{A Letter to our Homies}

Monday, October 04, 2010

Dear Friends (old and new),
We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you reading and following the blog. It means the world! We've been absolutely blown away these past six months by your emails, packages, and comments. They have truly been an encouragement to us and have served as a great reminder to keep pursuing one another in marriage.

We also wanted to let you know of some changes we made to our ARCHIVES section below. Over the weekend we moved all of our pre-blog letters into a folder called MARCH 2010. It is here that you can access posts prior to APRIL 2010 when we started the blog.

Again, know that we are beyond grateful for each of you. Your support continues to be more impressive than all the under wire boobie baskets in Texas.

Much love,
Em & Tim Loerke (LERK-ee like turkey)


Kallie said...

Well, I want to say thank you right back!

Your blog is so uplifting. You demonstrate what every marriage has the potential of. The good AND the bad!

So, thank you!

I read your letters everyday.

Sorry, that sounded creepy.

But really, they are awesome.

Shandell said...

and from a devoted fan-friend thank you two for being so awesome...and for teaching me how to pronounce your name. my husband and I were at a loss!

kyrie bushaw said...

thank you for the pronunciation! was calling you Lork (rhymes with stork)--this is very much like my HER-mone-ee vs. HER-my-oh-nee experience in a beloved wizarding book series. ::bigh happy sigh::

thanks for your short, sweet posts. they are encouraging and usually make life seem less serious and more exciting.

cara. said...

lerk-ee?! really? all the things you think you know about someone. . .

LB said...

I thought it was Lo-Erk for a little while. Then I met our school nurse (Momma, I believe y'all call her), went to a football game, and started dating one of Matt's good friends and was set straight once and for all!

Today's Letters said...

kallie, not creepy. they are daily letters. if they were monthly letters, well then ... jk.

shandell, two comments in one day? shimmying and shaking. ps, please tell @bensonpeculiar no man points lost for mispronouncing our last name.

kyrie, happy 2.5 months of marriage! your wedding video is still one of my favorite things evah.

cp, we. are. friends. F.E.E.F.

Allison said...

Had I but known about your great pronunciation, I would've sent this video to you earlier for October Eve!


"It's Turkey Loerke time!" From Promises, Promises currently playing on Broadway! Enjoy and then try to do the dance please!

Brooke said...

You guys pretty much R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A. Love you guys. xo

"E" said...

You guys rock!! I love your blog :) It's always a little "pick me up"---no matter if I'm reading at 4am (when I wake up each day) or 11pm (when I'm heading to bed!) Keep writing and inspiring---I love sharing your daily antics with my fiance! :)

Today's Letters said...

allison, no way! that video had us rolling! it's turkey loerke time indeed!

mike, love you to the moony.

e, 4am? three points for getting up before the crack. hospital work? final answer.

"E" said...

no hospital work. 8th grade English teacher and varsity tennis coach----so I have to get up early, get ready for school, and head there to get stuff done early during tennis season since i'm N/A after school :) Soon I'll be pushing the wake-up hour back to 5am....but you'll still be the first thing I read each day :)

Today's Letters said...

e, you are my hero. nuff said.

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