to meet up with them. We did, however, take a rain check ... which we gladly cashed in on last night!

WELCOME TO TEXAS LARA & CHAD! Meeting the couple who found our letter was nothing short of magical. Truly. We knew it was love at first sight when we saw they rocked TOMS and had matching wrist tattoos. Not to mention the fact that they saved our letter and had brought it with them to dinner. (Insert 15 bonus points here).

After 4 hours of excellent food and great conversation we finally called it a night by throwing a few fist pumps and leg kicks. If only Seattle and Dallas weren't so far away ... we'd hang with these gangstas all the time! (Sigh)

"There are many things that can change a life. A letter is one of them."

HAPPY FREAKIN WEEKND! (our camping trip is finally here!)

{Husband's Letters}

Friday, October 15, 2010

Husband's Letters: Dear Mrs. Loerke, the other day I was sleepy and told you that I thought you looked like Christmas. I'm so glad you understand me when I'm tired. Dear PA Classmates, you're halfway done with rotations (only 211 more days until graduation!). I couldn't be more proud of you. Dear Foundation Group Guys, thank you for your authenticity and desire to be better husbands. You've been married less than 3 months and are already growing stronger in your marriages. Dear Little, sometimes you leave me notes on my laundry. I love you more than the greatest deal of the summer.


The Mr. asks: What are you most looking forward to?


Be sure and check back later for a post about last night's dinner with the couple we've always wanted to meet!

{The Meaning} Behind My Ink

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Since I frequently receive emails asking about the meaning behind my tattoo I thought I would create a generic post for those who are interested in knowing more about it.

First, I LOVE TATTOOS. I think they are BEAUTIFUL. In fact, I've never seen one I didn't like. Three out of my five siblings also have tattoos, and I'm guessing it's only a matter of time before my two youngest brothers get one (or seven).

Second, I have no regrets about getting one (and can't wait to get my second). I waited a long time before figuring out exactly what I wanted, and I'm so glad I did. Definitely avoided having tattooer's remorse.

My tattoo says I AM in Sanskrit. I AM is my favorite name for God because to me it's the perfect example of contentment. We never walk around saying I AM; we always finish our sentence with I AM tired, I AM hungry, I AM ready to eat, etc. God doesn't need to finish His statement because if He did, it would imply that He changes and He never does. If I'm honest, most of my thoughts are either spent worrying about the future or reflecting on the past. Both of these thoughts rarely include the Lord. My tattoo acts as a reminder to be fully present wherever I AM, and to learn to be content whatever my circumstances.

So there you have it. The meaning behind my tattoo. What's the story behind your ink? I promise, I think it's BEAUTIFUL already.


{I Heart} Being A Twin

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Recently my Twinner texted me this photo displaying her latest Farmer's Market shiz.

Our conversation that followed:

Me: What's in your toolbox?
Twinner: Huh? Are you serious or is that code for something?
Me: The red one. On your kitchen counter. Is that where you hide your silverware?
Twinner: How did you know?
Me: I'm your Twinner. We know these sorts of things. Good hiding spot.
Twinner: Thanks.
Me: How do you spell boloney?
Twinner: Bologna.
Me: Shit.
Twinner: Are you eating a bologna sandwich?
Me: Why can't we just spell words the way they sound.
Twinner: Tomorrow I'm bringing some homemade plumb & maple ginger compote to work for my steel cut oats.
Me: Ima gonna steel cut oats you.
Twinner: Ima gonna compote your bologna.
Me: Over and out.
Twinner: Bye.

And that is Reason #675 why I love my Twinner.

Be sure and check back later today for a post about one of my most frequently asked questions. You can also check out our new ADVENTURES tab located directly above our newly created BUTTON. Holla.

{Today's Letters}

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, you flip over twice before you fall asleep, eat your crust before your pie, and choose deodorant based on whether or not it's labeled NEW. I love these things about you. Dear Industrial File Cabinets of Awesomeness, oh, the things I could repurpose you for ... end tables, night stands, a desk. Thanks for making me drool at one of my favorite fleas. Dear Homies, tomorrow night the Mister and I get to have dinner with a couple we've always wanted to meet. 10 gold stars if you can guess who it is. Dear Beloved, sometimes seeing you in a milk mustache is all I need. Over and out.

How would you repurpose these steel beauties? I feel like they would be the perfect hiding spot for extra Woobies, Husband's pencils, and letters sent from home.

{Shroud by Nathaniel Rateliff}

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I saw my first Nathiel Rateliff show when they opened for Bon Iver in Denver last summer. Earlier this year I saw him a second time and just can't. get. enough. of. this. guy.
Shroud - In Memory of Loss

{Today's Letters}

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, sometimes our spice lids fall off and land in our food. I noticed the other day you fixed the problem. Reason #247 why boy roommates are AWESOME. Dear Yankz!, because I've never been big on untying my shoes before taking them off, I have three words for you: YOU COMPLETE ME. Dear Friends, since Husband purchased a new camping lantern at REI he has A) used it to tell ghost stories B) projected shadow puppets onto the wall C) turned off the bathroom lights while I was showering to show me how bright it is D) all of the above. Dear Husband, love you more than 1,000 horses. Over and out.

We think shopping at REI is like Christmas. What's one thing you want for Christmas this year?

{Today's Letters & Reason #982}

Monday, October 11, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, this weekend I thought of you when I had to change light bulbs in the kitchen, lost my motivation to run, and watched football sans Fantasy updates. So grateful to have you home. Dear Homemade Chai, three fist pumps for reminding me of my favorite season, four leg shimmies for being one of the easiest recipes OF ALL TIME. Dear Saturday Night at Home, my introverted self thanks you for the down time. (Insert happy place here). Dear Husband, yesterday you selflessly turned down 50-yard line Cowboy's Tickets because of a prior commitment to help my mom. Reason #982 why I love Thee: You're a man of your word.


If you're introverted (or extroverted) what sort of things give you life?

{Top 10 Loerke Camping Essentials}

Sunday, October 10, 2010

In honor of our camping trip next week and it being 10.10.10, we've decided to share with you our Top 10 Camping Essentials.

1. Left / Right Zip Sleeping Bags: this allows us to make one gigantic biscuit.
2. Headlamps: for dance parties in our tent (why else would Petzel give us a strobe feature?)
3. Jetboil: to get our eat on.
4. French Press: nothing like campfire coffee.
5. Scharffenberger Chocolate: because good chocolate can make or break your s'mores.
6. Frisbee: Team Loerke never goes anywhere without one.
7. A Good Book: for reading beside the fire.
8. Beverages: Left Hand Milk Stout for the Mr. & Fireman's #4 for the Mrs.
9. Therm-A-rest: for sweet dreams.
10. Tim's pipe & Em's cloves: because camping is a celebratory endeavor.

Click HERE to view more of our reader's camping essentials.

{Airplane by The Local Natives}

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Swiffered hardwoods + good music + open windows = what makes the world go round.

Airplanes - Gorilla Manor

{Texas State Fair}

Friday, October 08, 2010

Last night we made our 6th annual trip to the Texas State Fair with our dear friends the Grubb's. We ate: Fletcher's corny dogs, tornado taters, roasted corn, fried Frito pie, fried PB&J, fried butter, fried Pop Tarts, fried Texas Caviar, Dip n' Dots, a pickle, and a lemonade shake-up. Did I mention there was a 52ft man named Big Tex?

{Husband's Letters}

Friday, October 08, 2010

Husband's Letters: Dear Mrs. Loerke, I love taking evening walks with you. We have some of our best talks, I get to show you my latest tricks, and you come home with pockets full of acorns. Dear Men Who Read This Blog, Note to Self: WEAR MORE HOODIES (see comments from this post). Dear Camping Trip, you are one week away and I can't wait to sleep under the stars and smell like campfire. Dear Little, this is my favorite picture of you from the fair. You are wearing your blue bandanny, throwing fist pumps and leg kicks, and eating a corny dog covered in mustard (which I know is your way to avoid tasting your hot dog).



What are you most looking forward to? (besides it being 10/10/10 on Sunday)

{Today's Letters}

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, whenever I catch you folding laundry at 7am it makes me wanna make out. Just sayin. Dear Bon Appetit, you know your recipe for Halloween Peanut Butter & Toffee Candy Bark on p. 58? (Insert lots of Riverdance with a side of jazz hands here). Dear Crustaches, sometimes you're our only reason for eating PB&J sammys. That's all. Dear Husband (who always gets two letters), yesterday I was brave and rode my first Ferris Wheel. I wish you could have been there to see me yell holy sh%tballs at the top.

CONFESSION: While writing this post I ate 4 Reese's Peanut Butter cups. What's your favorite late night snack?

{Today's Letters}

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, this morning you left a note reminding me to wear my Grover fleece since it was 54°. Thanks for always looking out for me. Dear Darby, I'll trade you two acorns and one leaf for a photo of you and the littles fist pumping in your jammers. Ps, put me in your snack bag already! Dear Flannel Sheets, it's almost that time. Just sayin. Dear Husband, before we met I had never ridden a tandem bicycle, seen an Abominable Husband, or found a man in Carhartts to be so attractive. Being your wife is kind of the shiz.

What's your favorite thing that your beloved wears?

{Happy National PA Day} Mr. Loerke

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Forty-three years ago today the first class of Physician Assistant's graduated from Duke University. Now there are over 160 different PA programs and 75,000 clinically active PA's worldwide.

This PA likes to: shimmy across the hardwoods in his Smartwools, remove stitches from wiggly babies, play with magnifying glasses, suture lacerations, cook in his conductors hat, cast broken bones, write love letters, perform lumbar punctures, take naps, go on backpacking trips, and can eat his weight in Blue Bell & Magic Shell.

So hug every PA you know today. Hug 'em like you mean it.

{Marathon by Tennis}

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Meet Tennis: a husband and wife duo from Baltimore who live on a sailboat and write music. Be prepared to fall in love.

Marathon - Marathon - Single

{Today's Letters}

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, last night was the first of six macaroni & cheese dinners this week. (Insert NO ICE CREAM REGRETS here). Dear Friends, since our painting class this weekend Husband has A) wanted an afro like Bob Ross B) practiced his brush strokes more than Daniel-San and Mr. Miyagi C) displayed his painting proudly over our biscuit or D) all of the above. Dear Wish 100, t-minus 4 days until I get outclimbed by WMBM on our 62 mile ride. She strong like bull. Dear Timothy James PA-S III, in honor of National PA Week I've decided to give you a Snellen eye chart exam and a straight leg raise FREE of charge. Bam!

Ps, follow us on Twitter to see a photo of our final masterpieces. THEY ARE AWESOME.

{A Letter to our Homies}

Monday, October 04, 2010

Dear Friends (old and new),
We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you reading and following the blog. It means the world! We've been absolutely blown away these past six months by your emails, packages, and comments. They have truly been an encouragement to us and have served as a great reminder to keep pursuing one another in marriage.

We also wanted to let you know of some changes we made to our ARCHIVES section below. Over the weekend we moved all of our pre-blog letters into a folder called MARCH 2010. It is here that you can access posts prior to APRIL 2010 when we started the blog.

Again, know that we are beyond grateful for each of you. Your support continues to be more impressive than all the under wire boobie baskets in Texas.

Much love,
Em & Tim Loerke (LERK-ee like turkey)

{Today's Letters}

Monday, October 04, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, Friday night we went to The Pearl Cup for dirty chai's and talked about how we can do a better job of communicating & loving one another this week (last week bombed). So grateful to tag team with you this beautiful thing called mawwiage. Dear Tante, thanks for the hour walk yesterday. It was lovelier than the 2 hour nap I took in Husband's fort. Dear Budget, we selfishly chose pumpkin ice cream and Magic Shell over groceries this week. Our grocery balance is now $27 for 7 days. Considering the AWESOMENESS of this Fall dessert I think we made the better purchase. Dear Husband, sometimes city life & studying can make us crazy. (Insert surprise kayaking date at the lake here).

Team Loerke wants to know what's the one thing you blow your grocery budget on?

{Treehouse by This is the Kit}

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Because I've always wanted one (thank you Father Robinson).

"The world is full of nice, ordinary little people who live in nice, ordinary houses on the ground. But didn't you ever dream of a house up on a tree top?"
- Father Robinson

Hope your weekend was lovely.

Treehouse - Moon - Single

{West Coast} Love

Friday, October 01, 2010

A couple of weeks ago the Pony Express delivered a box all the way from Humboldt County, California.

Inside was the mother load of vegan bath & body products handmade by these two rock stars, Michelle & Chad.

They own a grassroots business called Funk Off! (to keep your body fresh, not funky). Tim and I can't even begin to tell you how much we've enjoyed trying out their goods.

For the past couple of weeks we have A) stripped down completely necky in the kitchen to put on more Sapmoss Bonsai Body Spray (no joke) B) been asked by friends what lip balm we're rockin because it reminds them of Fall C) left a bar of Moon Goddess & Honey Soap on our nightstand because we can't get over how good it smells D) wanted to bathe in their Lator, Gator Oatmeal Milk & Honey Lotion with a gigantic loofa and E) added Funk Off!'s shiz to the top of our Christmas wish list this year. For real, WE ARE HOOKED.

Be sure and check out their Etsy shop HERE. And if you purchase two or more items Michelle & Chad will throw in a FREE lip balm of your choice. Just mention you saw them on the blog and clarify which lip balm you'd like in the "message to seller" part of your order.

Feel free to contact these rock stars if you have any questions: funkoffbrand@gmail.com

Go getchu some!

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